Arizona – AFP Holds Taxpayer Advocate Press Conference

In case you missed the press conference at the State Capitol yesterday, here is one clip featuring State Director, Tom Jenney, leading the charge alongside other taxpayer advocacy groups and state legislators. Unfortunately, you won’t see this on any of the local television newscasts but KFYI-550 covered the event. Veteran capitol beat reporter, Howie Fischer, (fraternal “twin” of our own conservative writer, “Chewie Shofir”) showed up to shoot a few photos but didn’t stick around to cover the event. You may also view more coverage of the press conference at our YouTube webpage.


  1. AFP you have shown your true colors. Could you possibly be bigger hypocrites? How can you decry the supposed plans of a group saying it’s attacks on legislators and then turn right around and threaten to do they very thing you claim to be against? You have forever lost your credibility and if you think for a second people don’t see through it, you are wrong.
    No matter what side of the argument you are on, at least be honest, forthcoming and quit with the hypocrisy.

  2. Jenny,

    You’re not making sense and thus, you are not making your point. Try again.

  3. AFP and its representatives were the first to jump on the “how dare they run a campaign against Republican’s” bandwagon decrying the mere suggestion of any outreach in legislative districts.
    Then, here they are in the video talking about takign their ATM throughout the state and with “credit cards”bearing our Governors or Legislators names.
    Its hypocritical plain and simple.
    A question I asked in another place.

    Why does everyone bow to Grover Norquist? How did we allow HIM to become the last voice? If a tax increase is accompanied by an equal or greater tax cut, what does Lord Norquist say about that? I mean, that IS what everyone’s hero Regan did.

  4. Jenny,

    You may find this hard to believe in your obviously worked up state, but a lot of people opposed higher taxes long before anyone ever heard of Grover Norquist.

  5. Jenny, a Republican Governor attacking Republican Legislature is going to inspire a lot of “how dare she” responses. Americans for Prosperity is a non-partisan group that attacks tax-hikers, regardless of which party they are.

    There is no hypocrisy in that.

    I see (left to right) somebody I don’t know, Rep. Stevens, Rep. Antenori, Rep. Gowan, Sen. Pearce and somebody else I don’t know. Can anyone fill in who those men on the ends are?

  6. Uh really? says

    Uh, really? Look at who is in the video. It’s a bunch of Republicans. Non-partisan my backside. They are targetting other Republicans and bringing the ATM into their districts to scare them. How is this any different? How dare them for targetting the legislature at all? Don’t we all know that only legislators are able to talk to their constituency? If anyone else does it, it’s an attack!

  7. For the record:

    In its responses to the Coughlin memo, the Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity at no point complained about HighGround’s efforts to target specific legislators, or its efforts to target legislators belonging to any party. Targeting individual legislators is a central focus of grassroots lobbying. That’s we frequently show up at the Legislative District meetings of legislators who fail–in our view–to support pro-taxpayer legislation.

    Our problem with the HighGround campaign was its policy goal: to promote the imposition of a huge tax increase. And in pursuit of that goal, the campaign was going to mischaracterize members of the legislative majority as mean-spirited ideologues bent on passage of “draconian” budget cuts. Which is a joke, when you realize that the Brewer and majority budgets are within $450 million of each other–less than a two-percent difference in the context of an overall state budget that is $28 billion.

    You can read our posted statement about the Coughlin memo on our website’s blog page (it was posted on June 1). Here is the URL:

    We suggest that before critics accuse us of hypocrisy, they actually take the time to read our statements on the matters in question.

    For Liberty,

    Tom Jenney
    Arizona Director
    Americans for Prosperity


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