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Arizona Republican Party Chairman Debate Comes to Mohave County – Robert Graham Wins

Arizona Republican Party Chairman Debate Comes to Mohave County – Robert Graham Wins

Word out of Kingman in Mohave County is that Robert Graham owned the room in the debate against Doug Little.

Doug Little arrived to the event late. Present were about 30-40 people which is a great turnout for a GOP candidate’s debate. Newly-elected Senator Kelli Ward was also in attendance.

Graham completely worked the room – talking to everyone before the lunch-meeting started.

Doug Little didn’t appear to move around the room that much only talking to a few people. Graham passed out shirts, buttons, flyers, yard signs and palm cards while Little made an effort to cover up Graham’s flyers on the tables with his own flyers.

Little spoke first. Graham spoke second. When Little launched into his speech, he attacked Graham’s age arguing that he thought Graham was too young to be Chairman. Little also attacked Graham for fighting for the defeat of a tax increase initiative in California – never mind the fact that Graham was extremely active supporting Arizona congressional candidates AND the effort to defeat the Open Primary initiative and Prop 204. Somewhere along the road, Little forgot to hold to the candidate agreement of staying above the negativity.

When Graham spoke, his ideas and vision were well received throughout the room. Compared to Doug Little, Robert Graham’s remarks, vision and ideas were night and day.

When both candidates took questions, someone asked about their thoughts on the United Nations. Little responded first and said that he did not believe that the US should withdraw from the UN. Most people in the room were shocked. Graham’s response to the same question was the opposite. That resulted with the entire room erupting in applause. (Little tried to take back his comments during the applause.)

When the debate adjourned, Little didn’t stay more than fifteen minutes while Graham remained until the last person departed.

It certainly appears that Graham has locked up Mohave County Republicans!

Don’t miss the next Arizona Republican Party Chairman debate tomorrow night – Tuesday, January 22 – to be held in Chandler at Tri-City Baptist Church located at 2211 W. Germann Road, Chandler. Debate starts at 7:30 PM. Be there if you care about the future of the Arizona Republican Party!

Sonoran Alliance has endorsed Robert Graham for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.


  1. I was there at the debate, the room moaned at the thought of a Republican wanting to stay in the UN. He did say we should not pay that much money, Oh geee. WHAT ABOUT AGENDA 21, DOUG? WHAT ABOUT CHILDREN BEING ABLE TO SUE THEIR PARENTS, DOUG? WHAT ABOUT THE UN AND GUN CONTROL, DOUG?

    Then he said he did not agree that the State of Arizona should be able to arrest the Federal Government if they come here and break our laws. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT ABOUT COMING FOR OUR GUNS, DOUG?

    Doug again used his Teleprompter, since he was caught taking signals from his staff he announces at every event he uses an IPAD instead of paper. Robert stands and talk with no notes no teleprompter no cheat sheets. He speaks from his heart. Doug said he was not going to run a nasty campaign,then he tried to denegrate Robert on his youth and start up successful businesses. At the end of the day someone said Doug committed suicide then came back and did it again.

    Another win for the Graham Team of ideas and solutions.

  2. I’ve heard Doug Little talk about the UN. He says stay on because of the Security Council veto and work to defund it. Sounds pretty reasonable to me — much more so than the wild-eyed rant above, anyway.

    • Get out the UN, Get them out NY. Why should we stay in an organizations that rules against us at every turn? Oh pelase reasonable, if we were not in it why do we care? Doug Little supporters trying to make him and trying believeable. Agenda 21 does that mean anything to you at all!!!!!!

      GET US OUT HE UN!!!!!!

  3. Tell The Truth says

    Regarding Little’s belief we SHOULD NOT arrest the Federal Government if they come in to take our guns is shocking knowing he has a business for personal self defense using a firearm and is an NRA instructor. What’s this about?
    It seems the UN comment Little stated was not communicated correctly to the crowd. This apparently back fired on him.
    Cutting down Mr. Graham stating he is too young to run for State Chairman? As Mr. Graham stated “I’m old enough to run for President of the United States but not old enough to to run for State Chairman”? POINT MADE! What’s next Mr. Little?

  4. Justin Blackburn says

    Graham is 40, I believe and as a late 30’s early 40’s guy, let’s get this straight–thinking minds and rational people come in all ages. Graham is brilliant and I know from personal first hand experience having known him since his days at WP Carey School of Business at ASU. He is self made, is self motivated, is an incredible fundraiser and right now our party is on a precipice. We lost three winnable Congressional seats by a combined less than 10k votes. We got killed in redistricting. And we need YOUNG CONSERVATIVE LEADERSHIP throughout the ranks that will rise over the next decade to be Gubernatorial, Congressional, and Senatorial candidates in several years. Anyone want to argue that my Rep Steve Montenegro is too young or not conservative enough and we need someone “older” and more “establishment?” We need ideas and we need future leaders to step in right NOW. Graham will raise money, recruit candidates, and promote our state agenda. He is pro-life, small government, and a genuine leader.

  5. Little’s is an amateur with no common sense in a campaign run by the same. With great orators like Art and Lynne, this was a doomed venture from the start. Not that Graham needed it but Little’s people really helped make the case for electing Graham. They go around foaming at the mouth ranting an raving about conspiracies. Little got into the race based on rumors and outright lies and an inflated self worth reminiscent of McCain’s ego. This was just a marketing scam to fool the simple minded and boost Little’s name recognition. You know, like Jim Deakin. We will remember his name the same way.

    The real questions is what will be Graham’s opening remarks after his overwhelming victory Saturday. I would start with something like:

    First, I would like to thank all the Little people that made this possible…

  6. Young Republican says

    Why Doug Little would attack Robert Graham’s “youth” is beyond me. We have some great older Republicans in the AZGOP across the state, but we are on the verge of losing our relevancy if we do not select younger leaders who are as qualified as Graham is to lead the Arizona Republicans. Right now we are striking out when it comes to recruiting younger Republicans to be the faces of the next generation.

    Look at Kyrsten Sinema. She is young and attractive to the younger generation of Arizona Democrats. That’s a huge reason for her victory in November. Republicans need to take a page from her playbook – and we are doing just that by electing Robert Graham to the AZGOP chair.

    Doug Little might want to be chairman, but from his comments yesterday, it is clear that he wants to be chairman of an irrelevant party instead of a relevant party.

    No thanks. I’ll take Robert Graham’s future leadership of a relevant party.

  7. Robert ran a campaign of ideas and solutions, the Little campaign refused to play by the same rules. Now they are so strung out because we have either caught them in their lies and disengenious assaults on Robert and Doug’s idiotic statements on the trail, they are fuming. But why get mad at Robert and attack? I have received two email in recent days that peopel are no long my friend, I am so hurt, lordy really, if you are that shallow you can not take the heat do not start and pretend to be above board when you send out lies and I answser them. Your Loss not mine.

    On Saturday Mrs. Little tried to hang Robert out to dry, she made a fool of herself, guess what they have not tried that again. On Monday Mr. Little tried the same thing, BACKFIRE. If you are going to get inTO the politics of destruction beware, know what you are talking about. The Democrats are coming for all Republican’s and instead of standing tall, they fold like cheap suits.

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