Andrew Walter’s Response to President Obama’s State of the Union

TEMPE, AZ – Last night President Obama delivered his fifth State of the Union Address to the American people. Listening to him speak it was impossible not to be amazed by how disconnected the economic reality is for millions of families from his words and the results of his policies.

The truth is American families are financially worse off today as a direct result of Democrats’ policies. Over 102 million working-age Americans are not working[i]. Fewer people today have health insurance than in 2009[ii]. Income inequality – a favorite economic measurement of “Progressives” – is at the highest level since 1928[iii].

The “progressive” policies of career politicians like Kyrsten Sinema are actually regressive and destructive of the American middle class.

The answer to this misery is economic freedom. I’ll let Sinema defend ObamaCare, while I defend the families who’ve lost coverage and medical care. I’ll let her talk about minimum wage, while I fight for maximum employment. I’ll let her defend dangerous government spending, while I defend our children’s future and opportunities.

Economic freedom recognizes the dignity and value unique to each human being. Economic freedom empowers individuals to develop their unique God-given skills through work and opportunity.

The politics of dependency championed by Rep. Sinema, and those like her, is destructive. Let them talk about a handout, while we talk about a hand-up. Let them talk about dependency, while we talk about empowerment.


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