Arizona Guardian Poll: GOP Nominee for Attorney General

Arizona Guardian

I’m going to drive some traffic over to the Arizona Guardian for their latest poll on who should be the GOP nominee for Arizona Attorney General.

Here is a link to that poll:

Now go vote!

(P.S. They can thank me later with a subscription!)


  1. Can someone please explain why Tom Horne is still in the race? A poll came out last week showing 64% approval ratings for Thomas. Moderates don’t win primaries. Why is Horne wasting everyone’s time and money? Big ego is all I can come up with.

  2. I just saw on the Guardian that Vernon Parker supports four year degrees at Community Colleges.

    Do we really have to go through this argument again, for crying out loud?

    And his supporters call him conservative?

    Give me a break.

  3. @ Freda:

    Perhaps it’s because that poll was for one county of the state and the AG primary would be statewide — Maricopa does not the state make.

    Also, that poll only showed 44% favorability for Thomas. That higher number you cited was out of those with an opinion. Perhaps the fact that 33% of those polled in the county explains why Horne is “wasting everyone’s time and money” by staying in the race.

  4. Horne is not popular in Mohave County either. We don’t want a pro-choice attorney general.

  5. Tom Horne is trying to jack up the results of the poll. Something a little fishy about that, Here’s what he posted on his facebook page today about 1:30pm –

    Tom Horne: Please vote for me in this online poll! After clicking this link, the poll is located on the lower right-hand side of the page. Arizona Guardian

  6. Freda, it is an online poll on the Guardian. Of course he is trying to jack up the numbers, as is every other candidate. The Guardian openly invites you to do the same since it means more clicks for them. Those polls mean nothing.

  7. Sean, if those polls mean nothing, then why are Horne’s people trying to jack up the results? This is Horne’s facebook page:

    Tom Horne Please vote for me in this online poll! After clicking this link, the poll is located on the lower right-hand side of the page.

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    Kassee BulenI voted first thing this morning for ya, posted the link on my page and sent it to several people!!!
    Yesterday at 1:01pm

    Nancy Myers BlyeGlad to help !
    Yesterday at 1:22pm

    Leann GilbreathMy vote is in!
    Yesterday at 2:17pm

    Linda BrownWow, last I checked the poll was at a close margin of 34% T. Horne v. 32% A. Thomas
    Yesterday at 4:48pm

    Ted KingDean is going to damage himself on withholding funds for Charter Schools unless he is pursuing the Arizona Education Association’s votes. Hmmmm…. another “core value” Conserv ative bites the dust.
    Yesterday at 4:56pm

    Ted KingWell, they all say the same thing, “you gotta get elected first.” …. then after that, “you gotta get re-elected.”
    Yesterday at 4:58pm

    Helene AthaDone!
    Yesterday at 8:13pm

    Majid SamadiI voted for you and best of luck.
    Yesterday at 8:57pm

    Jane CrothersDone!
    about an hour ago

  8. Freda, you missed the point of my post. There is nothing “fishy” about boosting poll results. The point being, no one looks at online polls to gauge true support of a candidate.

  9. Sean is correct, online polls are pointless.

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