Another Z-Visa candidate

Is it politically incorrect to point out that the suspected Chandler Rapist is in the U.S. illegally? Then call us politically incorrect. In the words of the Arizona Republic:

On Saturday officials identified Santana Batiz-Aceves, 39, as the person they believe to be the Chandler Rapist, connecting him to the string of crimes with DNA evidence.

Police originally arrested him Friday morning on suspicion of identity theft.

Evidence led them to believe he could be a Chandler Rapist suspect. They also said that Aceves, a Mexican national, is in the country illegally and he had been deported twice in California related to drug charges.


  1. Poor Claudia…she’s very scared. Maybe she should talk to some of her neighbors who happen to be single mothers with pre-teen daughters, and they can explain to her (through a translator if necessary) what scared really means.

  2. Buddy Breon says

    The probability that this criminal was an illegal alien was noted very early. Russell Pearce seems absolutely brilliant with this arrest.

    When are the people of Arizona going to demand that the governor do something to get rid of the illegal Mexican immigrants and start heavier patrols along our border. The Feds aren’t doing it, we have to.

    It’s time to stop the crime.

  3. The arrest of this animal is something we can all agree is some of the best news since the arrest of The Baseline Rapist.

    Enforcing our current laws must be a priority. Control the borders, turn the swiss cheese into an offensive variety that will resist easy penetration and not be so attractive.

    But a much overlooked reality is the sub-culture that has developed among the hordes and illegals who have an economy of their own. Cash based businesses that do not report or comply with law. Business is done in Spanish, cash is the currency, and illegals understand the rules to be hired or be a business owner themselves, and they survive the system. How the legislature has avoided this is a mystery, go as little as a half mile in any direction of the capitol and the evidence is everywhere.

    This poor excuse of a human obviously violated our border more than once; how many others are here and will stay as long as they want if they are the employee of the plentiful under the radar businesses?

  4. kralmajales says

    I don’t think it is politically incorrect at all. What it is a blatant fallacy though and is frankly misleading…and continues the movement to get illegals out at ALL costs.

    If you posted a story about every rapist, every murder, every theiving here, the few that are here illegally would be drawfed in comparison…in fact, you wouldn’t even notice.

    Yes, crime must stop, but the pure truth is that Americans are killing Americans, raping Americans, stealing from Americans, much more so than those who are foreign.

  5. That may be true in certain parts of the country, but I doubt that’s the case here, and it certainly isn’t the case in CA. The LA County crime statistics prove year after year that illegals are taking a devastating toll.

    Sure, this one’s getting a lot of attention, but there must be dozens if not hundreds of local cases per year that don’t. When someone attacks or kills a drug dealer, a prostitute, another illegal, or a family member in the inner city, it hardly gets any attention, so the immigration status of the perp never becomes an issue. If it did, we might actually see the statistics that would prove you right or wrong.

    Here’s what I find ironic. During the 2006 rallies, the IA activists were taunting Sheriff Joe with reminders that the Baseline Killer and Serial Shooter were still on the loose. We couldn’t waste resources on immigration enforcement, because the REAL criminals were more important. Once again, it’s back to the drawing board for Bermudez, Reza, et al.

  6. I, too, noted the connection when I read the story this morning. And just like the illegal immigrant who recently killed a policeman, Batiz had a rap sheet and had been deported (twice!). So law enforcement and the courts were doing _part_ of their job.

    There are at least two logical inferences here. 1) the border is clearly too porous if it allows known criminals to re-enter and sorely needs to be secured (and virtually everyone now acknowledges this). 2) law enforcement is too limited to find all the criminals (felons) among the millions of illegal immigrants. And thus, if there were realistic ways for poor Mexicans and Central Americans to legally immigrate to the US to work (and be kept track of) then law enforcement could more easily concentrate on immigrants guilty of felonies (vis-a-vis immigration-related misdemeanors). I realize that this latter stance is unpopular but it is a reality we need to face.

  7. Buddy Breon says

    No one has a “right” to immigrate to the U.S.

    People from Europe, Asia, Africa, and elsewhere all wait there turn in line. Why should Mexicans get a preference in the process?

    Mexico needs to build its own economy and not depend on America to feed its poor. Greed, fraud, corruption, and a poor educational system sets Mexican citizens up for failure. We are not responsible to open our border for them any more than anyone else.

    Liberals simply can’t see the problem uncontrolled immigration creates because they don’t want to open their eyes.

