Anti Prop 200 alumni, where are they now?

Everyone is acting tough on illegal immigration now. Lots of people running for office are singing the praises of SB 1070 and some candidate are saying they would have voted for the new law.

Back in 2004, there was a voter initiative to prevent those living in Arizona illegally from receiving taxpayer funded public benefits. Senators Kyl and McCain both opposed the citizen’s initiative; known as Protect Arizona Now or Prop 200 (2004). Less well know are some of the members of the legislature who were OK with illegal aliens receiving public benefits. Read this document for a list of some of those opposed to Prop 200. Some of them are seeking promotions, want to return to the legislature, or are backing candidates running for the legislature. Here is a partial list.

Bill Konopnicki opposed Prop 200. He is trying to unseat Senator Sylvia Allen in LD 5. Sen. Allen is a strong conservative with an excellent record in the legislature.

John Nelson opposed Prop 200. He is trying to retain his LD 12 senate seat in the face of a strong challenge from the more conservative Clark Silver.

Pete Hershberger opposed Prop 200. He is not on the ballot this year but he is backing Wade McLean in the LD 26 house race. McLean thinks he might have voted for SB 1070 but quickly adds Arizona should have talked more with the federal government before passing 1070.

Marian McClure opposed Prop 200. She is challenging current LD 30 Senator Frank Antenori. Sen. Antenori has a strong conservative record from his first term, split between the house and senate.

Will the voters care about politicians who supported benefits for illegals? They should at least know the facts.


  1. Fredo,
    Do you have any proof or support for the statement that Nelson was anti-PAN? I’d love to see a link or other proof.


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