Are the Democrats Sensing Defeat? Ask Chris Matthews.

Are any of you Conservative news junkies sensing what I’m sensing?

Namely —

It seems the Leftist media are finally sensing defeat in November.  And I mean really sensing it. The willful self-deception that they’ve cultivated for so long is crumbling.  Their messiah is false.  He’s failed.  And rather miserably at that.  And he may well take the party down with him in just a few weeks.

Why do I think they’re sensing defeat?

One of their media princelings, Chris Matthews, the bloviating, spittle-spewing host of MSNBC’s Hardball, shifted rather abruptly into defensive alibi mode on the August 31 edition of his show, less than 24 hours after Mitt Romney’s RNC acceptance speech.  Matthews began slathering blame on “Republican opposition” for Obama’s failure, this time including a freshly announced conspiracy, ostensibly hatched “in secret” back in 2009, to oppose the President’s policies.

Short memo to Chris:  The opposition opposes.  That’s what they do.  Especially when your messiah sets about to do what he’s done. And every minority party seeks to regain the majority.  It’s nothing personal, okay?

But more importantly —

What Obama failure are you talking about?  So now Obama has failures?  Are you now implying he’ll lose the upcoming election?  Are you seeking to lay off the blame for that in advance?

Sheesh.  This is quite a shift for a mawkishly liberal, self-delusional, sycophantic, Obama camp follower like you, no?  Has that 2008 tingle up your leg migrated to a 2012 chill up your spine?

What happened?  Did you watch the RNC speeches that your network wouldn’t air?  Were you frightened by the depth of the Republican bench?  (If so, eat your heart out, pal.)    Did you mentally compare Paul Ryan to Joe Biden and suffer a panic attack?

I occasionally enjoy your show for its unintentional humor, but the sea change in your August 31 show was positively delightful.  Please do it again on your next show.  Please.  As the RNC mystery guest said: Go ahead. Make my day.


  1. Conservative American says

    Hi, dleeper47! 🙂

    How about this?

    “Dems defend Obama on debt, say balancing budget now a bad idea”

    “After a week of withering attacks on President Obama’s fiscal record, top Democrats on Sunday defended the president’s plans for shaving down the deficit — but said balancing the budget now would actually be a bad idea.”

    “Senior campaign adviser David Axelrod, speaking on “Fox News Sunday,” repeated claims that Obama’s plan would cut the deficit by $4 trillion over the next decade, bringing the budget shortfall down to a point that would “stabilize” the debt.”

    “And then, with growth, we’ll be in a position to begin reducing it further,” he said.

    Oh, oh, oh! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too funny!

    The part I like best is, “And then, with growth…”. Really? From what bodily orifice is Obama going to pull out “growth”? Is Obama planning on relying on his “growth making” policies of the last four years? Besides, in ten years Obama will be LONG gone, LOL!

    I think this shows that the Obama campaign has thrown in the towel. They’re toast… and they KNOW it!

  2. Hi, CA!

    Thanks for the comments — I have that Fox News Sunday show recorded, and I’ll check it out shortly. More unintentional humor from the Left. Axelrod is always a riot.

    On Meet the Press today, the panel focused on headlines that admit defeat on both “Hope” and “Change” but apparently pass the blame off to Republicans. So — far from being a leader, the President is evidently now a *victim*. I haven’t seen those articles yet, but they should make entertaining reading.

    Next: watch for the Dems to appeal directly for *sympathy*. That will be the last gasp.

    Watch out though — who knows what they’ll do after that(!).

    • Conservative American says

      “Watch out though — who knows what they’ll do after that(!).”

      I hear that, 47! I’ve been contacting the Romney campaign and telling them to watch out for an “October surprise”. Desperate people, who have nothing to lose, do desperate things!

      If Obama was willing to do “Fast and Furious”, with the facilitated violent deaths of hundreds of people just to promote “gun control”, what won’t he do?

      If something is going to go down, I suspect it will happen before the first scheduled presidential debate. I can’t see Obama engaging Romney in a debate at this point. It would simply be pointless and embarrassing!

      • “I’ve been contacting the Romney campaign and telling them to watch out for an “October surprise”. ”

        Have they filed the restraining order yet?

