Arizona Republic Questions Pastor’s Qualifications

A slightly scathing story in today’s Arizona Republic regarding Laura Pastor’s apparent advantage in hiring due to her father’s congre$$ional po$ition.

(Arizona Congress Watch has been following this linkage for some time and even our “beloved” New Times published a story on Pastor’s tie to her father’s coattails.)

Pastor is a candidate for the Phoenix City Council and has been presenting her credentials in a leadership role with Maricopa Community College’s outreach program, Achieving A College Education.

Here are a few quotes from today’s Republic:

Maricopa Community Colleges chose the daughter of a member of Congress to run an outreach program over at least two applicants who were more educated and had more experience in fields described as crucial for the job.

The college district denies Pastor got the position because her father, Rep. Ed Pastor, D-Phoenix, has funneled millions of taxpayer dollars into the outreach program, including $1 million in federal grants at the time his daughter was being interviewed in 2005.

But newly released resumes and applications of the top three candidates for the job show that Pastor had the least experience in working with colleges or with outreach and scholarship programs.

Records show that Pastor was hired at a salary of nearly $66,000, which was $16,000 above the advertised maximum range for the director’s job.

Unlike the other two finalists, Pastor’s resume shows no experience with at-risk high-school students or any college-related work history.

Records show that two phone calls and a letter were lodged with the college over Pastor’s selection, calling it favoritism. The college Equal Employment Opportunity officer dismissed the grievances as unfounded, saying there were no violations of laws or regulations.

Rep. Pastor, who sits on the House Appropriations Committee, has denied that he pulled strings to get his daughter the job. He also said that he would have continued supporting the scholarship program whether or not she was hired.

Laura Pastor says that she has never used her father’s connections to get ahead. She said she didn’t know that the scholarship program owed its existence to her father when she applied for the job.

Pastor has run into similar allegations over campaign contributions, which show that she has pulled in thousands of dollars from employees and lobbyists for timber, airline and other industries connected to her father.

She said that she was unaware of the connections to her father and that all of the contributors are personal friends.


  1. Where is the outrage here! If this was a Republican the AZrepugnant would have put it on the front page and hammered Congressman Pastor. Why is Ed Pastor and his daughter treated differently then Renzi and his dad? Corruption is a bi-partisan issue but it seems that only Republicans get the blame for it.

  2. What a joke. Laura is outright lying. Her dad hosted a fundraiser for her in DC.

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