PHOENIX, AZ:  Today, the Arizona Energy Forum ( praised President Obama’s pledge to pursue nuclear power and off-shore drilling in his State of the Union speech.

The organization, which is comprised of Arizonans concerned about our energy future, was formed to achieve energy security for the United States and hold the elected officials accountable for shaping energy policies.

Chairman Troy Hyde said, “We are greatly encouraged to have the President say that he wants to pursue these important energy issues and we will be writing to both Senator McCain and Senator Kyl encouraging them to push the President toward those goals.  We’ve been skeptical about the President’s interest in making the U.S. energy independent and secure, but since he put these issues on the table, we hope our Senators will use this opportunity to hold him to his pledge.  These energy sources are the best way to secure our nation’s future for jobs and clean energy.  Today we have hope that President Obama has finally seen that we have the resources, means and perhaps the will to move forward on these issues.  We’ll ask our Senators, who both support these efforts, to do all they can to get government out of the way so production can begin.  

The Arizona Energy Forum also encourages all who share their interest in energy security to contact the President and their elected officials to ask them to use the moment to push for off-shore drilling, building more nuclear power plants and expansion of the use of clean burning coal. Please visit and become a member by signing our pledge of support. 



  1. Brian Randle says

    I’m glad to see Obama is finally realizing that there is no magic wand to solve our energy woes, and that expanded drilling off our shores is something we will need to do!

  2. kralmajales says

    Can I ask why the sudden interest in atomic power by Republicans? This isn’t a wedge issue…and I just don’t get it. This is far more than just “hey this might work well for us because it works in France.” Just how many industry sponsored, large construction firm sponsored, nuclear power “teach ins” have you all been to?

    And, well, let me ask this too of those of you who hate govt so much. Just how in the hell do you think they will get nuclear power plants without massive govt. subsidies that will go directly to those industries.

    My tea party friends just can’t possibly support this.

  3. OIL: Biodegradable, cheap, plentiful, versitile, easy to transport and store.

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  4. kralmajales says


    Enormously costly to drill for and remove, takes billions of taxpayer subsidies to do so, and on top of that leads to an enormous amount of pollution.

    What I was getting at though was not oil (which is needed for plastics as well…yes) but nuclear power. It is like it is being shoved in our faces, by republicans, and I want to know why. It HAS to be the industry seminars…and clean coal? My RUMPUS. Have you seen what they are doing to my home state to dig that crap out? Leveling ENTIRE MOUNTAINS….the land…our land with mineral rights purchased by corporations in NJ.

  5. What a crock. If you can’t see that Obama is a Bolshevik you gave your head up your ass. Attacking the banks, destroying the middle class through mountains of debt, now openly going after the court. He will NEVER do anything that promotes freedom or American ideals. Silent on Iran, siding with the commies in Honduras, siding with Chavez, BOWING to the Saudi king. Everything he does spits in our face and you STILL hold out hope he’s a rational being by encouraging our senators to urge his support. You people are lost. Progressives are just communists. It’s plain to the eye. His stated willingness to be a good one term president tells all. Hecwants to turn the private sector over to the govt, then leave. He will have done his part. They can’t be reasoned with. They think it’s right and proper to steal the fruits of our labor and give it away.

  6. Veritas Vincit says

    Mine Arizona’s Uranium, refine it and use it in Arizona’s nuclear power plants and sell the surplus to the fruits and nuts in California at a nifty profit.

    Mine Arizona’s Coal, produce clean abundant energy for Arizona’s future.

    Obama subsidizes deep oil drilling off Brazil with your tax dollars.

  7. …………………
    “Enormously costly to drill for and remove, takes billions of taxpayer subsidies to do so, and on top of that leads to an enormous amount of pollution.”

    Most of the cost of a gallon of gas these days is taxes, not the actual cost of the refined gas.

    Petroleum oil saved the whales. Oil heating is cheaper than electric.

    It’s so “tough” to extract that Third World nations with squat can get drilling and rigs set up to pump, with no descernable infrastructure.

    The propaganda against oil verges on hysteria.

  8. Fire fighters have to take courses now to learn how to safely deal with any accident involving a hybrid. Damaged batteries can leak toxic and flammable chemicals and firefighters can be shocked bad enough to be incapacited while trying to extricate injured. Shorting batteries can ignite fuel vapors at a crash.

    Oil is 100% biodegradable. The so-called “green” products require more materials to produce and require TOXIC metals like mercury and lead.

    Unbelieveable. Mercury and lead. So smart and environmentally friendly that no one knows how to dispose of them without undoing ALL the progress we’ve made in 40 years.

  9. kralmajales says

    Oh come on Wanumba, everything is 100% biodegradeable…it just might take 10,0000-10,000,000 years. And I am not worried about oil leakage (although it is a problem) but the fact that we burn it and coal and produce not just carbon but sulfur dioxides.

    And yes, the third world can put up oil rigs after we gun our way in at the cost of lives and an enormous amount of out treasury to get it. Let alone the billions, again, given to the oil industry…and soon to be the nuclear industry…THATS OUR TAXES BUB…in subsidies.

  10. You are using an interesting rhetorical tactic favored by the Left. “Not taxed half as much as Democrats want it taxed” means “subsidized” by taxpayers.

    And oil is CARBON. We are CARBON-based lifeforms.

    But CF bulbs need MERCURY to work. Batteries need LEAD. Toxic in minute quantities. I’d rather .. nay … I’d SURVIVE a fall into a vat of crude oil but not into a vat of mercury.

    Our engineering of better engines/furnaces has reduced Americann air pollutants from oil combustion to better than the 1960s, DESPITE an enormous increase in national population and national demand, millions more vehicles on the road, millions more homes/buildings built.

    US air quality is NOTICEABLY better, VISIBILY INCREDIBLY BETTER than India’s or China’s or Mexico’s or Italy’s or Indonesia’s or … on and on and on.

    But nooo … the obsesive focus on America is VERY peculiar when New Delhi India’s December air quality makes it look like murky London of Jack the Ripper’s time. A few new scrubbers on their eletcrical plants would work wonders. Still have to deal with the cremations fires, though. So, one wonders if it’s TRULY about air quality or something else, like hobbling American production and thus, economic growth.

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