Arizona Republic bias against Sheriff Arpaio

The latest Arizona Republic attack on Joe Arpaio, which the paper had the temerity to run in its news section, is a classic example of why the print media has been so successfully painted as a purveyor of leftist propaganda rather than real news.

Reporter JJ Hensley used a favorite trick of the liberal media–take a viewpoint that is held by only a handful of extreme liberals and present it as if it were mainstream thought.

Here’s the telling quote from the article describing “complaints” from “critics” of Arpaio regarding his efforts to detain illegal aliens accused of criminal activity unrelated to their alien status:

“Many of the complaints against Arpaio center on two themes: the immigration-enforcement agreement doesn’t come with enough guidance for local authorities to focus on serious criminals offenders – opening the door for racial profiling; and that the agreement has led to the removal of illegal immigrants for relatively minor offenses.”

Is this reporter serious?  Not only do these people break the law to come here, but they continue to break the law once they get here.  And law enforcement is supposed to turn a blind eye to this because their crimes are “relatively” minor?

If they are here illegaly anyway, why in the world would we tolerate any criminal activity from them?  And here’s the writer’s description of the “minor” criminal offenses:

“The majority of the charges against inmates with ICE holds were for drug-and-alcohol related violations; failure to pay fines or appear in court; and allegations related to forgery and using false identification.”

OK, so these people are mostly junkies, drunk drivers, deadbeats and fraudsters, but let’s let them stay in the country even though they are here illegally because their crimes are minor?  Yeah, right.

Obviously, this type of thinking is way out of the Arizona mainstream, embraced by only a handful on the extreme left, even though the writer presents it as common thinking.

It is only in the 14th paragraph out of a 15 paragraph story that we find out who the “critics”, er critic, is–Arizona ACLU Director Alessandra Soler Meetze.
It’s no wonder people don’t trust the press anymore.

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