Arizona Prof’s back Janet but miss the mark

This headline written by Mike Sunnucks at the Phoenix Business Journal caught my eye, “Professors find merit in Homeland Security report.”

According to Sunnucks piece:

Lew Howell, a risk management and economic security professor at Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, said recessions and economic turmoil historically propel U.S. conservative groups.

“Guns are flying out of the places,” said Howell of guns and ammunition sales in Arizona. Gun stores and shooting ranges sometimes are congregation points for anti-government, right-wing advocates, he said.

Howell said such extreme sentiment is more pronounced in states such as Arizona, which has a substantial number of gun owners and a more conservative and libertarian political bent.

OK. I have to agree with Howell. When was the last time you found firearms and ammunition readily available even at Wal-Mart?

The article further cites another professor at ASU:

Sheldon Simon, a political science professor and security expert at Arizona State University, said the unemployment rate is key. “Times of economic crisis can lead to extreme political activity. Studies particularly on right-wing extremism in this country show a correlation between severe economic difficulties and the tendency to scapegoat,” he said.

“So far, however, to my knowledge, there has not yet been significant activity of this kind. But, as unemployment climbs above 10 percent one should be alert for this kind of possibility,” Simon said.

Arizona’s overall unemployment rate currently stands at 7.8%

And while the professors and article primarily bases the rise of “right-wing” extemism on the economy, it entirely misses the point and fails to mention the simple fact that the Obama Administration has embarked on what is now a radical change, growth and empowerment of the federal government.

Hat tip to fellow blogger extroardinnaire, Greg Patterson of Espresso Pundit for mention in the article.



  1. Veritas Vincit says

    Do ya’ll have any idea how many hundreds of thousands of dollars are available from Homeland Security to any professor willing to tell the Emperess how beautiful her new clothes are?

    Someone should take Lew Howell out to a shooting range, put a fully loaded AK-47 in his hands and stand back… might be a life’s ephifiny for Lew.

  2. Wait a second…

    Are you saying that any rise in rightwing extremism (including stockpiling of ammo, etc.) is because of Obama’s policy positions?

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