Arizona Candidates Coalescing Around McCain or Hayworth

For several weeks I’ve been seeing some interesting political behavior take place.

As the Primary races start to mature, candidates are often being asked by voters if they’re a McCain person or a Hayworth person. Apparently, some voters are beginning to choose GOP favorites based on who they support at the top of the ticket. This tells me there is a clear differentiation between McCain and Hayworth on the issues and personality.

We saw this take place most recently when congressional candidate, Sam Crump, publicly endorsed JD Hayworth while others were lining up behind McCain. (CD-8 Jesse Kelly endorsed Hayworth on February 15th). The talk among PC’s and party activists has also been that CD-3’s Jim Waring is a “McCain guy.” Congressman Jeff Flake has long been know as a McCain ally so it’s easy to speculate that Flake’s campaign consultant who is also working on Jonathan Paton’s race, might ally Paton up with McCain.

Then there’s the Governor’s race where current Governor, Jan Brewer, recently endorsed John McCain at a campaign appearance in Tucson. And with Dean Martin’s campaign people appearing at many of Hayworth events, it’s becoming clear that Martin supporters are also coalescing around Hayworth.

This leaves legislative candidates left wondering if they should run campaigns allied with either McCain or Hayworth or simply remain politically unencumbered.

This poses the question whether the political wakes left by both McCain and Hayworth campaigns attractive and politically expedient enough to ride to victory in the upcoming primaries?

Or, is there something else going on such as top-down recruiting of candidates that is inherently leading to this coalescing of candidates?


  1. Jellybean says

    Interesting that you brought this up because this was just posted on the Tucson Weekly blog about Jesse Kelly, who apparently wants to get help from Hayworth and McCain:

  2. Don’t be too quick to believe everything the Weekly puts out. Nintzel is pretty liberal and likes Paton. Also, are you willing to totally trust McCain’s version?

  3. Jellybean says

    So, you just want to attack the source and leave it at that? Kelly does not dispute anything in the article. The email from him and his campaign manager are pretty damning. And if Nintzel likes Paton then why did he criticize him this week:

  4. Oberserve says

    But this is PRECISELY why McCain has to go. It is he and his camp that has created the polarization in the AZGOP through his “my way or I’ll burn everything down” approach to politics.

    We’re sick of it. There’s an easy way to create unity in the AZGOP and that’s to DEFEAT McCain.

  5. I think there is an easy way to explain these decisions. If you look at them, you have Brewer and the US congressional delegation going to McCain. This makes sense they are the current ESTABLISHMENT they like the status quo and that is what McCain is (Could also argue Waring in CD-3 is the establishment because he is currently elected in the state Legislature).

    You have people like Martin and Kelly people who are running against people that are considered more establishment going to JD.

    Also I think you will see it more likely that people endorse McCain or stay quiet. There is an incentive to endorse McCain. Everyone knows he has cash and will be fighting for his life politically, so if you endorse McCain and say but you have to include my lit when you go on walks and add me to you script when you do calls in my area they can get all this free name recognition.

    So I don’t think any of this is much of a surprise.

  6. I think it will be interesting to see what McCain does concerning immigration reform. Obama wants to address this issue this year, and this is going to be an interesting dilemma for him. Does he back amnesty like he did in the past, or does he run away from it to preserve his Senate seat?

  7. Some this rhetoric is getting a little shallow. I LOVE Dean Martin, and think he would make a FANTASTIC governor. But how exactly does he fit the “anti-establishment” mold when he has been in elected office since he was in his mid-20s? First the legislature, now the executive branch. Meanwhile, the same folks say Paton is “establishment.” But he’s actually been in office for less time than Martin, has a longer list of conservative accomplishments and is getting attacked for his voting record — pretty identical to Martin’s record (Brewer, BTW, is making the same silly attacks on Martin as Kelly is to Paton). I say this not to indict either Paton or Martin. I like both of them and would like to see both of them elected in their respective races this year. I do it to illustrate how shallow and silly some of these label are getting. Particularly, since Kelly is the one who apparently feels burnt that he didn’t get McCain’s endorsement. I also want to note that Dean Martin’s strength following his wife’s death is very courageous. I admire his determination.

  8. Annie Oliver says

    Interesting how Martin is pairing up with JD. Seems like a likely fit, though, since the two are all about BIG SPENDING. Consistent Conservative? Biggest joke I’ve ever heard. Does he think we haven’t paid any attention to his career?!

  9. nightcrawler says

    What did come first, the chicken or the egg ?

    Many state legislative races and the CD-3 senate race are over crowded. Candidates need a spark. Choosing sides can be that spark.

    The voters will think for themselves. For example in the primary I support Martin and McCain. I like JD and volunteered for his last campaign and should he beat McCain fair and square, I may do so again. But when push comes to shove, McCain is the right choice in my opinion.

  10. what is the 'astablishment' anyway? says

    what’s the “establishment” anyway? PC’s and activists that have been involved for years and that have given money and time for the party? should they be shunned? The newcomers in these races haven’t written a check or knocked on a door until they decided that they are the answers.
    I have no problem with “establishment” canidates, they’ve earned support. The Johnny-come-lately’s have done nothing to earn support.

  11. Annie Oliver,

    Let me be clear. To your first assertion: Dean Martin is not pairing up with JD Hayworth. Many of Dean’s supporters are also supporting JD Hayworth. There have been NO endorsements of either candidate toward each other.

