Legislators believe Coughlin is behind tax increase

First of all, a note to commenter Roger: If you’re going to launch another personal attack in the comments against “Chewie” defending your buddy Chuck Coughlin, why don’t you think about it a little harder instead first and direct your attack towards the Yellow Sheet, which reported this. An anonymous source has confirmed to the Yellow Sheet what we’ve been saying all along:

The perception among many lawmakers, the source continued, is Coughlin is the driving force behind the entire push for a tax increase and is coordinating the support effort on several fronts.

Coughlin has, according to the source, met with GOP leaders ostensibly on behalf of the governor and the Building a Better Arizona crew, which many believe he has organized. And one of Coughlin’s former employees, Colin Shipley, is political director for the Arizona Republican Party.

For copyright reasons, we can’t reprint the entire article; we wish the anonymous source would give US this information, but the Yellow Sheet is a great tipsheet and we’d like to see them survive. The article goes on to reveal that Coughlin’s High Ground is now the official lobbyist for the Building a Better Arizona coalition (the group that funded the dubious tax increase poll), and that the P.O. Box address for the group is the same P.O. Box used for Coughlin’s last two tax hike propositions he led, TIME and Prop. 206.

We wonder, with Coughlin now controlling the governor’s office and the State GOP, who is representing what Republicans want? See you at the tax protest Tea Party on April 15th at the Capitol. Unfortunately we won’t just be protesting federal Democrat taxation…..


  1. Smarter than a 5th Grader says

    Again. Your constant posting is not only annoying, it continually diminishes your argument with every post.

  2. Chewie's Source says

    So when the Arizona Republic, Arizona Capitol Times and East Valley Tribune confirm the story, will you finally concede?

  3. I suggest reading the any of the above mentioned stories. That’s journalism. You’ll notice they don’t start their headline out with “OUTRAGE” and try and claim some conspiracy that this is all to make Coughlin money.

    Chewie must have forgotten that has been his argument all of this time and is grasping to be right just one time.

    I have no association and don’t know Coughlin, my only agenda has been to point out the blatant fabrications and lies put for by “Chewie Shofir” on this once reputable blog.

  4. I appreciate that you didn’t reprint the whole article and are aware of copyright law. I wish other blogs would do the same as you.

  5. Gotta love a story that says “The perception among many lawmakers, the source continued”…

    So let me get this straight, an unidentified source is being used to support the “perception” by “many” unnamed legislators?

    Unnamed source, unnamed legislators, and perception. Hmm.. Now that is solid!

    “We wonder, with Coughlin now controlling the governor’s office and the State GOP, who is representing what Republicans want?”

    How far out from reality do you think people will follow you? “We”, who is the “we”? All of SA, or just the “group” that is Chewie Sofur? Or, does the untamed ego of “we” imply community support?

    Chad Kirkpatrick left AFP to work for the Governor, DSW is now working for AFP. Shane used to work for AZRTL and is the owner/moderator of SA. Now, if “we” used Chewie logic I’m sure “we” could find a line, no matter how crooked, to some sort of conspiracy theory. It would be ridiculous, but it could be done!

  6. Reagan Coalition says

    Nice, guys. So the Capitol Times/Yellow Sheet, Arizona Republic, and East Valley Tribune are “reputable” sources but Chewie is not and deserves to be personally attacked. Didn’t Chewie say right at the beginning that the information came from the Yellow Sheet? The Yellow Sheet is relying on an anonymous source – so it’s telling that none of you attack the Yellow Sheet, but instead attack Chewie, who was simply repeating it. Goes to show your attacks are transparent. It is clear to me what you’re doing, trying to intimidate Shane into shutting down dialogue on this issue; you don’t bother with attacking the newspapers since you don’t you wouldn’t have a shot threatening them.

    Good luck shutting down the dialogue, this blog has uncovered one of the slimiest backroom political dealings in Arizona politics, and it’s now gradually making its way to mainstream newspapers. I agree with Chewie that it’s OUTRAGEOUS that a “Republican” political consultant is pushing a tax increase, and has the Republican Party in bed with him on it. Roger, you can deny it all you want but but it’s pretty clear to me based on your incessant dismissals of Coughlin’s involvement in this that you work for Coughlin. In fact keep up the denials, the more you do, the bigger this scandal becomes, which is what it needs to in order to stop this unnecessary and greedy tax increase from going through.

  7. Reagan, I suggest you read post 3 from above. My issue is with Chewie and has been since way before this ever popped up.

    Do a search and you will see I have been pointing out his blatant inaccuracies for months.

    My last two cents on it because this whole argument is getting old. Do me a favor and answer me this? Which is a backroom dealing? Proposing a public vote…or proposing we borrower from future generations so that budgets years from now feel the effects? At least I would get a say in one.

    So much for our Conservative leaders sticking to our principles.

  8. Chewie Shofir is an anagram for
    Howie C. Fisher, whoever he is.

  9. Actually, Howie Fischer of Capitol Media Services.

  10. LiberalWatcher says

    No matter what the banter, Coughlin is most likely behind the tax increase idea, now with Brewer trying to sell it as necessary to save education. Thus, pandering to the Arizona Education Association, aka, Teachers’ Union, who is trying to forge their my way or the highway agenda.
    If Brewer had real guts, she’d be the first Gov in Lord only knows when to publish a real budget book. As bad as Phoenix is with spending money, you can get a detailed budget book from them. Try finding one for Arizona. Doesn’t exist in public.
    You get snipits from the JLBC website and some others, but bottom line figures don’t tell the story.
    Info is power and this hold the cards close approach by state government on the budget is Bogus Stuff. I’d like to see the true Conservative in Kirk Adams emerge and simply demand the state executive start publishing a detailed budget book – and save the trees, put the thing online with PDF downloads.
    As for the supposition on conspiracy, I think that Chad Kirkpatrick was given the MIS job because (a) he really does have those skills; and (b) he was one of the few real workers in the taxpayer’s group, and by bringing him aboard Brewer does two things – take away the taxpayers’ group only real grass roots worker and look good to the taxpayers because she brought on of their own onboard.
    Other than that, Brewer is really looking like the employment agent for ex-Bush and Symmington administrations recycles.

  11. PhoenixSon says

    If you’ve seen the state revenue forecasts versus spending forecasts on the JLBC site, you should understand that the only alternatives to a temporary increase are the forfeit of critical programs or taking on more debt. Because of mandatory incrementing spending policies that were established while Napolitano was Governor, Jan Brewer doesn’t have the flexibility to avoid a temporary increase right now.
    I’m still confident she’ll be able to fix what Napolitano got us into, but we can’t rely on the fix being instant or easy.

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