        • Conservative American says

          Hey, Klutester! 🙂

          I’m really sorry that I deprived you of the first post in response to dleeper47’s article, LOL! Better luck next time!

          Klute wrote: “Have they filed the restraining order yet?”

          Ah yes, the classic Klute personal attack. That’s alright, Klute. It’s clear that at this point “progressive” Democrats have nothing left in their arsenal but personal attacks. Have at it! Get personal enough and nasty enough and maybe the Obama campaign will give you a job, what little time they have left!

          Have a nice Labor Day weekend, Klute! 😉

          • “Ah yes, the classic Klute personal attack.”

            Oh, come on, you expected me to not go after that – that you’ve been “contacting the Romney campaign”, like you’re the Oracle of Delphi and they’re just hanging on your every word AND that they probably haven’t considered every possible permutation of how October could go until you’ve mentioned “Oh hey, October surprise, look out for it.”

            “Democrats have nothing left in their arsenal but personal attacks.”

            Well, and the time machine we haven’t used yet. We’ve been trying to get Obama to go back in time and save a manufacturing plant in Janesville, WI that closed when Bush was president, but he just won’t do it. Something about “fixed points in time” and the “Shadow Proclamation”. He’s being cagey.

            And you should have seen the comment I decided not to post in response to this:

            “If Obama was willing to do “Fast and Furious”, with the facilitated violent deaths of hundreds of people just to promote “gun control”, what won’t he do?”

            But I am having a nice Labor Day weekend, so I thought better of it.

            • Conservative American says

              Klute wrote: “Oh, come on, you expected me to not go after that…” Sure, Klute. I expected you to go after that. I also expected, based on your past performance, that you would go after me personally, as you did. That’s just the “progressive” Democrat way; attack the person instead of addressing issues.

              • And the issue you were addressing with that is what? “I’m so awesome, the Romney campaign hinges on my advice”? You want to debate substanstive issues, I’m down.

                But that, coupled with this:

                “If Obama was willing to do ‘Fast and Furious’, with the facilitated violent deaths of hundreds of people just to promote “gun control'”

                Where there has been no actual Obama supported legislation pushed by the Democrats about gun control even after Ft. Hood, Aurora, Sikh Temple, Empire State Building shootings, does not make me believe you want a substansive debate.

              • Conservative American says

                Let’s have a substantive debate! However, let’s address what actually came down rather than some hypothetical premise which you have created! Here’s SOME of what actually came down:

                “Operation Fast and Furious: Designed to Promote Gun Control”

                “Internal ATF emails seem to suggest that ATF agents were counseled to highlight a link between criminals and certain semi-automatic weapons in order to bolster a case for a rule like the one the DOJ announced yesterday [Monday].”

                The rule:

                “The international expansion and increased violence of transnational criminal networks pose a significant threat to the United States. Federal, state and foreign law enforcement agencies have determined that certain types of semi-automatic rifles – greater than .22 caliber and with the ability to accept a detachable magazine – are highly sought after by dangerous drug trafficking organizations and frequently recovered at violent crime scenes near the Southwest Border. This new reporting measure — tailored to focus only on multiple sales of these types of rifles to the same person within a five-day period — will improve the ability of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to detect and disrupt the illegal weapons trafficking networks responsible for diverting firearms from lawful commerce to criminals and criminal organizations. These targeted information requests will occur in Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas to help confront the problem of illegal gun trafficking into Mexico and along the Southwest Border.”


                “New documents tie Fast and Furious to gun-control agenda”

                “Emails from inside the Department of Justice appear to indicate Obama administration officials were plotting to use the consequences of Operation Fast and Furious to further a gun-control agenda.”

                “Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News reported Wednesday that the emails show agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) discussing how they would use Fast and Furious to “argue for controversial new rules about gun sales.”

                “ATF officials didn’t intend to publicly disclose their own role in letting Mexican cartels obtain the weapons, but emails show they discussed using the sales, including sales encouraged by ATF, to justify a new gun regulation called ‘Demand Letter 3,’” Attkisson reported. “That would require some U.S. gun shops to report the sale of multiple rifles or ‘long guns.’ Demand Letter 3 was so named because it would be the third ATF program demanding gun dealers report tracing information.”

