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Arizona made pro-life history within the last few days when Governor Jan Brewer signed several major pro-life bills. After many hard-fought years, the pro-life community was finally successful in seeing three pieces of legislation passed. The legislation included a tightening of language related to partial birth abortion, parental consent and a woman’s right to know bill. Much of the credit goes to Cathi Herrod of the Center for Arizona Policy and Ron Johnson of the Arizona Catholic Conference. These bills have been in the works for many years but have always run into trouble with pro-abortion committee chairmen or a pro-abortion governor. This is one instance where I proudly salute Governor Jan Brewer for finally signing these bills into law. This is clearly a case where the law has finally caught up to the science and human rights have prevailed.

At the federal level, Congressman Trent Franks hosted a recent event on Capitol Hill in which he helped debut a documentary exposing the racists roots of the abortion industry. In a write-up in World Net DailyJanet Porter (who will be here next month for the annual Arizona Right to Life Conference) writes that Congressman Franks has sponsored the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act (PReNDA) as part of an effort to educate those members of society who have been targeted by the abortion industry. Porter writes:

Watch the trailer of what may be the most powerful pro-life tool since “The Silent Scream”: “Maafa21.” It’s a two-hour movie that documents the racist beginnings of abortion and the continuation of that racist agenda to this day. The word Maafa in the movie’s title means: “African Holocaust” or the “Holocaust of Enslavement.” The 21 refers to this holocaust in the 21st century.

It was shown on Capital Hill a few weeks ago, and several staff members from the Black Caucus responded to the invitation. One left in tears. She said she came with one “mindset,” but was leaving with a changed life. She hadn’t realized just how committed the abortion movement was with the elimination of her race.

Here is the trailer to the documentary now making the rounds (hat tip to Seeing Red AZ)


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