Arizona Education Association Obstructionists Pushing for Veto

Here’s an email that came across my inbox although I am not a teacher in the public schools. This is being sent to teachers across the state probably using our tax dollars:

—– Original Message —–

From: DK
To: PL
Sent: Thursday, August 20, 2009 3:55 PM
Subject: Flawed Budget Sent to Governor Brewer – Call for a Veto!

Flawed Budget Sent to Governor Brewer – Call for a Veto!

a.. Listen to the Radio Ad Outside Maricopa County – Inside Maricopa County
b.. Contact the Governor
c.. Make a Car Sign and Post It

Senate President Bob Burns (R-Peoria) and House Speaker Kirk Adams (R-Mesa) transmitted a partisan budget package to the governor today. Your participation is needed to stop this budget package that will cut nearly $500 million in education funding, strip basic rights of teachers, provide a $250 million tax cut to corporations, and leave our state with a budget deficit in 2011 of over $2.5 billion dollars. Click here for a summary of this flawed budget package.

You Can Help!

AEA is sponsoring a radio commercial urging Arizonans to help stop massive cuts to public education. The ad urges voters to call Governor Brewer and ask her to veto the budget package. Listen to the ad (Outside Maricopa County – Inside Maricopa County) and forward this to everyone on your email list.

Click here to download a sign you can print and post in the back window of your car. The sign reinforces the radio message – Governor Brewer – Support Our Schools – Veto the Budget. Make multiple copies and distribute them to co-workers, family members, and friends. (School employees should not use school district facilities to copy or post this sign.)

Send the governor an email and ask her to veto this flawed budget. It is essentially the same budget she vetoed on July 6 calling it fatally flawed because of devastating cuts to education and irresponsible fiscal policies that will build a future budget deficit for the state.

Act now. The budget is on the desk of the governor.

The AEA March4Schools citizens’ movement has met the challenge each time Senate President Bob Burns and House Speaker Kirk Adams have tried to push through this flawed budget. There is too much at stake to stop now. So, please take action today and forward this message to your email list. Tomorrow may be too late.

Visit  for the latest news on the budget and the citizens’ movement to support our public schools.


  1. Capitol Observer says

    I think a few hundred thousand public records requests might be in order.

    Did this e-mail get sent to teachers through their school district e-mail system? Seems highly likely that was the case – at least with most of the state’s teachers. A disclaimer to not use school equipment to print the self-serving sign attached to the e-mail is the hint that the AEA is using taxpayer funded systems to send political communications.

    Is that right, even if it’s legal?

  2. In districts like PUHSD and TUSD, where the union has become so entrenched over so many years, you can bet it was delivered from school district computers and on paid time. The union pres in PUHSD is a full-time union boss, never in the classroom.

    When the board and superintendent tried to right that wrong…the union cleared the election competition and filled the board with their puppets. Then…voila…a new superintendent.

    Much of the heartburn over this budget is the trailer bill that would make it illegal to pay union officials for their release time and not so much about the real issue of quality educational delivery. That is the big issue within the AEA.

    But that would make a really crappy flyer.

  3. Yes, teachers did get this in their email.

  4. FYI: so did parents. In fact, so did anyone who signed up for March4Schools. This isn’t a conspiracy. And this isn’t on the state’s dime.

  5. The AEA doesn’t care about education–they care about salaries and benefits for their members and nothing more. Ann–you are exactly right. The AEA is going apoplectic about the trailer bill preventing union members to do union work on taxpayer (our) time and money.

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