Arizona Bumps Nevada in Population Growth


The Tucson Citizen is reporting that Arizona is now the fastest growing state in the country – officially knocking Nevada out of first place.

This might help explain part of the last election cycle in which Arizona went from six Republican Congressmen to four Republicans and four Democrats. Perhaps California and the midwest is now having an effect on election results?

As a resident of the East Valley (Mesa), I have been telling my LDS Republican friends that the East Valley will not be an LDS political haven too much longer. Tons of new houses being bought up by Californians and Midwesterners are bringing with them Democratic and liberal values. Many of the Midwestern new residents are Catholic which typically trends Democratic.

Can the East Valley expect a change to the congressional seat currently held by a conservative Republican Mormon? I don’t expect it immediately but if the influx of new residents continues, the LDS community will lose political control of key seats in the legislature, city councils and county posts.


  1. Maybe the fence should be on our western border, as well as our southern border.

  2. Nah, the river is better than any fence we could build.

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