Arizona’s “Freedom to Breathe Act”

Finally Arizona is drawing the line against more federal incursions into Arizona’s sovereignty.  Cap-n-Trade is a disaster to any developed society and to think that Senator McCain remains staunch in his belief that its the right thing to do is completely beyond belief.

The McCain/Palin position from 08

The McCain/Palin position from 08

Cap and Trade Nullification

“Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen (R) of District 5 needs your help! She and Senators Gould and Grey are the primary sponsors for Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 1050. Together, they have made Arizona the fourth state to introduce Cap and Trade nullification legislation, and this bill has “teeth”!

Known as the “Freedom to Breathe Act”, the legislation, if passed, would make it illegal for “..any governmental official to enforce within the borders of the state of Arizona federal laws or federal regulations purporting to restrict intrastate emissions of anthropogenic carbon dioxide or other greenhouse substances is herewith declared a violation of civil rights and unlawful under Arizona state law.””

Senator Allen addresses the AzFRW on Cap-n-Trade

Senator Allen addresses the AzFRW on Cap-n-Trade

At last an idea who’s time has come … sure beats missing committee hearings like her left-of-center opponent seems to.  Here is the full story:


  1. I know the sponsors of this bill are, shall we say, a little fuzzy on science, but I would think even they would understand that greenhouse gas emissions don’t stay contained by Arizona state boundaries.

  2. todd,

    Oh, they will, after Ron Gould introduces the Sovereignty Dome Act of 2010.

  3. nice, Klute, very nice.

  4. Pragmatic Conservative says

    Please add a link to whole position paper so you can’t be accused of falsifying by taking it out of context. I have looked through all the official papers and can’t find your reference..

  5. Donutwarrior says

    Hey anything that puts another nail in the Antropogenic Global Warming scam’s coffin is fine with me. As a scientist who does numerical modeling, this scam is damaging to the field, as it casts doubt on all modeling. And be assured, the AGW scam is collapsing, as the science doesn’t back up any of the warmist’s claims, and it is obvious that the “science” was cooked all the way. The statistical techniques used to “prove” AGW bordered on fraud, and even the raw data have been supressed so that it is impossible to do good audits. Bye bye AGW…..

  6. James Davidson says

    I completely oppose cap and trade. That said, a state nullification law is looney tunes. It makes Arizona look like it should changes its name to the Great State of Rio Linda. Why shoot ourselves in the foot with such goofiness?

  7. Republican Lady says

    I support Senator Ron Gould 100% in this bill! I can’t believe that Sarah is falling in line with this nonsense! I understood her having to support McCain because she owes him, but I don’t understand this at all. She is losing some of my respect!

  8. Jim D.

    Glad you share my stance on Cap n’ Trade but I’ve got a question:

    How can you reconcile your stance with support for John McCain, who helped draw Cap N’ Trade legislation up?

  9. James Davidson says


    I don’t support McCain and will not vote for him at the primary election. I’ve posted that numerous times before, though not on this particular string. I supported Romney in 2008, and only voted for McCain at the general election — but I had to hold my nose to do it.

    Now, with that out of the way, nullification is still Rio Linda territory.

  10. That screen shot is from the 2008 campaign, with McCain as candidate for POTUS, Palin for Vice POTUS, and describes one of many campaign themes for that election.

    It’s all moot now, so how well does it represent Palin’s independent positions today, now that she isn’t bound by VP campaign protocols established by McCain?

    More reasons to NOT vote for McCain. Strangling what’s left of US industry and energy is national suicide. No thanks.

  11. How many of you tards voted for Juan in 2008 just because of Palin? You thought she was the real deal? HAHAHAHA! That’s a bunch of BS! She’s one hell of an actress! Just a good looking RINO. That’s all she is.

  12. Keepin’ it classy.

  13. Veritas Vincit says

    Todd, who gives a sh*t about greenhouse gases? China don’t.

  14. Veritas Vincit says

    Brian, a ‘tard’? Would you be impugning those in the population who are mentally challenged and suggesting that it was they, not highly intelligent individuals such as yourself who voted for the hot babe on stage with the old man?

  15. Like Teddy Roosevelt, John McCain sees the necessity for a clean environment. It was in fact the Republican Party that established the basis for a network of national parks. A market based solution instead of mandates that constrict American business conforms to the free market that has made America what it is today. This plan will impact the environment for the better and will not negatively impact America’s economic base of innovation. Capitalizing on American technological supremacy is key to any solution for preserving our environment.

  16. Veritas Vincit,
    China hasn’t cared about much when it comes to the environment but they will quickly find it necessary as water and air pollution are so bad it can no longer ignore. Also, China is in fact more susceptible to being economically impacted by climate change.

  17. Donutwarrior says

    Too bad carbon dioxide doesn’t really qualify as a pollutant, despite the idiotic court ruling saying it is. Equating carbon dioxide with air pollutants like carbon monoxide is foolish. However, I agree that China will probably reach the same conclusion everyone else does as the air and water get rather fouled, instituting some controls.

  18. Exactly. China’s economic security interests must look towards developing the tools necessary to promote a cleaner environment. I can say that when I visited Beijing, one could look directly into the sun at noon without any threat to the eyes. The sky was covered with smog. A free market solution is the key along with research and development for technologies that promote a cleaner environment. This is what America has to do. Let’s not forget that so much of America is its natural beauty. That beauty attracts people from around the world, allowing business to thrive, especially the tourism industry. John McCain as said in the first paragraph supports a market oriented approach, far from the Democrats’ current plan.

  19. Veritas Vincit says

    John McCain supports a “market oriented approach” until after you reelect him…

    remember, he was for it before he was against it and he’ll be for it again once you reelect him.

  20. Stephen Kohut says

    Once a RINO, always a RINO. That’s our John.


  1. […] Just a quick reminder.  McCain was for cap-and-trade before he was against it…kind of like his mini-me, the Official Maverick Lapdog Lindsey Graham (Pomeranian – SC).  His fellow Democrat John Kerry would be proud. […]

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