Arizona 2nd Amendment Rally – Saturday, February 16th!

HIGH NOON at the Capital!

To All Arizona Residents!

There will be a 2nd Amendment Rally in Support of it and the Entire US Constitution  at the Arizona State Capital, in Phoenix, on Feb 16, 2013 at approximately noon.

There will be speaking on the Constitution with Tables for those attending to have questions answered and the speakers will also be available to set up meetings for any who are interest.

Please join US in Support of Our US Constitutional Rights.

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  1. I will take you seriously when you get angry about the feds enforcing federal anti-marijuana laws. You are nothing buy a hypocrite.

    • Harris Shirley says

      Dope-head, Pot isn’t in the Bill of Rights but the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is. Take another hit and go back to sleep…

      • Actually the Ninth Amendment does cover the right to use marijuana. The Constitution does not cover any national authority to make marijuana illegal. Except, perhaps, for making its importation illegal. However, that does leave it up to the States and State laws against marijuana may be Constitutionally legal. The right of personal property is not in the Constitution, either, but that is why the Ninth Amendment was added to the Bill of Rights. Still, one is hardly a hypocrite for supporting what is important to oneself at the moment. And if we allow the government to infringe on the Second Amendment, your blow will be the least of your worries.

      • STOP IT!

  2. You mean January 19th. We’ll be there (Carson City, Nevada) Noon – 2:00
    Hope AZ has a big showing!

  3. Vast amounts of time, money and effort will be expended to “demonstrate that the Citizens of Arizona have reached the limits of tolerance for federal interference” by holding a mass rally.

    Imagine if the same amounts of time, money and effort were expended, also, encouraging the gun owners who want to “demonstrate that the Citizens of Arizona have reached the limits of tolerance for federal interference” to get involved in the real ball game of politics inside the Republican Party where they live by attending their respective legislative district committee and dragging along with them every gun owner they know to fill up all of the vacant precinct committeeman slots inside the Party.

    Just under half of the slots, about 3,200, are still vacant in Maricopa County, AZ.

    Take the Party from half strength to full strength in the voting precincts and learn how to help GOTV for the best conservative candidates in the upcoming elections.

    Accomplish that, and then you’d actually “demonstrate that the Citizens of Arizona have reached the limits of tolerance for federal interference.

    More information about how few people, including gun owners, are involved in the real ball game of politics, party politics, as Republican Party precinct committeemen in Maricopa County can be found here:

    Mass rallies don’t scare the congresscritters in the least. Citizens, organized and united for real political action inside a political party, who can then help Get Out The Vote for the best conservative candidates in the all-important, traditionally-very-low-turnout primary elections, DO.

    Conservatives: organize and unite politically for real political action in your respective Republican Party legislative district committees. Do that this month and every month thereafter and you’ll strike fear into the hearts of every incumbent.

    For Liberty,
    Cold Warrior

    • Jill Arizona says

      Many of us, including myself, do both Cold Warrior. I applaud your efforts and am doing the same here in Pima County. I feel both are important and encourage everyone to attend this event as well as do all that Cold Warrior has mentioned above!!!

      I would like to note that there are two other rallies taking place, which is perhaps why Teri was confused.

      On Wednesday, January 16th, the Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots are hosting a rally from Noon to 2 PM. .

      On Saturday, January 19th, nationwide “Guns Across America” rallies are set to occur at Noon at State Capitols in every state. You can find more information at: .

    • Veritas Vincit says

      Bravo! Well put Cold Warrior, well put!

  4. We are past January. We are in February, if something happened in January its over.

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