                “In the emails CBS News acquired, lead Fast and Furious agent Bill Newell and ATF Field Operations Assistant Director Mark Chait discussed how to use the scandal’s aftermath to promote the long-gun reporting requirement for multiple sales.”


                “Sen. Feinstein: Lax gun control is real ‘problem’ with Fast and Furious”

                “Democratic California Sen. Dianne Feinstein told a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that lax gun control laws, not Obama administration malfeasance within the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATF), was the real problem uncovered by Operation Fast and Furious.

                “My concern, Mr. Chairman, is there’s been a lot said about Fast and Furious, and perhaps mistakes were made, but I think this hunt for blame doesn’t really speak about the problem,” Feinstein said during the Tuesday hearing. “And the problem is, anybody can walk in and buy anything, .50-caliber weapons, sniper weapons, buy them in large amounts, and send them down to Mexico. So, the question really becomes, what do we do about this?”

                “I’ve been here 18 years,” Feinstein continued. “I’ve watched the BATF get beaten up at every turn on the road. And, candidly, it’s just not right.”

                “After the hearing, Feinstein’s staff refused to answer when The Daily Caller asked how gun control laws would have prevented the abuses in Operation Fast and Furious when the law enforcement agents responsible for upholding gun laws were the individuals giving the weapons to drug cartels.”


                That’s just the tip of the iceberg, Klute. Address that and I’ll provide more, if you want it.

              • Sorry, CA, going for tacos and margaritas. I’ll get to this sometime today.

              • Conservative American says

                No problem, Klute. These threads are “sticky”, unless Shane deletes them, LOL! Feel free to wait until tomorrow when Miss Margarita is out of your head. She can make you loco en la cabeza! Enjoy! 😉

            • klute that plant closed in 2009 somtime in the fall after O”Idiot took office, dont try lying now, we all know better.

  3. I do so dleeper’s commentaries. They’re full of obviousness and bombast, but this is probably the most hilarious bit:

    “What Obama failure are you talking about? So now Obama has failures? Are you now implying he’ll lose the upcoming election? Are you seeking to lay off the blame for that in advance?”

    I know that to a conservative, moments of self-awareness lead to Budd Dwyer moments in front of the press, that any deviation from the belief that “we are 100% correct” lead to Cyberman head explosions, but discontent is allowed in progressive/liberal thought, and it just makes us try harder. I can give 3 things off the top of my head I’m not thrilled with the Obama admin about (failures, if you will), and yet there’s nothing that will keep me away from the polls to vote for Obama in November. The alternative is a soulless Rand-inspired “leader” who not even conservatives actually like.

    Plus, Shane and I have dinner riding on it, so there’s that.

    In short, when Obama wins in November, I have this post saved in my favorites, and will delightfully link to it November 7th.

    • Conservative American says

      It looks like that no matter what the outcome of the election, you win. You get to have dinner with Shane! Lucky boy! 😉

    • There, there, now, Klute. Don’t you worry — your dinner is safe.

      Have you seen the polls? Your side is winning!

      Power to the People! Long live The State!

      • Conservative American says

        Bwahahahahahaha! 🙂

      • Yeah, I *have* seen the polls, which is why I’m feeling confident. I mean, I’m not “old man yelling at a chair” confident, but I’m up there.

        • Conservative American says

          Klute wrote: “…but I’m up there.”

          Are you sure you don’t mean “out there”, Klute? 😉

        • That’s the spirit, Klute! Stay positive! Things are going your way!

          Here’s more evidence for you from a Rasmussen poll (Sept 1):

          In August, 37.6% of voters identified themselves as Republican. That is up from 34.9% in July. By contrast, just 33.3% of voters identify themselves as Democrats. That is very near their historic low in February, when 32.4% of voters identified as Democrat. The 4.3 margin in favor of the GOP is the biggest gap ever between the parties. In November 2010, when the GOP won a landslide in the mid-term elections, their advantage was just 1.3 points.

          See? Your side’s message is getting through, and it’s working great!

          Down with capitalists! Spread the wealth! Power to The People!

          • “Down with capitalists! Spread the wealth! Power to The People!”

            I’m guessing you also think caricatures are also photos taken in real life and plastic candy is delicious.

