Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission Releases Final ‘Tentative’ Maps



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 20, 2011

TEMPE, Ariz. (Dec. 20, 2011) – The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission this evening adopted a tentative congressional- and legislative-district maps, pending analyses by the panel’s legal counsel and voting-rights consultants.

Both maps passed on 3-2 votes, but with different breakdowns. On the congressional map, Chairman Colleen Coyle Mathis voted “yes,” along with Vice Chairman José Herrera and Commissioner Linda McNulty. Vice Chairman Scott Freeman and Commissioner Richard Stertz voted “no.” The legislative map drew “yeas” from Mathis, McNulty and Stertz and “nays” from Freeman and Herrera.

“This is a significant step toward fulfilling our mission,” Mathis said. “We’ve spent four weeks improving the draft maps, incorporating many of the suggestions we received during our second round of public hearings, as well as comments submitted to us in writing. We worked very hard to reach consensus on the map where possible, and it was also our consensus that it was time to move the process along.”

According to counsel Mary O’Grady, the panel will have to vote on the maps again after receiving the legal and technical analyses. The commission’s lawyers and staff then must prepare the state’s submission to the Department of Justice for its approval as mandated under the federal Voting Rights Act.

Major tweaks to the congressional map included:

  • Reuniting Fountain Hills with Scottsdale in the proposed 6th District;
  • Making Cochise County whole in the proposed 2nd District, along with the eastern portion of metropolitan Tucson; and
  • Moving western Maricopa County to the rural 4th District, leaving the proposed 8th District more compact and suburban.



  1. Goodbye Krony Adams, Rich sCandall, and Jerry Lewis and good riddance!

  2. What’s this?

    OH MY GOD!!!!!


    How can that be? I thought that those draft maps were the final maps?
    You know the ones that Republicans were all up in arms about no so long ago?
    Is there anyone who can explain the meaning of DRAFT MAP to me?

    Thanks for your fine example of FISCAL CONSERVANCY Governor Brewer, and Messrs Antenori, Biggs and Tobin (among others)…how much did all that cost us?

    • Hey, Jan’s a busy woman. She doesn’t have time to hear the end of any sentences. She’s got a Barnes and Noble in Topeka to be at for a book signing.

      • Conservative American says

        …and Klute is off to yet another poetry slam! How similar are you and Governor Brewer! The only difference is that she has a published book to sign and you don’t.

  3. I would find it Interesting to know where incumbents are paired? Also what happened to Carl Seal? I heard he thought the commission was out to “get” him!

  4. Veritas Vincit says

    Who the voters elected in 2010 was undone by an unelected unaccountable committee of 3 behind closed doors. Example? Representative Ash no longer will represent those who elected him. Representative Judd will no longer represent those who elected her.

    There are many more examples of how this Committee of Three totally gave Arizona’s voters the finger through closed door partisan gerrymandering.

    The campaign slogan of Prop 106 was “Let the People Decide”… yeah right. Didn’t work out that way thanks to those who couldn’t win an election in the court of public ideas and policies… they had to game the system and ignore the law.

    The Arizona Committee of Three is above the Law. I’m not even sure the Democrats are comfortable with how this closed door gang conducted its business. There’s one thing for sure, The AZ Redistricting Commission may have listened to citizens, but they certainly didn’t HEAR them.

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