Arizona CD-4 & CD-1 Ruminations: Congressman Paul Gosar Moves, Gary Pierce vs. Bill Konopnicki?

Congressman Paul Gosar announced Saturday that he will be moving into the new congressional district 4 in order to seek “re-election” now that the final congressional lines appear to be headed for final approval. This puts Gosar smack dab in the middle of a real battle shaping up between State Senator Ron Gould and Pinal County Sheriff, Paul Babeu. Knowing the consultants behind these two candidates (Chris Baker and Chris DeRose, respectively), Gosar has his work cut out for him running against Gould, who has earned the highest ranking as an no-tax, small government conservative against Babeu, who has national name ID and a reputation for fighting illegal immigration and Mexican drug cartels.

Meanwhile in the new CD-1, former state representative and fast food magnate, Bill Konopnicki sent out these two tweets in the past week. One would surmise that he’s attempting to head off an entry into the CD-1 race by Arizona Corporation Commissioner, Gary Pierce who earned his reputation as a conservative willing to turn the lights out on Los Angeles. We’ll see if this shot across Pierce’s bow cause Pierce to puts all hands on deck.

Expect a handful of announcements and even resignations as the 2012 election officially kicks off this month!

This election season is about to get real exciting.


  1. So, does this embolden (D) for DEBT Ann Kirkpatrick to recover the seat she lost to Goser? She needs a billion years more to pay out of her paycheck to pay down the debt she voted for.

  2. Babeu? A reputation for fighting illegal immigration? No, he endorsed John McCain in 2010, “you’re one of us.”

    No, Babeu grandstands with his fight against illegal drug traffic. That’s not heroic – that’s doing the job he campaigned for: Sheriff of Pinal County. Babeu is very quiet when it comes to fighting illegal “immigration.” Babeu is with Bill Konopnicki, Club for Growth, Americans for Prosperity, John McCain and Jeff Flake with their “look the other way” illegal immigration policy.

  3. Nordine Crub says

    Will this mean we’ll have snarky “Burger Baron” comments for the next eight months?

    • Could be Nordine says

      The King of Grease carries about as much political cholesterol as his food carries heart choking dietary cholesterol. Remember this is the guy who couldn’t get elected At Large Committeeman in his own CD1 and couldn’t get district PCs to put him on the ballot in 08 when Jake Flake passed away…

      Doug Wade has announced his run and there are at least two others looking at the seat. Of all the names being tossed about, the Burger Baron would place 5th in a Primary race of 6.

      Ann Kirkpatrick is facing a Primary and it’ll be all she can do to retain her seat before the General election

  4. I think we need to get that district map put up again. Lost already.

  5. I would love to see Rusty Bowers get in this race!

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