Arizona independents and moderates: 5 final thoughts on Kyrsten Sinema [ @KyrstenSinema AZ09 ]

With liberals voting for Democrat Kyrsten Sinema and conservatives voting Vernon Parker, the question for moderates and independents is: which way should we go?

Here are 5 final thoughts on the race.

1. It’s the Economy, Silly.

Just two recessions ago, Kyrsten Sinema proposed more than $2 billion in NEW state taxes … DURING the recession. NO ONE supports raising taxes in a recession – it is well-known to make recessions WORSE.

Then, this past June, she proposed ending ALL the current tax relief set to expire December 31. This with our economy growing at a paltry rate of under 2% annually. (The world’s second-biggest economy, in China, is growing at 8% annually, and they are worried it’s not growing faster.)

She either does not understand basic economics, or lets her liberal ideology cloud her judgment. Either way, her policies would doom our struggling economy.

Vernon Parker’s entire campaign has been about restoring economic growth. Reducing job-crushing regulations. And changing our tax policies to reward US job creation.

He gets it. So on the economy, the choice is clear.

2. Foreign and defense policy.

The self-anointed “experts” say independents and moderates “don’t care about” foreign policy or our national defense. That is ridiculous. On these important issues, the differences are stark.

In June 2000, most of us were rolling our eyes as the Green Party called for a FIFTY PERCENT CUT in defense spending over 10 years. Just 4 months later, Kyrsten Sinema WENT TO WORK FOR THEM.

In the ensuing years, she OPPOSED removing the Taliban in Afghanistan, even though they were protecting the al Qaeda terrorists who killed thousands of Americans on 9/11.

She OPPOSED killing Osama bin Laden.

She called for the CLOSING OF LUKE AIR FORCE base.

She said she supported “world disarmament.” Because the bad guys would never cheat on such things, right?

And she was NOT a friend of our steadfast ally, Israel.

Suddenly, after winning her primary this Fall, she said none of that mattered anymore because she has relatives serving in the military!

Sorry. It DOES matter.

Vernon Parker has a long and consistent record supporting a strong national defense, and is a champion of Luke Air Force base.

Our nation’s security matters, and on this issue, it is not even close. Vernon Parker deserves your vote.

3. A 60-day Moderate.

Kyrsten Sinema has been a moderate for 60 days. For the TWO DECADES leading up to Fall 2012, she was a highly vocal, extremely consistent Far-Left, Liberal activist and community organizer.

Yes, people can change. Ronald Reagan began as a Democrat. But there is ZERO reason to believe in Sinema’s radical moderate makeover for the last 60 days. Just look at HER OWN WORDS on the matter.

Asked in 2005 why she ran as a Democrat in 2004 after losing as a Green, she replied:

“Well, you saw the results from the first campaign, didn’t you? Nothing about my political beliefs changed, nothing about my ideology changed. It was a practical decision.”

She elaborated on that in her 2009 how-to book for liberal activists:

“[In the fall of 2008, after a candidate debate,] a constituent came up to me and said, ‘Sinema, you don’t even sound like a liberal anymore.’ … As we parted ways, I told the voter that I believed in all the progressive values that I’d always held dear, but I’d finally learned to talk about [them differently.]” (pp. 16-17)

She also wrote in that book:

“Research in an electoral campaign is very simply the polling and focus-group work that strategic campaigns engage in …. When you conduct good research, you will learn how to frame your message (that’s fancy for ‘how you talk about something’)….I’ve become a huge fan of research.” (pp. 165-66)

Everything she has said in this general election campaign has been polled and focus-group tested to OBSCURE her true, liberal beliefs.

But as she admitted in candid moments in her book and in past interviews, she is the same extreme liberal she has always been, she just knows not to admit it anymore.

Vernon Parker is the same guy he has always been. Common-sense conservative. Problem-solver. Works with both Democrats and Republicans. Has not forgotten his roots – he came from a tough urban area. He knows education made it possible for him to escape his environment and give his children opportunities that he now wants ALL AMERICANS TO SHARE IN.

Sinema is a Trojan Horse candidate, trying to sneak into Congress before you realize she is the same radical she has been for 20 years.

Until she is straight with voters, or explains HOW she suddenly woke up a moderate 60 days ago – was she hit over the head at a 2012 Labor Day Parade? – she is simply not a wise choice for Congress.

4. Leeches.

We could, perhaps, forgive her attacks on moms, and calling them “leeches,” IF she had apologized. Instead, she went from outright denial, to later claiming it was a joke. Pretty offensive joke. But it clearly was not a joke. It was her far-Left beliefs slipping out in what she felt was a friendly interview.

But it turns out this was NOT the only time she attacked work at home moms. In an interview with Phoenix’s ‘N Touch magazine, she said:

“I feel we are regressing in our society. There is this rebirth of the idea that a woman should be at home and shouldn’t be working.”

Stunning. Sinema believes home-based women are not working, and moms who work from home to raise their kids represent society “regressing.” I know her views are common among liberals, but it is still shocking to see it so starkly in print.

5. Her sudden resume gap.

Finally, Kyrsten Sinema is not just running from her liberal policy views. She is running from her own bio. People who run from their own biography make me suspicious, and should make you suspicious also.

Just a few years ago, Sinema stood at a convention for liberal bloggers and boasted that she is a “criminal defense attorney who represents murderers.”

Then, this spring, as she geared up for her Congressional race, she quietly changed her law license status to “inactive,” and once she won her Democrat Primary, she wiped her criminal defense work off of her campaign bio entirely.

Now, I’m not going to snow you: I am troubled by her proudly representing killers. I’ve always sided with the victims.

But it’s certainly her right to do so, and it is part of our legal system.

Bottom line: if you are going to make your money working for murderers, at least be woman enough to defend it. Don’t do it for six years then pretend you’ve just been a “social worker” all that time.

I see no similar “resume gap” in Parker’s bio.

On Tuesday, vote Vernon Parker for jobs, economic growth, national security, and fundamental integrity about who he is and what he believes.


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  1. Looks like Sinema is going to edge out Parker. Based on the negative ads, I feel sorry for stay at home moms in this district. They had to choose between someone who called them “leeches” and someone else trying to eliminate the Dept of Education.

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