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Arizona Right to Life endorses Rob Haney for Maricopa GOP chair

Arizona Right to Life endorses Rob Haney for Maricopa GOP chair

LIghthouse Blog reports, “Mr. Haney simply is stronger on the pro-life issues that matter to our organization,” said David Roney, AZRTL PAC Chairman. Jerry Brooks is the other candidate running for GOP county chair, and is known for being a big McCain supporter. It is unknown what his views are on prolife issues. 


  1. I got soul says

    Brooks has my vote.

  2. Brooks is a self described McCain cheer leader. How can you trust the political instincts of a maverick? I’ll go with the dependably conservative choice-Haney. I know Haney will uphold the conservative Republican platform.

  3. Sherlock Homie says

    You can mistrust Brooks all you want. But please leave some room for the rest of us who mistrust Haney.

  4. I got soul says

    Why don’t you call Jerry Brooks and ask him about his views? What is the deal? If someone supported McCain then that means they are a carbon copy of him? When did the six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon become the model for judging Republicans?

    I supported McCain and Sheriff Joe and Andy Thomas. I LIKE THEM ALL, and they were our Republican nominees. You are supposed to support them.

  5. Big Sister says

    Broad brush used to paint a distorted picture.

  6. As the former director of the AZRTL PAC, I have to ask if either candidate received a survey? The statement in the post indicates that Haney is stronger on the issues. The surveys should draw that out.

  7. Goodyear GOP says

    The Haney’s involvement with Right to Life is well documented, but I still wonder if RTL is well served getting involved in internal party offices like this. Did they endorse for State Party Chairman last time? Will they this time? Frankly, have they ever done this before? Or is it just a thank you to the Haney’s for their involvement?

  8. I’m Senator-Elect Russell Pearce. Urging you to vote for Rob Haney for Maricopa County Republican Chairman.

    Good policy starts with our grassroots Republicans. Electing Republicans that will help instill trust in our Party and Nation is critical to building this Party. This is the Party that has the best chance of preserving our Republic and protecting our Constitutional liberties.

    What an opportunity to elect another great Chairman in Rob Haney. I know Rob will fight for Republican values, he will put the our Republican values and our grassroots Republicans first.

    I hope you will join me in supporting Rob Haney, a Republican who supports our party platform, constitution, and limited government. Please vote for a principled Republican by voting for Rob Haney Republican Chairman.

    “If it be asked, what is the most sacred duty and the greatest source of our security in a Republic? The answer would be an inviolable respect for the Constitution and Laws” — Alexander Hamilton.

    I like Jerry Brooks a lot, but this is not about just being a good guy. This is about taking back our Party and standing for something and that is why I endorsed Rob Haney. A proven track record of defending our core values and those wonderful grassroots Republicans.

    Like you, I strongly believe in our Republic and our God given rights. I continue to fight for solid social and fiscal conservative values. I make no apology for standing up for America. We must have the courage and fortitude to enforce our laws, with compassion, but without apology. If one wants lower taxes, less crime, smaller classrooms, shorter emergency room lines, better wages, and the preserving of the rule of law, simply enforce our laws all of our laws including our immigration laws.

    If we ever expect to get the respect of our grassroots Republicans back, then we must honor our commitment to them and this Republic. We have broken their hearts by allowing our congress and President to ignore some of the most critical issues facing this nation. While in charge of Congress and the White House we spent recklessly, we ignored fiscal responsible opportunities, we failed to secure our border, we fail to honestly enforce our immigration laws at every level while observing billions in cost to the taxpayers and out of control crime including murders, deaths, maimings, rapes, drugs, home invasions, etc., we failed to reduce or eliminate entitlement programs and welfare and promote personal responsibility, we failed the ‘working’ Americans and certainly the grassroots Republicans.

    Our Republicans and the public have repeatedly asked for us to stop pandering to illegals, cut spending, stop the drive by statements while never following through, be honest with us and keep our Oath of Office.

    We lost the Presidential race because of our actions and our failed actions. This Party stands for something and it is about time we stand up and hold our elected officials accountable and elect those with a proven track record.

  9. Goodyear GOP says

    We love you Russell, and your words mean a great deal. But there are a lot of us who are just as conservative as you and Haney are, but to hear Haney talk about us, we’re all fatally flawed in one way or another. We get tired of him talking down to us as though we aren’t good enough, true enough, or conservative enough. Its tough to follow a leader you don’t respect, and its just about impossible to respect someone who disrespects you back. So what are we to do?

    Haney is conservative, but treats us like trash. You’re either 100% by his accounting or you’re not pure enough. Brooks is squishy on some issues, but treats us like adults and respects our opinions, even when they’re to the right of his. That’s a tough choice. Your thoughts?

  10. The Arizona Right to Life just lost all credibility with me, and I am solidly pro-life. AZRTL is nothing more than a part of the Pearce-Haney-Hayworth….machine. You know, those “real conservatives” who are ripping apart the Republican Party.