            “Here’s more evidence for you from a Rasmussen poll (Sept 1):”

            Yes, I saw the Rasmussen poll. I also read Dick Morris’ columns too. They’re about of equal worth when it comes to predictive value. Rasmussen also showed Claire McCaskill with a 14 point swing – I don’t believe that either, as much as I’d like to. Tip from me to you: how you actually sort things out? By questioning results that support your worldview.

  4. “…Plus, Shane and I have dinner riding on it, so there’s that…” Really?

    • Yeah, it’s almost like 2 people who have differing opinions on something can remain civil. I know that must be weird for you.

      • Conservative American says

        ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

        Remain civil? Weird for zoo?

        “The Klute says:
        September 2, 2012 at 9:55 am”

        “Have they filed the restraining order yet?”

        Oh, but you’re a virtual paragon of civility, Klute! 🙂

        • “Remain civil? Weird for zoo?”

          Well, I’m sure he’s fine when Latinos aren’t mentioned.

          “Oh, but you’re a virtual paragon of civility, Klute!”

          Quite so.

          • Conservative American says

            Klute wrote: “Quite so.”

            LOL! I DO enjoy your sense of humor, Klute, even though we are politically on opposite sides of the fence. 🙂

            • I’ll take that. 🙂

              • Conservative American says

                …and here’s a Labor Day present for you, Klute…

                “The Rival Poet”

                “The column of your book titles,
                always introducing your latest one,
                looms over me like Roman architecture.”

                “It is longer than the name
                of an Italian countess, longer
                than this poem will probably be.”

                “Etched on the head of a pin,
                my own production would leave room for
                The Lord’s Prayer and many dancing angels.
                No matter.”

                “In my revenge daydream I am the one
                poised on the marble staircase
                high above the crowded ballroom.
                A retainer in livery announces me
                and the Contessa Maria Teresa Isabella
                Veronica Multalire Eleganza de Bella Ferrari.”

                “You are the one below
                fidgeting in your rented tux
                with some local Cindy hanging all over you.” – Billy Collins

              • Aw, thanks. I like Billy Collins.

              • Conservative American says

                Sure thing, Klute. Collins is my favorite. There are other of his poems I like much better but I thought this to be most relevant since you are a poet. 😉

    • Conservative American says

      Now, now, zoo. If Klute says it you know it HAS to be true. After all, Klute is a “progressive” Democrat just like Obama. Well, Obama isn’t “progressive” enough for his former Harvard professor, Roberto Unger, who said that Obama “must be defeated”. But that’s beside the point. 😉

      • Unlike Paul Ryan, the one thing I’ll never do is lie to you:

        The tweet:

        @ShaneWikfors Okay @MittRomney and @BarackObama, time to take election seriously. @the_klute and I have dinner riding on it!

        And the link:

        And unlike Tony GOPrano, I don’t welsh on my bets neither.

        • Conservative American says

          Mmmm… I think you could have cut a better deal, Klute. If Romney loses, Shane should have had to listen to an hour of you reading your poetry after dinner! Ouch! 😉

        • I must admit, I’m impressed. At least I can now understand why SA allows it’s site to be the proverbial Feathered Bastard II.

          2010 – John McCain 333,744 / J.D. Hayworth 190,229
          2012 – Jeff Flake 355,572 / Wil Cardon 109,646
          2012 – Bob Worsley 17,191 / Russell Pearce 13,524

          You should be nicer to me Klute. Since the nut sack (primary voters) of the Arizona Repulblican party is on a terror to reject/oust any and all pro-immigration enforcement candidates, they just converted me into a Democratic voter for the 2012 general. The only Republican who will get my vote is Joe Arpaio.

          No poetry, please!

          • It was money, money, money, Zoo. In LD 25 Worsley kicked in $195,000 of his personal wealth to buy his election and out in LD 16, Crandall got huge sums from (soon to be former) Senate President Steve Pierce’s murky slush funds to buy his election.

            • I agree Hagar. But it was also alleged Republicans conspiring with reconquista and Democrat Randy Parraz. Russell Pearce could never be paid back in a lifetime for what he has done for Arizona, he should have won this race without spending a penny. It was just Mormons trying to spit polish the church’s image before Mitt baby trots for the White House.

