Appropriate Tool: AZGOP Chairman Pullen Pushes Sales Tax Hike

[The following “Dear Voters” letter will appear in the official Secretary of State’s Ballot Proposition Voter’s Guide that will be mailed to Arizona’s 3,116,089 registered voters before the May 18, 2010 special election. It’s ironic that Randy Pullen paid the full $100 to submit this argument rather than saving $25 and paying only $75 had he provided the text in electronic format. But hey, it’s only money!  MBW]

Dear Voters,

As you consider Proposition 100, I think it is important to look at Arizona’s budget crisis in context:

In just 3 years, state tax revenues have declined by over 35%. This is the worst recession the state has ever faced. Arizona’s state revenues are at or below 2004 revenues [sic] levels. At the same time, since 2004, Arizona has grown – adding over 140,000 students to K-12 and the University system, over 11,000 new prisoners and over 475,000 Medicaid enrollees. The result is Arizona is trying to do more today with less – to serve a growing population.

Arizona must continue to attract new businesses and new talent to the state, as well as support our existing small businesses throughout the state. With new business, future tax cuts for individuals and businesses will help attract investment and grow our future economy. Making Arizona as business friendly as possible is the key to our long-term economic success.

However, in the interim, it is appropriate for Arizona to look for a temporary revenue source to maintain critical government functions such as public safety and education services to our growing population. As such, a temporary one-cent sales tax increase is a reasonable solution to this problem. A majority of Republican legislators, along with Democrats in both state houses voted to place Proposition 100 on the ballot.

Combined with a comprehensive tax reform package that reduces future taxes for both individuals and businesses, Prop 100 would be an appropriate tool to help Arizona build towards economic recovery and meet the needs of a fast growing state.


Randy Pullen


  1. Yah, right. says

    Gee, even Pullen finally learns how to add.


    Now for the rest of you knotheads.

    The voters put handcuffs on you at Napolitano’s urging, and now you bitch and moan.

    Raise the taxes until the public goes along with service cuts. Right now the far right is putting the cart in front of the horse.


  2. Antifederalist says

    “Yah, right,” you’re wrong. At least one gubernatorial candidate has put out an outline for a budget that will not raise taxes.

    For Randy to back the governor and side with her against the Republican gubernatorial candidates that oppose the sales tax is NOT remaining neutral as he promised and as a party chairman SHOULD be during a primary election.

  3. What is completely dumb is that the people we elect to represent us (led by republicans, which I am a proud conservative one)are so spineless they cannot make the tough decisions on their own. Referendums are the spineless way out, make the tough decisions you were elected to make and live with the consequences.

  4. Yah, right. says

    At least one gov candidate is not on this planet in terms of what to do.

    At this point, I gotta slam Deano Martin too. A bigger episode of Pawn Stars and borrowing more money is just plain dumb.

    The Grover Norquist bots need to stop spouting nonsense and give the people tax increases until they roll back the voter protected stuff. Or we can keep backdooring the cities and counties until they tax the crap out of the working man.

    I can hardly wait for the 911 subscription from Sheriff Joe- that is going to really piss off the folks in Aguila, who still think he is a joke.

    Raise taxes until you get real reform!

  5. Pullen makes a great move pulling his endorsement of McCain and then does this? Two steps forward and one back Randy.

    Warning – before you give a dime to the RNC know that McCain is pushing them to get control of the get out the vote money. They are even trying to go around the State Party and give control to Phil Townsend, Yuma county chair.

  6. Jefferson Smith says

    Probably the only way to truly sell a rollback of Prop. 105 (the voter protection act) to the voters is to actually go through with the cuts that “Yah, right” says would really hurt. Then the need to free the budget of those constraints would be possible. Otherwise, would you vote to give our legislators MORE power over the budget?

  7. Yah, right. says

    Jefferson Smith, you have it exactly backwards. The voters will never get rid of 105 until you make them truly pay for it.

    The cuts will just be blamed on the entire republican party.

    Get smart!

  8. Jefferson Smith says

    “Yah, Right,” that war of attrition strategy didn’t work for Reagan against Tip O’Neill or Bush 41 against George Mitchell. The spenders have no sham and will never let go even under the heaviest of tax burdens… I refer you to California as an example. Until the absurdity of Prop. 105 protection cuts non-protected spending to the bone and then some, we won’t be able to convince enough voters to repeal it. Call me cynical but I think history proves I’m on to something.

  9. Randy the RINO!! What a complete fraud he turned out to be, I regret ever supporting him!

  10. Veritas Vincit says

    Vote out the “voter mandated” spending and “hands-off” restrictions … cut more of the budget (yes there is much more that can be cut)… and, leave the sales tax question to the voters.