  11. nightcrawler says

    As a moderate, these endorsements don’t bother me at all. The AZRTL should endorse the candidate that most closely mirrors its philosophy. Likewise, Pearce who I like personally and respect (even though I believe he is over the top with his immigration agenda) can certainly endorse Haney. That is no news flash.

    What is of interest is the conservatives in the party who have been burned by Haney. In my opinion, they will be the deciding factor a week from Saturday.

  12. I hear an awful lot of complaints from folks about Rob Haney demanding 100% from people, or “perfection”, or what have you. What I don’t hear is much in the way of specifics. I know Rob and Marney fairly well, and it seems to me that all they ask is that Republicans be Republicans, and stick to the Republican platform. Is that too much to ask?

    The opposition in this fight is *supposed* to be the Dems. Does anyone see them having such issues over following their own platform? Do they go through the contortions that we go through over what should be a non-issue?

    If we keep up all this infighting, we’re going to wind up on the dustbin of history with “irrelevant” tattooed on our foreheads. Perhaps we all need to stop whining long enough to realize that being asked to follow our party platform is not an insult, and get down to the business of winning the fight …

  13. Goodyear-You go to great effort to paint a false picture of Rob Haney. You obviously have a different horse in this race. I have never heard Rob Haney infer any AZ Republican is fatally flawed. Talking down to people? Got an example to go along with your ambiguous (and false) generalization?

    Rob Haney’s proposed resolutions at EGC and County annual meetings are routinely passed nearly unanimously. Obviously, District Chairmen and precinct committeemen countywide don’t have the problem you do respecting one of the greatest gentlemen activists for the conservative cause in Maricopa County.

    The Arizona Republic, Tony Bouie, Kevin Gibbons, Nathan Sproul, Mac Magruder Jason La Vecke and Lisa James will all be real pleased to have you jump on their bandwagon for Jerry Brooks.

  14. Thank you Arizona Right To Life for appropriately weighing in on this important election. Rob Haney is a dependable voice to uphold the Republican platform on all the issues. Therefore, he has our vote too.

  15. Goodyear GOP says

    Thanks Robert for helping to make my point. My complaint is real and likely shared by others. It was brought up as part of seeking an answer from Rep. Pearce. You could treat it as genuine or you attack me for it, lumping me in with Sproul, James and the Arizona Republic. You could attack my motives and declare me to be “one of them”, all for just being honest and asking a question.

    It is doubtful that you spend every moment of every day with Rob Haney, hearing his every word. So the fact that you “have never heard Rob Haney infer any AZ Republican is fatally flawed” means nothing. That you instinctively attack, label, and smear me because you object, merely to a question I ask? That tells me that you are a Haney supporter for sure, and it reinforces the question I asked.

    By the way, you would not be surprised to find that Mr. Haney finds Mr. Bouie, Gibbons, Sproul, Magruder and the rest of the bunch of AZ Republicans you mentioned “fatally flawed”. You could expand the list to include several of our elected officials. I would even agree with Rob on a few of those, but as for your claim that Rob Haney has NEVER inferred that ANY AZ Republican is fatally flawed? Well, that speaks directly to your credibility and/or emotional bias.

    My question remains, and I hope that Mr. Pearce or someone of his stature can answer it for me in the week to come. Perhaps Mr. Haney will? He reads this blog and almost certainly is reading these comments.

  16. Goodyear GOP and others,

    I rarely read SA and am doing so now only because I was referred to it.

    I have never used the term “fatally flawed” to describe anyone. I try to be specific in my reasons to objecting to anyone’s political policy. I have repeatedly objected to the political agenda advanced by those named earlier by Goodyear GOP.

    I don’t speak down to anyone. I have been asked to speak out for the grassroots of the party by those who believe the Constitution and platform are being ignored by our national party leaders.

    Failing to enforce our immigration laws and our border are the significant issues which are dividing the party and country. This failure has a massive negative impact on a whole host of other issues… sovereignty, economy, education, health care, national defense, taxes, environment, inflation, legal immigrant assimilation, infrastructure, the justice system, corruption, honest businessmen who obey the law, the loss in life of 30 U.S. citizens per day as a result of the acts of illegal immigrants. The list could go on indefinitely. And yet our presidential candidate could only say that if elected his top priority would be to bring back his Comprehensive Immigration Bill. We have a right and obligation to object to this agenda.

    God bless Representative Pearce, Sheriff Arpaio and County Attorney Thomas for taking the blows to defend our country. I am witness to the aspersions cast their way. Any of us who stand by their side can only expect the same.

    I answered a five page survey by AZRTL. I assume Jerry Brooks did also. I am honored and grateful for the AZRTL endorsement.

  17. If Russell Pearce endorses Rob Haney that good enough for me. It guarantees I will now vote for Brooks. I agree with Pearce and Haney on almost every single issue. But I find their style of “leadership” ineffective, scorched earth Its time to put Haney where he belongs…out to pasture.

