Arizona Immigration Law = National ID for Arizonans

Despite protestations to the contrary from the law’s sponsor and others, this law turns the Arizona drivers license  (actually any state license) into a national id.

It’s a common misconception to believe that the national id must be a card or a chip.

National ID not a card or a chip, but is the data that the federal government has on you.  What the federal government has been attempting to do for many years, most notably under the Clinton administration, was to find a way to integrate all of the various data they have on American citizens into an easily searchable, easily sharable database and data exchange format.

SB1070 states

F. Except as provided in federal law, officials or agencies of this state and counties, cities, towns and other political subdivisions of this state may not be prohibited or in any way be restricted from sending, receiving or maintaining information relating to the immigration status, lawful or unlawful, of any individual or exchanging that information with any other federal, state or local governmental entity for the purposes of determining eligibiltiy for any … license and for the purposes of verifying any claim of residence or domicile.

This section removes ALL restrictions from the exchange of license data between any state agency and any federal agency.  This section applies to ANY PERSON.  This section includes ANY LICENSE.  Under this section ANY state agency may exchange ANY person’s license data with ANY federal agency without any restriction whatsoever.

This problem has nothing to do with what occurs at a police stop. It removes ALL restrictions from data exchange, including a full data dump, or including full back and forth real-time queryability, between any state license database and any or ALL federal agencies, beginning July 1, including the IRS or Homeland Security.

Protestations from the bill’s sponsor have included:  “That’s not what it says.”  “That’s not what it means.”  “It’s not in there.”

Yes, Mr. Pearce, but that’s what the law SAYS word for word, in black and white, in 8th grade level English, no lawyers required.

Other  protestations such as in this post include playing word games….

The fact that A.R.S. section 11-1051 allows for the sending, receiving, maintaining or exchanging of immigration status information with any federal, state or local agency does not in any way invoke the application of RIDA (REAL ID Act) in Arizona.

First, what does the REAL ID act have to do with it?   Nothing.  The REAL ID Act was a single federal program which attempted to force the state to turn over certain data to the feds.  This bill turns over the same data that the REAL ID Act mandated, but does so voluntarily by the state, having nothing to do with REAL ID, but having everything to do with national id once the federal government gets their hands on the data.  REAL ID here is completely irrelevant.

Second, what is “immigration status” relative to a citizens’ domicile?  Or how would you verify a citizen’s eligibility for a drivers license (or any license) via exchange of that citizen’s data with the federal government?  Why would you need to?  Where is the limitation to the term “immigration status” in the data exchange with the federal government in checking a citizen’s domicile information with the feds or a citizen’s eligibility for a driver’s license (or a business license, or a hunting license – ANY license, remember). Nowhere.  Why would the state need to do so relative to its citizens?  But that’s precisely what the law enables.

The county attorney’s office goes onto state:

Subsection F states four limiting “official purposes.” If a public agent or bureaucrat cannot demonstrate that he accessed a person’s information pursuant to subsections F’s official purposes

A bureaucrat accessing the person’ s information is not at question here.  Removal of all restrictions in sending law abiding citizen’s data to the federal government relevant to check the citizen’s domicile and/or eligibility for a license is.

Arizona law cannot dictate what the federal government does with law abiding citizen’s data once it is handed over to the feds.  The feds, of course, will promptly put the data into whatever database they want which accomplishes their longstanding goal to implement a national id system.

Again, national id is NOT a card. It is the unique identifiers such as your name, SSN, domicile and biometric data such as your digitial photo on file with the MVD, once turned over to the feds and put into their national id database.  Once the data is placed into the national id database, then your DL can be run against that national id database and is, VOILA, a national id.

Russell Pearce continues to protest stating that he’s against national ids and that this bill does not contain national id.

And, yet, he fails to address the matter of the data exchange of law abiding citizens’ license data with “any agency” of the federal government, including Janet Napolitano’s agency, who is dying to get her hands on this information, especially gun owners’ information.

The only time the exchange of citizens’ data has ever been addressed was in the opinion that Andrew Thomas’ office wrote, linked to above, which stated it’s not REAL ID.   So what?  REAL ID is not the only national id program.  PASS ID, BELIEVE ID, or just drivers’ license database dumps into the Homeland Security database all turn state drivers licenses into national ids…..

….but only if the state hands over the data.  Which SB1070 does, willingly, of all citizens.

Russell Pearce is quoted as saying, “If we don’t turn over all of our data to the federal government, then how will be know who is SUPPOSED to be here.”

Wait a second, Senator Pearce, I thought this bill was supposed to be about who is NOT supposed to be here.

Senator Pearce, if you’re telling the truth and are against national id, THEN FIX THE LAW and prohibit the exchange of law abiding citizens’ data with the federal government.

No patriot hands over the private data of law abiding citizens to the feds, such as you have done in SB1070.

Anyone who does betrays the hard work of conservative patriots who have been fighting national ids since before the Clinton administration and since.

Fix the law before July 1. Otherwise, welcome to the leftist globalist Clintonista agenda as implemented by the right.

Lastly, Ronald Reagan opposed national ids

Gun Owners of America oppose national ids because they state that once the federal government has your drivers license data, they have enough information to track gun purchases…

“Since I need a driver’s license to purchase a gun from a dealer, BATFE would finally have its long-coveted tool to impose gun control on targeted groups — particularly under a liberal anti-gun administration. If you believe in the Second Amendment, please vote against this anti-gun monstrosity.”