  11. Outrageous, what is this guy thinking!

  12. Seriously, where’s the outrage? Why aren’t we hearing from our leaders like Chairman Haney on this?

    Their silence = support.

  13. I supported Pullen twice, but never again. Increasing taxes before ANY attempt to eliminate fluff programs begun under the Napolitano binge is fiscal lunacy and goes against the Party Platform that he is supposed to uphold. Cut the spending and support the conservative position of smaller government and stop pullin’ for more spending and more socialist programs.

    Brewer has sold out to the special interests that keep Low Ground flush with taxpayer money. This money will be used to supplant money now spent in education and social services while money will be freed up to spend on the Coughlin customers projects. What a scam!

    Martin’s newest idea, if anything, is even dumber than the tax increase. It goes counter to every fiscal rule in existence. You never take out a 30 year mortgage to pay for daily expenses. Any debt that will be passed down to todays babies is rediculous, but this is sheer lunacy. Any time you want to spend $10 million taxpayers on symbolism, you have lost your touch on reallity.

    The worst thing is these ideas are being forwarded by people who are registered as Repubican. I am appalled!

  14. At the end of the third paragraph, I meant to say: Any time you want to spend $10 million in taxpayer money on symbolism, you have lost your touch on reallity.

  15. Pragmatic Conservative says

    Haney and JD just got themselves a king size headache. Either they throw Pullen under the bus or they are branded as hypocrits.

  16. Oh when will you all start to see the reality of this guy? All things are not tied to a devious, hidden agenda!

    Pullen is hiding mismanagement of funds. He has been untruthful on reports, lied outright to board members and is hoping he can deflect all the complaints until he can fix it or it is forgotten.

    Haney and the ilk will support him because they get their way.

    Wake up! This is not about anything but deceptive and destructive management of OUR party. After this election is over, we will still have a Republican Party, but what kind of shape will it be in?

  17. And Ann is a loyal McCainiac spear carrier!

  18. You can bet he is hoping you all keep thinking that and refuse to believe there could be more to it than that.

  19. Stephen Kohut says

    Elections have consequences. We will have a huge batch of newly elected conservative PC’s on 8/24, county leadership throughout the state by Dec and new state leadership in Jan 2011. I’m just sitting back and waiting until the Teapublicans can get on with the housecleaning in the AZ GOP later this year. Nevada worked well. AZ will go the same route.

  20. This letter marks the end of Randy Pullen’s career as state party chairman of the Arizona Republian Party.

    It’s really unfortunate.

    All Randy had to do was focus on party business and keep his mouth shut on business that did not directly concern his elected party position.


  21. kralmajales says

    Randy Pullen needs to get a grip on reality and so do the most of you here. His statement of the problem is absolute fact. The population of this state is growing and we keep cutting taxes. Hell, if we had even left them alone we’d be better off. Where is that so called business growth that lower taxes get you? It ran away or thumbed its nose at this place because the education system is 2nd to last, and most of the things businesses want (an educated workforce anyone? infrastructure?) are poor.

    Pullen is taking both sides of the issue because he and Brewer know that this wont pass. It will be the excuse of the GOP in the next election.

    “Well we gave the voters a choice and they said NO…sorry!”

    Disgusting lack of leaders…and cowards to boot.

  22. kralmajales says

    Someone tell me just how you are going to manage this budget crisis by lowering taxes and cutting spending that is already at a level that is simply bone? And again, at a time when service needs are higher, not lower?

    If you cut govt. anymore, you will have the freedom of living in a state that has more in commmon with Honduras than it does with the rest of the nation.

  23. kralmajales says

    Oh…and by the way…take a close close look at who will be backing this tax increase folks. It is going to be predominantly funded by business republicans. You may hate what I say most of the time, but this is not a Democrat led idea, it is a GOP one and you and I can bet all the dough in the world that it will be backed by the Chamber and the Babbit-like, Citizen Businessman, which is the same group that funds the party that some of you conservatives are decrying right now.

  24. Which is why Democrats will win this fall in AZ contrary to the national trend and why Randy’s GOP career will be over Jan 2011 – because they make the WRONG CHOICES when times are tough.

    Wrong politically. Wrong economically. Wrong tactically. Wrong strategically.

  25. kralmajales says


    Some of us would like them to just have the guts to make a choice at all.

  26. As always when life gets a bit dull I come here for a barrel of laughs…. too funny

  27. If Randy and Brett walk like Rhinos and talk like Rhinos they must be Rhinos. Ronald Raegan is rolling over in his grave and jobs will soon be leaving Arizona. Way to go state party!!!

  28. PCbutnotPC says

    We need to roll back the Propositions passed in the JanetRino years and cut the state budget like the Governor wants.

    I’m not sure we can balance the budget without the sale tax – but I am far less sure it will pass anyway. Maybe we need to through some draconian cuts and then see how the suit feels.


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