Arizona Republican Party Chairman Tom Morrissey Reaffirms Support for Congressman David Schweikert

Arizona Republican Party

PHOENIX – Tom Morrissey, Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, today issued a statement in support of Congressman David Schweikert after party leadership in Washington, D.C. removed Schweikert from his position on the House Financial Services Committee.

“Congressman Schweikert is not only a principled conservative but he is exceptionally qualified to continue his service on the Financial Services Committee.  In these particularly pressing times it is essential that our party use every available ounce of talent, experience and fiscal responsibility to lead our nation back into prosperity, and we are counting on every one of Arizona’s representatives in Congress to do just that.”



  1. LEO IN TSN says


    1. This week, Senate Republicans and some still patriotic dimocrats BLOCKED ratification of the UN Treaty that would wrest control of American families from American parents and American laws & courts and turn it over to the UN.
    JUAN MCTRAITOR, holding hands with his new lame-duck RINO friend Scott Brown, voted to RATIFY the treaty. Let me repeat for clarification, McTraitor voted to RATIFY this UN treaty and make it the law of the land for US.

    2. Senate leader Harry Reid is pushing a revision of the filibuster rules that would effectively silence Republicans in the Senate and render them helpless under the guns of the liberals. JUAN MCTRAITOR SUPPORTS that effort and is encouraging other Republican Senators to support it. Let me repeat for clarification, McTraitor is supporting the liberal attempts to silence Republicans in the Senate.

    While you’re making your calls and faxes, you may want to include McTraitor’s AZ and DC offices on your list. Tell him we do NOT intend to bend a knee to the UN nor to Harry Reid and his cohorts. Tell him to stand up for US for a change.

    God bless America.

  2. That is what the fools in Arizona get for believing the Traitor in 2010 and reelecting him to the Senate. McTraitor has been our enemy since Vietnam, and covered his tracks well. Did you see him and Kerry hugging each other on TV Tuesday, why is it McLiar is alwasy and I mean always cozy with the dims and will betray the Republican’s in a flash?

    We told him no, but again McShit voted how he wanted on the UN treaty, McTraitor, McHutchinson, McBrown and Mccollins and McLugar, four will no longer be a threat to our soverignity, we are still stuck with the Mcleader of lies. We need to get rid of McTraitor, he can not get another term anywhere near us.

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