Not to mention the fact that from the federal side of the fence, they plan on using the SAME SYSTEM to enable AMNESTY.   We can’t have it both ways – to use secure ids to keep illegal aliens out and at the same time use secure ids to let them in.

Fix the law, Senator Pearce.



  1. scandinavian looking says
  2. Wake up SHEEPLE naptime is over !!!!

  3. Radical American Patriot says

    Well Guess what Mad (Crazy?)Arizonan…
    Your Driver’s License ID ALREADY is given to the Feds!!! Yes everytime you get stopped for a ticket, they compare your name with the federal database to see IF there is any federal or other state warrants out for your arrest!! Did you just think that the officer is simply twiddling his thumbs or playing tiddly winks?

    There is a wise old saying, “The wicked flee when no man pursues” Perhaps you protest too much?

  4. Just Another Az PC says

    Radical American Patriot: Let’s say you are correct, which I hope you exaggerate a bit, does that make the practice right? Personally, I think the State provides/sells too much personal data. They have taken implied consent to extremes. The States has the powers we delegate to them but the State is also bound by that agreement called a Constitution as well as the Declaration of Rights.

  5. Oberserve says

    Elements of data are already exchanged with the government.

    However, if they had it all already, they wouldn’t need more data via the REAL ID or Russell Pearce wouldn’t need to send the balance of the data to them in order to turn the AZ DL into a national id to be checked against the Homeland Security and fusion center databases to check immigration status for SB1070 stops.

    If you were right, the data exchange components of SB1070 wouldn’t be necessary.

    In other words, you are wrong and you support gun purchase registration.

  6. How do you verify the identity of schoolage children with out it being sent to the Feds under 1070? Way to go Pearce even our kids information is not protected under 1070. Currently it at least stays in AZ. Change the law or stop calling yourself conservative.

  7. I so totally agree with this article. Just like the Civil War, the real issue comes down to states’ rights. Did the states have the right to secede? Yes. Does the state have the right to withold this ID info from the FEDs? Of course. Then why do idiots like Pearce want to give them carte blanche with the info of innocent citizens? States must rise up and say “no!” to the Feral Government. Grow a spine AZ!!!

  8. In the midst of scouring law reviews for a pleading and came across your site. Always delighted to find useful articles at an establishment of higher learner (I sound bourgie right now). Best!

  9. In Delaware, where I live they are pimping the Real ID like it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    I will NEVER get one. If I can’t fix the situation in my State, than I will be moving. If I can’t move far enough, I will go off the grid. It is a shame that I would have to do such a crazy thing to protect my privacy and stand for my principles.

    The sad truth is, the vast majority of people are too wrapped up in themselves and their lives to care about the loss of freedoms, the waste in government, or the death of our constitutional republic.

    Even those who have interest, are so mis-informed and brain washed from the corporate media machine that they simply squabble whatever left or right sided position the news they choose to watch tells them.

    We are becoming a nation void of individual thought. Convenience has taken the place of research. Corporations and chains have taken over.

    Never mind the fact that we have sent generations of our bravest young men and women to fight wars that make our citizens less secure, poorer, and hated around the world.

    This country has lost its way. I just can’t believe that socialism and communism ideas are now the main stream thought.

    What ever happened to self reliance?

    Whatever happened to keeping the money you earn from your efforts?

    Whatever happened to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness? Why has it become the governments job to play Robin Hood?

    It makes me sick that my government takes money from me and then uses that money to go kill people in Iraq, Afghanistan, and all the other countries we are in “unofficially” .

    It makes me sick that my neighbors and acquaintances can’t even research the people they vote for. How many people even know the names of some of the people they vote for an hour later?

    Just vote the party line! Who has time to think for themselves, it just hurts to much. ouch! Brain Pain

    Just a load of crap. Why is it so hard to see that if Grandma was never taxed on her income, she would have enough money to buy her own medicine, or if you were not taxed on your income perhaps you could buy it for her.

    I know I went off topic a bit there but when the rant starts it can’t stop easily.

    The Real ID does drive me nuts. I actually have written an article about it here,–national-id-and-the-end-of-privacy-1

    I think it is important to get the word out about this as much as possible. Most people have just bought the propaganda the State has put on them without even questioning why? Or if this is something considered American in values.

    I have not yet given up on my country, though that day may come. I will fight as long as a fight is to be had. Unfortunately, they are winning, even as they are exposed. I feel we have a legitimate chance to make corrections in the coming years. I think within a decade we should know which way our country will go.

    Until then I will do everything I can to thwart the Real ID Act and stand up for my friends and neighbors even as they mock me for standing on the side of liberty and freedom.

    The true patriot always stands alone at first.

  10. Do you care if I reference part of this on my site if I post a link to this website?

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  12. Greg Western says

    From the last page of S.B. 1070
    – 18 –
    1 D. Nothing in this act shall implement or shall be construed or
    2 interpreted to implement or establish the REAL ID act of 2005 (P.L. 109-13,
    3 division B; 119 Stat. 302) including the use of a radio frequency
    4 identification chip.
    5 Sec. 13. Short title
    6 This act may be cited as the “Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe
    7 Neighborhoods Act”.

    Read the bill here.

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