    Second point: Your assertion that Dean Martin and JD Hayworth are big spenders is patently false. Go back and review the records of each. Both Brewer and McCain have voted for record-level spending. Let’s not forget that John McCain voted for the $700,000,000,000 TARP program. In fact, it was Citizens Against Government Waste who was quoted as saying:

    “TARP was an atrocious gamble in the first place and the taxpayers ended up on the wrong side of that bet,” said CCAGW President Tom Schatz. “Taxpayers were promised clear results and tough oversight of that money. Instead, Treasury and the recipient banks have been allowed to keep taxpayers in the dark about where that money went and they are appalled, as well they should be. And now Congress wants more.” (Read press release).

    Further, according to Citizens Against Government Waste in their 2008 Ratings Summary:

    “The economic “stimulus” and Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) bills were undoubtedly landmark pieces of legislation for the 110th Congress.

    As the housing market collapsed and Americans felt the effects of the recession, Congress passed a “stimulus” package to provide advance refund of tax credits for most taxpayers and to raise the size of mortgage loans that the Federal Housing Administration could insure and that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could purchase.  That led to a massive expansion of government involvement in the housing market and future liabilities that may never be repaid.

    Congress also faced immense pressure from the Treasury Department to hastily pass the massive TARP package, allowing the Treasury to use up to $700 billion to buy certain troubled mortgage assets.  While TARP passed with a majority in the Senate (74-25) and the House (263-171), this expensive, pork-laden piece of legislation has left taxpayers holding a multi-billion dollar bill, and set the tone for the first six months of spending in 2009.  CCAGW cautioned against both the “stimulus” and TARP packages, and has continued to advocate for the repayment of TARP funds."(Read full statement)

    Also see:
    “Troubles with TARP” (Citizens Against Government Waste, December 18, 2008)

    “CCAGW To Congress: Shut Your TARP!” (Citizens Against Government Waste, January 15, 2009)

    Then there’s Governor Brewer’s 18% sales tax hike. Does anyone really believe that raising taxes during a recession will really work let alone close a $3 BILLION plus budget deficit?

  12. I agree with the comment that voters think for themselves. The endorsements, etc, are silly and few REAL people pay attention to them. I support Hayworth, Paton or Goss and either Martin or Brewer (still debating between the two). Worst case scenario: Governor Goddard.

  13. Veritas Vincit says

    Jan Brewer is expecting what never has been and never will be – taxing her way out of a depression and into prosperity.

    John McCain voted for the $150,000,000,000.00 PORK TAG that went along with TARP.

    And now, John McCain is supporting measures that will place naturopathic medicine, herbal remedies and vitamins under the regulation of the FDA. With his support, you’ll need an Rx from your DR to take Vitamin C tabs!

  14. Veritas Vincit says

    Oh, and the regulations of naturopathic medicine come from text in the CAFTA Treaty and may also be found now in European countries that are members of the E.U.

    What might his actions suggest of John McCain? E.U. type regulations on health care and open borders for the movement of labor.

    McCain a conservative? Hardly.

  15. Rosco P Coltrane says

    I like it when other candidates endorse McCain. That way it’s easy to tell who else is evil.

    And if McCain wins the primary how many of you McCain bashers are going to hold your nose and vote for him AGAIN rather than a 3rd party candidate.


  16. I for one am not sure I could vote for McCain again. I’m tired of holding my nose.

  17. Sammy D,

    I feel Martin is not the establishment because is running against a SITTING GOVERNOR. Its not like these are two people who decided to run. Brewer will have been Governor for 2 years by the election, and you can’t have 2 establishment candidates.

    It does not matter than Dean has been elected to many other offices before. If that made you an establishment candidate then basically everyone running in almost all these races would be part of the establishment (JD, Waring, Schweikert, Parker, Paton just to name a few)

  18. Johnny,
    Thanks for the clarification. So at least we know what matters: Gabby is part of the establishment. Time for her to go. Exit stage left…

  19. Tortoise says

    “And with Dean Martin’s campaign people appearing at many of Hayworth events, it’s becoming clear that Martin supporters are also coalescing around Hayworth.” — Wrong.

    Martin people are everywhere. I sat with one at McCain’s Flagstaff town hall. I also saw them at the McCain Payson town hall. It looks to me like Martin people are working hard FOR MARTIN at every Republican event. Including those featuring Hayworth and those featuring McCain.

  20. Party Loyalty says

    I am going to support the U.S. Senate Candidate that did NOT throw conservatives under the bus in the 2006 primary election, so they could coury favor with liberal Republican women and Independents.

    Wait! McCain, Hayworth, and Kyl all endorsed State Senator Carolyn Allen over State Representative Colette Rosati.

    Conservatives down-ticket will not forget.

  21. Party Loyalty,

    Really?? If you stopped backing candidates who backed less desirable incumbants there wouldn’t be anyone left.

    ALL politicians once elected to office tend to back these people its just how it works and to think this isn’t just politics is to be naïve. Even guys who buck the establishment don’t do it all the time (take Demint or ron paul).

    So you be all upset over a state senate race from 4 years ago that will really work out well for you.

  22. Republican Lady says

    We cannot hold our noses and vote for McCain again!! He is not a conservative, we all know that. We need to give someone else a chance to represent us in the Senate and that person is JD!

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