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Plans for Anti-Preferences Campaign Announced

The Arizona Civil Rights Initiative is forging ahead with plans for a November, 2008 ballot measure banning government-sponsored race and gender preferences in the state. The Arizona Civil Rights Initiative will be part of a ‘Super Tuesday for Equal Rights’ campaign that will offer citizens of several states the chance to end such practices in public employment, public education, and public contracting. Similar measures have already passed in three other states, all by overwhelming margins.

Clint Bolick, co-founder and former litigator for the Institute of Justice and currently Director of the Goldwater Institute for Constitutional Litigation, said it’s time for Arizona to stop increasing the number of people who are given preferences because of their race. “The courts have repeatedly struck down laws promoting racial preferences for violating the Constitution,” said Bolick, who has successfully litigated on behalf of many minority clients hampered by unconstitutional government regulations.  “We need to move beyond the ideological partisanship that has extended racial preferences into the 21st century. Racial preferences don’t work, and harm the very people claimed to benefit from them.” Bolick has agreed to be the Arizona legal advisor.

Andrew Thomas, Maricopa County Attorney, will serve as the honorary chair of the effort. Thomas said, “I am pleased to join in this effort to bring about a colorblind society and equality under law.  This vision of civil rights is grounded in our Constitution and informed by our experience as a nation.”

Also attending the press conference will be Ward Connerly, chairman of the Sacramento-based American Civil Rights Institute and longtime crusader for a colorblind America, who has been invited by the Arizona Civil Rights Initiative to help with the campaign. “Getting our nation to the point of applying a single standard to all Americans is one of the most crucial issues of our time,” says Connerly, who helped lead the earlier successful anti-preferences campaigns in California, Washington state and, most recently, Michigan.

“If events of the past couple of weeks have taught us anything at all, it is that race will continue to divide our nation as long as we insist on treating people differently based on ethnicity and gender. Both Don Imus, in his appalling comments on the Rutgers women’s basketball team, and those who rushed to judgment in the Duke lacrosse case made the same mistake: they looked at individuals and saw only skin color.”

Connerly continued, “We have to get past that kind of thinking – and we must start by getting our government out of the business of privileging some citizens over others. Real lives are radically affected, and great social and economic is done when decisions are made about individuals based on the color of their skin or the origin of their ancestors.”

The operative clause of the proposed ballot initiative reads as follows: “The state shall not discriminate against or grant preferential treatment to any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education or public contracting.”

Jennifer Gratz
Director of State & Local Initiatives
American Civil Rights Coalition
Direct:  517-281-6738
Office:  916-444-2278


  1. Things went very well today except for Representative Miranda asking stupid questions trying to bait Connerly into an argument.

  2. It’s about time this is happening. There are postings at every job site stating the employer cannot discriminate on the basis of sex,race,religion etc. We all know that’s only true unless it means some kind of minority applying for the job and then it’s goodbye more qualified white Christian male,hello less qualified muslim black woman.

  3. Lloyd Hansen says

    Affirmative Action was designed to help the poor, underpriveleged descendants of oppressed people reach the levels of success they would have reached if they were treated properly. As a nation we took it too far and allowed it to persist for too long. We have created a two-tier caste system, protected classes and non-protected classes, and the time has come to put an end to preferential treatment.

    I can’t wait to cast my vote to end Affirmative Action in the state and hope our politicians will champion the cause when they see how many of us support the ballot measure.

  4. douglas gray says

    plz put me on you e mAIL ALERT LIST/MAILings

  5. Another brainchild of the radical right-wing agenda. Just when you think this country can’t stoop any lower there’s always another mind-boggling theft of the rights of others. American “democracy” truly is cancerous unless you rake in the big bucks like the backers of this racist and sexist agenda.

  6. “Affirmative Action was designed to help the poor, underpriveleged descendants of oppressed people reach the levels of success they would have reached if they were treated properly.” Do you seriously believe that that has truely ended?

  7. Affirmative action initial intent has been distorted and twisted. How is it possible for whites to believe that after over 200 years of illegal discrimination all is well with civil rights in this country. Way to go Connelly, you are truly a blessing for all Klan groups.

  8. Please put me on your email list! I’d also like to find out where and when I can sign the petition featured on JD Hayworth site’s YouTube excerpt regarding the AZ Civil Rights initiative petition scene in downtown PHX. The SPIN in Arizona is going to do more than just STOP here folks; we’re going to reverse it!!! Out with Napolitano and Filmstrip Phil! In with the true Officials who will represent the majority conservative values in this great state! 🙂

  9. It is absolutely amazing to me how most opponents of this Arizona initiative wrap themselves in a moral rightiousness that is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to condemn and denigrate whites who believe in the inherent unfairness of awarding carte-blanche preference to individuals who very well might have had ample opportunity to earn on their own what they now are demanding to be given to them. Carte-blance “affirmative action” is partly an attempt to keep alive the Blame-Whitey syndrome and escape responsibility for one’s own failures. There are truly cases where race perhaps should become a factor, but the radical “civil rights” left has taken things too far and it is time now to dismantle the racial preferences industry.

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  1. […] Last week, Ward Connerly of the American Civil Rights Institute announced that initiatives will be placed on the ballot next fall in five states that would eliminate the use of racial and gender preferences by the government. The four states are Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Surprisingly, there has been little reaction from the media. As E. Thomas McClanahan points out in the Kansas City Star, the scant attention is due to an emerging consensus that affirmative action requirements don’t work and should be eliminated. […]

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