  18. I just love the amount of thought that goes into some of the responses hereabouts.

    “If Russell Pearce endorses Rob Haney that good enough for me. It guarantees I will now vote for Brooks.”

    Wow! That’s some truly critical thinking going on there!

    So, in a nutshell, since you apparently find something objectionable about Sen. Pearce, that, in itself, with no other criteria, is enough for you to reject a candidate for office out of hand?

    And we wonder why we have problems …

  19. Where is the data coming from to back the claim that “the loss in life of 30 U.S. citizens per day as a result of the acts of illegal immigrants?” Anyone know?

  20. Chicken Little says

    The illegal aliens are invading and will kill us all. Thank God Pearce and Haney will stop them and save America.

  21. Thanks todd and Chicken, You’ve made it very clear for us. If you are for making illegal aliens more comfortable in the U S vote for Brooks. If you prefer our sovereign borders are respected, according to todd and Chicken-Haney’s your man. I’ll go with Haney too.

  22. Pearce for President says

    I know this may surprize some as a bit premature but let’s start NOW on a exploratory campaign for 2012 Russell Pearce for President.
    Let’s get the GLBT and the Pro Choice people kicked out of the “U.S. of A” and let the “good people of Arizona” send the “Right Arizona” guy to the White House.
    Can somebody hook us up? We have work to do let’s get this done and show everyone what the grassroots can accomplish when we all unite for a purpose.

  23. I need details says

    I get where Haney is anti-illegal. I’m missing where this Brooks guy has been pro-illegal? I’m seeing all these comments from pro-Haney folks saying that Brooks is for illegal aliens, but where does that come from?

  24. Hold on ther Ben L, I couldn’t care who wins this, I am just trying to find were this claim of 30 US citizens a day dying as a result of illegal immigrants comes from. It sounds absurd on its face, but if there is evidence to support this claim I would like to know.

  25. I need details says

    Wow, that would be 10,000+ per year. Two and a half 9-11’s every year? That’s a huge number. Where does that come from?

  26. Pearce for President says

    To heck with semantics let’s get to work for Russell – he knows best-

  27. Sherlock Homie says

    Haney wrote and published a particularly nasty missive about Andrew Thomas because Thomas refused to wild goose-chase the District 20 election results in 2004. If he’s apologized,or recanted or whatever, great. I may have missed it. If not, you can’t call someone “bodysnatched” and then appear two years later calling him your buddy. Especially if now you’re running for a party office.

    And if Haney’s not reading this blog regularly, he’s admitting some pretty serious fault on his part.

  28. Goodyear GOP says

    I don’t mind if Haney has come back to supporting Thomas, it anything it shows that he has the ability to admit when he is wrong, or at least the ability to get over a single disagreement. I don’t recall him ever being accused of either before. My concern has to do with the level of vitriol directed at Thomas in that matter because the trained (and elected) attorney was making LEGAL decisions that the mid-level engineer/manager(?) from IBM disagreed with. Naturally, the mid-level guy put his judgment first and savaged the professional.

    That can be a problem and it can lead to some embarrassing situations. Does he forgive or at least forget and move on eventually? Its good news that he does. But the shoot first (at your own teammates) and get it right later part remains a concern.

  29. I see Rob Haney is also endorsed by the current County Chair, Tom Husband and immediate past County Chair, Lyle Tuttle. Found this on Haney’s web site http://www.trugop.org

    If you appreciate the conservative Republican platform the only choice is Haney. If you think we need Democrat light, your choice is Brooks.

    Solidly in Brooks’ camp is Nathan Sproul who warned us that Arizona Republicans were too conservative to win in Nov. ’08. Then we proceeded to pick up 2 seats in the AZ House and 1 in the Senate. We also kicked out RINOs Hershberger and O’Halleran. The voters do not want Dem. light. They want conservative Republicans.

    Haney for County Chair!

  30. i agree. i distrust Haney.
    Brooks for County Chair

  31. gopbabe-distrut huh? Let’s look at what you do know…Haney upholds the platform and votes conservative. Brooks champions maverick McCain. Which way is the maverick going to go? Across the aisle a lot.

  32. Sherlock Homie says

    Part of the platform is that you are allowed to disagree with the platform. It’s right there in the Preface.

    Doesn’t that mean Haney only upholds part of the platform?

  33. Howard Levine says

    For any Republican PC who supports the party platform and thinks that Republican elected officials should adhere to it as much as possible, Rob Haney is clearly the best choice for Maricopa County Republican Chairman.

    If you are a John McCain supporter and/or think that Republican elected officials should be given as much latitude to disregard the party platform as they think they need without any accountability to Republicans, then Jerry Brooks is your candidate.

  34. http://www.LightHouseBlog.com has details on why Arizona Right to Life PAC supported Haney over Brooks. No impropriety, sorry conspiracy theorists.


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