Arizona Man/Woman of the Year Nominations

As we close out another year, Sonoran Alliance is asking you for nominations for Arizona Man/Woman of the Year. This can be an individual or a group of individuals who have demonstrated political courage or will in the face of adversity. 

Here are the nominees:

Senator Jon Kyl
Senator John McCain
Maricopa County Andrew Thomas
Speaker Jim Weiers
Senator Ron Gould
Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Jon Altmann
Lisa James
Randy Pullen
Arizona National Guardsmen

Now time for comments…


  1. How about John McCain? I hate to state the obvious, but no Arizonan has made as great a political impact this year, and it would be difficult to argue – agree with him or not – against McCain’s political courage for supporting the surge at great political cost. He was at the center of the biggest political issue of the year, both in Arizona and nationally, immigration. And he is still a viable presidential contender, despite his flaws in the eyes of the base.

  2. I agree: McCain. The surge is the most important thing to happen this year and few had the courage to stand behind it. Most prominent among them was John McCain.

  3. I cast my vote for Jon Kyl and Lisa James.

    It is not surprising that Lisa is the only woman on the list. It would be difficult to name any woman, or man for that matter, in Arizona who has contributed more to the progress of conservative candidates and the GOP, and has done so for many years. She is a true role model and works tirelessly to promote the GOP in Arizona.

    Senator Kyl is a man of honor, integrity, and earned respect. Despite the immigration brouhaha he weathered that storm and went on to stand as a solid conservative. He was unopposed as Minority Whip and his recent singular vote in the mortgage bail-out are indications of his principles. He is not a Johnny-come-lately but has served for many years and never asked for the spotlight.

    Lisa James 1
    Jon Kyl 1

  4. It has to be the National Guardsmen. They are the only ones serving others full time.

    Ron Gould is the runner up. He never compromises his positions.

  5. McCain has had no impact I can see. Thomas is all over the news, and he’s not even running for president. Illegal aliens are running back to the border, their PR people can’t even get 50 marchers to make their case, let alone a decent legal one against the barrage of crackdown policies coming from the local prosecutor and sheriff.

    This not man of the century or man of the decade. It’s the year. Few on the list have _demonstrated_ courage under fire, day after day, for the last year. Sure, some on the list have been in the fight in fits and starts. Few have had angry protesters in their faces day after day. And hardly any, other than Kyl and Thomas, have survived attacks from the right. Hmmm…

  6. I could switch to the Guardsman. I am sorry I didn’t call that one right off.

    Yep, Guardsmen.

  7. Conservative to the Core says

    We need to add Russell Pearce to the list, his efforts and commitment got the employer accountability through.

  8. Conservative to the Core says

    A woman that could also be added to the list is Willa Keyes. She is that hard driving force behind the SOLE iniative that is still circulating. She is pushing hard to end sanctuary cities in Arizona.

  9. Lisa who?

  10. Arpaio and Thomas certainly get high marks for Maricopa. Statewide, Pullen has done more for the Republican party in the past year than previous state party chairmen of the last 10 years combined. The organization, focus on strategy, outreach, and sheer dedication has already had a tremendous impact on party activists statewide.

  11. Darryl Light says

    I vote for the Arizona Guardsmen as well.

    Thomas should get a “brick” for making it yet again hard to be a Republican in Arizona; immigration or not- the man is everything wrong in politics.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Lisa who?

    Cheap shot… can’t we keep it positive?

  13. “For to us a Child is born, to us a Son is given; and the government shall be upon His shoulder, and His name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father [of Eternity], Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6 AMP).

    I hope each and everyone of you have a very blessed Christmas, I am so blessed to have my family and live in a nation like this. I am praying for you, our troops, our leaders and our nation.


  14. Gotta love Lynn!

  15. Cactus Wren says

    Russell Pearce, by a mile!

  16. Lisa James gets my vote…she got it at the last annual meeting too.

  17. Winnner: National Guardsmen

    Close second place:
    Opponents to Illegal Immigration –
    Russell Pearce, Willa Key, Joe Arpaio, Don Goldwater, Andrew Thomas, Speaker Weiers

    Not deserving of nomination:
    Jon Kyl for lack of integrity on the illegal immigration issue. His only adversity was self sustained.


    Lisa James – courage in the face of adversity? She had the whole congressional delegation, all the lobbyists plus the McCain, Sproul, Gullett and WISH team supporting her. The adversity was she lost because come dome hadn’t worked at filling his precinct with PC’s. Oh well!

    Surprising lack of nomination:
    Lyle Tuttle for his excellent leadership of the Maricopa County Committee despite little help from the elected LD Chairs and MALs.

  18. Lisa James!

    and John McCain

  19. Julie,

    Please show me how Lisa and McCain qualify based on the criteria established – political courage in the face of adversity.

    Running campaigns that changes them from front runners to losers is not exactly showing political courage in the face of adversity.

  20. I’m a little confused on how Lisa James’ accomplishments in 2007 would qualify her to be Woman of the Year? She ran for State Chairman, lost, then refused to do anything to help the State Party she professed to love so much.

    If running, losing, then sucking your thumb qualifies you as Woman of the Year, then we can nominate every runner-up in every Homecoming Queen contest from every high school in the state.

    Hopefully our criteria are higher than that. No offense to this blog’s Lisa-philes who chant her name in unison at its every mention, but its a really bizarre thing when accomplishing nothing qualifies you for Woman of the Year.

    Since all of the nominees are running for one single award (we’re not doing that sexist thing of judging Men and Women separately for their own awards) and everyone else on that list has actually done something this year, they all get to finish in front of Lisa James. Altmann only barely though, since he ran for something and also lost. Where the similarity ends is that he’s staying involved and will likely be the party’s nominee to take back the LD11 seat. No thumb sucking there!

    The rest of the list made a real difference in people’s lives. You may not like what they all did, but they actually did stuff.

    Frankly, I’m not sure any of them deserve an award though, except the Guardsmen. The rest of them were doing the job they are paid to do. So I suppose Randy Pullen earns some bonus points since his position is unpaid and he’s thrown himself into it full-time.

    So Guardsmen first, Pullen runner-up, everyone else tied for third, except Lisa James. She has four days left this year to do something that makes a difference in people’s lives.

  21. She could run the campaign for her Presidential candidate so he loses in February and therefore automatically qualify for Woman of the Year for 2008. The Primary is less than a week away from the anniversary of her loss for Chair. Of course, she won’t have the help of Nathan, Wes, etal this time so her contributions will be much more significant.

  22. Hey now, Giuliani could win and that could be a deserved feather in her cap. And I’d be happy to give her all the credit in the world for the win. I’m not here to pile on the “she’s a loser” pile, because her career certainly has highlights. My point was just that none of those highlights occurred in 2007, so any consideration of her as Person of the Year for 2007 was just plain silly.

  23. mike spelman says

    Jon Altmann being nominated is an absolute disgrace. I ama neighbor of his and I can tell you the man is a few cards short of a full deck. He is despised in his own community.

  24. I am also a neighbor of Jon Altmann’s and I can tell you that there are 95% more people in the neighborhood backing up Jon Altmann than there are for Mike Spellman. Mike Spelman is a power hungry cop who’s on the Board of Directors of Jon’s neighborhood and who is trying to turn the neighborhod into an HOA. And everyone knows what happens to an owner’s rights when an HOA takes over! HOA’s don’t like opposition!

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