  8. Buddy, I don’t know if your post was in response to mine. In case is was, my point is a practical one. You are right that they do not have a right. However, our current immigration laws have the effect of saying, “Legal immigrants welcome! (Poor Mexicans and Central Americans need not apply.)”

    Yes, there is a quota for a limited number of agricultural workers, but that is about it. Also, family members (especially if they are more likely to be consumers rather than producers) have practical means to legally immigrate (though it may take 10 yrs or more). I also agree with those who say that 500,000 low skill immigrants/yr is way too high. But those who say “I don’t mind Mexican immigrants as long as they are legal” often do not realize that we do not have an Ellis Island equivalent processing 5000 immigrants/day. Yes, “they need to get in line like everyone else” but their line is arguably 50-100 yrs long!

  9. Kralmajales,

    The point you attempt to make regarding Americans committing crime is nothing more than a weak attempt to be an apologist for illegals. You are missing the point. Yes Americans commit crime, but we can’t deport them and they have every right to be here. Those who choose to enter our country illegally should not be here in the first place. Our porous border and the failure to enforce immigration laws makes it easier for them to come here and commit crimes. It doesn’t make the crime any worse than one committed by an American, but it is different in the sense that they should not be here in the first place.

  10. Unconverted says

    The AZ republic story does not say whether he’s illegal. The Trib does.

    The big story here is that the tip that led to the arrest came from THE COMMUNITY even after all the illegal immigration advocate’s backlash said the COMMUNITY would not help cops out of deportation fears. Bite on that, Reza.

  11. SonoranSam says

    This guy is illegal. He was caught and deported – twice.

    His situation seems to show that deporting people in and of itself doesn’t work.

    The borders need to be secured. I think all wavelengths along the political spectrum agree with that. No immigration reform will work without secure borders.

    But that is only part of the answer. The rest is more complex, and I guess that’s what we’re all arguing about.

    And BTW, it’s appropriate to note that this guy was in the country illegally only if you note that the Baseline rapist was a native.

    Bluster all you want (g’morning Mark!) but studies have shown there is a lower crime rate among immigrants than among the native-born.

    But some immigrants are bad guys, and they deserve all the punishment that society deems appropriate.

  12. According to Homeland Secretary Chertoff, 2 million men, women and children like Santana Batiz-Aceves would need to be rounded up and deported. (Yes, I understand that Mr. Batiz-Aceves had been deported twice.) We need to prepare ourselves to hire more law enforcement officers, detention facilities and support. This is going to cost money – money that should come from other parts of the government.

  13. SonoranSam,

    I think you are missing the point. They shouldn’t be here in the first place to even commit crimes. They entered the country illegally. But for their decision to enter into the country illegally, they would not be here to commit violent crimes against citizens of this country. It’s irrelevant what their proclivity to commit crimes is in relation to citizens – though in fairness, the study you cites does not distinguish between those who chose to abide by our laws and emigrate legally and those who choose to blithely ignore our laws and come here illegally – they should not be here in the first place to commit those crimes. Any violent crime is a tragedy. But a violent crime committed by someone who shouldn’t be here in the first place is even more tragic because if our laws were enforced and our border secured there is a better chance they would not have been here at all.

  14. kralmajales says

    You miss my point Mark. There are no accurate statistics given here or by any of you about the amount of crime committed by illegal immigrants. It is not a significant proportion of the overall crimes in our community. Not a significant proportion. Period. Yet, this post and others like it serve to demonize, provide more fear of crime, to whitewash America in a way that some on this blog seem to wish…and at MY expense.

    Yes, I want this guy prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But I want my money spent on fighting crime, in general, and not the walls and the host of other policies some here advocate that cost billions, while our cops go without reasonable pay raises.

    Again, this is a total fallacy…it is put out there to draw the conclusion that spending billions on stopping illegal immigration will drop our crime rate. Well, it will, but not significantly…because it misses the largest amount of crime…those done by Americans…against Americans.

  15. Kralmajales,

    Are you really that obtuse? The failure of government to adequately secure our borders leads directly to criminals, no matter how many, coming into Arizona illegally and committing crimes. Let me ask you this question? According to FBI statistics, Arizona has the highest per capita crime rate in the nation. Why is this? Is it because Arizona citizens are more criminally inclined than citizens of other states? Is it because our law enforcement isn’t tough enough? Is it because we have laws that go easy on criminals? Or is it because we continue to see an influx of criminal illegal aliens coming into our state because we have a porous border and happen to border Mexico? I think most people know the answer.

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