Anne Kirkpatrick misleads Arizona on Health Care

Rusty Bowers

For Immediate Release: Saturday, March 20

Prescott, Arizona-Rusty Bowers, a conservative Republican candidate for Congress in Arizona’s First Congressional District, is setting the record straight on Congresswoman Anne Kirkpatrick’s promise to vote for a big government takeover of America’s health care system. Rusty Bowers is a nine year veteran of the Arizona’s State legislature and former State Senate Majority Leader.

Kirkpatrick claimed that she “will be working to improve the bill moving forward, including addressing the potential costs for AHCCCS (Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System) and eliminating politics-as-usual special deals like the Cornhusker Kickback.” Because of Senate rules, making major changes to the Senate bill is all but impossible, notwithstanding her claim.

Worse, Kirkpatrick knows this. Senate Minority Whip, John Kyl, sent Kirkpatrick a memo informing her that many of the things she wishes to change in the Senate bill cannot be modified because of the nature of the reconciliation process. Kirkpatrick has ignored this reality by making promises she knows she cannot deliver.

“These promises mislead Arizona,” says Bowers. “Her vote would add eight to ten billion dollars in the next few years to Arizona’s budget woes. She knows this bill cannot be changed in the Senate. She has been forewarned by Senator Kyl. Please, Congresswoman, don’t make us spend trillions we don’t have.”


  1. Anti-Tax Zealot says


    John Kyl?


  2. Anti-Tax Zealot says

    You think Bowers will land that John Kyl endorsement?

  3. Well played says

    Wow, Bowers types almost as poorly as he campaigns. At least I think he got his own name right.

    Keeping this up, he’ll score that John Kyl endorsement for sure… whoever that is. 🙂

  4. Kirkpatrick hasn’t demonstrated she is actually listening to her constituents.

  5. “Well played”, why not point out just what ‘poor typing’ to which you’re referring? I read the statement through twice, but saw only one typo, no misspellings, or other recognizable examples of ‘poor typing’ (except for the one bad “the Arizona’s State legislature” statement where the author should have eliminated “the” or the apostrophe and “s”. Surely a bit of proofreading should have caught it, but to slander the whole piece because of this one mistake is over the top).

    And why do you assume that Bowers actually did the typing himself. You just might be barking up the wrong tree there.

    Does your “John Kyl…whoever (sic) that is” mean that you’re so unknowledgeable that you don’t even know who John Kyle is? You bring great shame upon yourself with such an indication.

  6. Hey Neil-

    Are you serious?

    Current US Rep from AZ1 is Ann Kirkpatrick (notice: there’s no “e” at the end of “Ann”) and our current Junior Senator is Jon Kyl (notice: no “h” in “Jon” and no “e” at the end of “Kyl”). These are the correct spellings, sir. Take note.

    Thanks for pointing out the third error in this press release though. You just made it that much more comical. I’m just amazed that you are so stupid to post a comment without even realizing you’re completely wrong.

    Maybe you were being sarcastic… The world may never know. But if you were completely serious, you must be one of Bowers’ Mesa neighbors. Keep drinkin the kool-aid buddy. It’ll help you be less “unknowledgeable”.

    …Seriously though, please tell me you were kidding.

  7. Why is it that the Beauchamp camp is so vitriolic? Why do they hate Mesa so much? Is it because Beauchamp is from Phoenix? I don’t get it.

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