              • Spot on. Parraz’s radical group spent over $25,000 to campaign for Worsley and Worsley would not disavow their help. Mesa Democrat Mike Wright contributed to Worsley’s campaign and hosted a post-primary election party attended by Parraz at the Wright House.. Most worrisome is that the pro-amnesty crowd is close to control of a majority on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (Chucri, Wilcox, possibly Barney) and is trying to unseat Kunasek for a fourth seat by pitting Parraz’s wife against him.

              • This is unbelievable Hagar. The checked-pants Arizona Republican pit bosses are constantly wadding their boxers over brand-damage to the GOP. What does this Mesa concoction of Republican, Democrat, and illegal alien cheerleader do for ‘the brand?’ I cannot imagine any true conservative Republican wanting to stay registered as such after learning about this.

  5. Sgt. Flapjaw says

    “A shadowy man appears on the scene, and no one knows from where.
    With a great huge smile and high school jargon, lowers the tides of the seas.
    Cures the earth of all it’s ills, and gives bounty for all to share.
    He brings us all together and teaches us songs of glee.
    So fast and furious does life shift with our powerful and mighty leader.
    But how can one forgive that he is an accessory to murder”.

    • Conservative American says

      Then this ebony bird beguiling my sad fancy into smiling,
      By the grave and stern decorum of the countenance it wore,
      “Though thy crest be shorn and shaven, thou,” I said, “art sure no craven,
      Ghastly grim and ancient Raven wandering from the Nightly shore —
      Tell me what thy lordly name is on the Night’s Plutonian shore!”
      Quoth the Raven “Nevermore.” – Edgar Allan Poe

  6. I wonder if Matthews has stopped having his wet dreams over Obama. Have those tingles up his leg dissipated any?

  7. I think a lot of Obama supporters think Romney may very well win the election. I’m one, and I’m not commenting to make any political points, but with every poll for the past six months showing a fairly close election, I would think that anyone on either side who thinks their candidate is definitely going to win in a landslide is being a little unrealistic. We’ll know the day after the election. (Hopefully!)

    I will just say this: our current system seems to make deadlocks inevitable. That may be a good thing or a bad thing, but I don’t see it changing anytime soon. There’s a fantasy among both conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats that their side is going to win one election and enact all the policies they want and the other people will just disappear or be converted or acquiesce. But that is not going to happen. As you said it in the post, the job of the opposition party is to oppose, and right now — for the past decades — the opposition party can often obstruct, via the filibuster, all kinds of other legislative maneuvering, lawsuits, administrative actions, etc.

    I’m almost more surprised as an Obama supporter, frankly, that given the unemployment rate and the low GDP growth, that Obama still manages to be as competitive as he seems to be, that his defeat doesn’t seem to be inevitable. If you go by statistics, not feelings, no President has ever been reelected with such a high unemployment rate and low economic growth rate.

    Unfortunately, it looks like no matter who wins the election, the economy is not going to boom again for a relatively long time. Of course, the unexpected could always happen.

    • Conservative American says

      “Telemarketers Get Higher Approval Rating Than U.S. Congress”

      “By Kathleen Hunter – Aug 15, 2012 9:01 PM MT”

      “Stockbrokers receive higher public- approval marks than the U.S. Congress. So do telemarketers, health maintenance organizations and banks.”

      “Approval of Congress’s performance fell to 10 percent in August, tying a record low set in February, according to a Gallup poll released Aug. 14.”

      “A separate pair of Gallup surveys from June and December show that the public views a range of institutions and professions more favorably than Congress and its members.”

      “Only 6 percent of respondents in the June survey said they had “a great deal” of confidence in Congress, while almost one-half, 47 percent, said they had “very little.” That’s less confidence than the public places in big business, banks, HMOs and newspapers, according to Gallup.”

      No one, liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, is happy with government right now. It’s been that way for quite some time. Somehow, no matter which political party is in, the people get the short end of the stick while the bankers get fatter. What does that tell us about BOTH the current Democratic and Republican parties?

      That having been said, yes, I think that with the economy and unemployment, the odds are against Obama. Obama’s campaign knows that but there’s nothing they can do about it now. I do think that fatalism has set in with the Obama campaign because their private, internal polling is undoubtedly giving them the bad news. They already pretty much know, barring any “October surprise”, what the outcome is going to be.

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