Arizona Free Enterprise Club comes out against the Arizona Republican Party.

What some people say anonymously or off the record Steve Voeller of the Arizona Free Enterprise Club has publicly stated for the record, namely that he wants Randy Pullen to fail as chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.

What is Randy’s offence according to Voeller? Opposition to the Senate Immigration Bill. The criticism is quite surprising coming from the president of a free enterprise club. Free enterprise is hard to foster when the rule of law is tossed aside. A case in point would – Ms. Smith starts a labor-intensive small business and goes through all the permitting and government requirements. Ms. Smith withholds and pays FICA taxes as required by law and provides some benefits for her workers so that she can attract and retain skilled workers. Ms. Jones is a competitor and hires illegal aliens and pays them substantially less than Ms. Smith. Ms. Jones does not bother with FICA taxes or benefits and does not get caught because of lax government enforcement. Ms. Jones underbids Ms. Smith and puts her out of business. When Ms. Jones’ employees get sick they just go to the emergency room and transfer the health care cost from the employer and person purchasing the service onto the taxpayer. Please Mr. Voeller explain how that helps free enterprise.

The stated mission of the Arizona Free Enterprise Club is to “advance policies that promote economic growth, limited government, fiscal restraint, and lower taxes for all Arizonans.” Mr. Voeller how does the huge burden on taxpayers of unchecked illegal immigration promote fiscal restraint and lower taxes? By working against Randy Pullen and the Arizona Republican Party you are working for higher taxes and more government spending. What is next? Will you endorse Governor Napolitano in her next election because she signed the tax-cutting budget in 2006?

Steve you owe an explanation of why you want Randy Pullen and the Arizona Republican Party to fail. You also should explain why we should not apply the same standard that you want applied to Pullen “I don’t want to see the Club bottom out, but sometimes that’s what has to happen to really turn things around and return to your core principles. Sort of a thorough cleansing.”

The founders of Arizona Free Enterprise Club are listed on the web site as Dean Riesen, Sam Garvin, Randy Nendrick, Eric Crown, and David Thompson. Perhaps they need to talk with or replace Mr. Voeller so that the club can return to its “core principals” instead of getting involved in a petty intra-party squabble. That is unless they want the Republican Party to fail and they prefer the alternative.

Another question is does Voeller speak for the Club or is he representing his former handlers; Flake, Kyl, and Salmon.


  1. I’m sorry, the disagreement was with Ann’s comment that we never change anyone’s mind. We do not change a lot of minds, but I have seen a lot of new information processed by people that helped them change their positon on issues.

  2. GOP PK,

    It was something Sean said to me and I used as a tongue in cheek comment. You are right about the new courthouse square. Blogging has become the instant letter to the editor, but we are no longer dependant the version of the news as it is presented to us and a choice to either listen or remain ignorant.

    I’m off for a few days, so have fun….

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