Are You Following “The Burg?”

Most conservatives are ardent followers of Fox’s award-winning, suspense-filled, high-tech, politico drama, 24 starring, Jack Bauer.

But did you know that the Valley of the Sun has its own political news drama featuring just-short-of-cult-level-status, newsman and social observer, Jim Burgundy?

It’s called The Burgundy Channel and it features the latest political news with a twist of conservatism and good-sense dash of humor. It’s chief guru/creator, Jason Rose, has now produced four episodes of the show, the first one having debuted right here on Sonoran Alliance back in February.

So if you haven’t been following the Burg and need to get caught up on episodes like one of those newly-addicted 24  addicts rushing out to the nearest Blockbusters to pick up previous seasons, we’ve made it easy and here’s your opportunity to catch up.

Burgundy pokes fun at many a local politico including such notables as Jake Logan, Sean Noble, Len Munsil, Andrew Thomas and of course, the “long, lanky and lovely,” Darcy Olsen.

We’ve made it easy to watch episodes 2-4. but once you’re hooked, stay tuned for episode 5, which I’ve been told is due to be released any time now. Who knows. Maybe Burgundy will even get a shout out to SA’s very own Chewie Shofir?


  1. 2 x 9 1/2 weeks– HEH HAR HEE! The sexually ambiguous Burgundy is worth his weight in G. Gordon Liddy mustache dye and bullion.
    Me thinks I have a new standard of excellence–forget the props from, and SA rec fromthe WA.POST, or the constant follow and comments from Klute and the angriest dog in the world, “Lisa” the Light Railer. Forget the respectful and kind critics who call me stupid or–shock– long winded. I dream of a virtual date one day with the wiggly mustachmacho one himself. Jimbo may the force be with you, and may no termites of terse ever bite at the wood of your wise words.

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