Andrew Thomas speaking to PAChyderm Coalition July 15th

Don’t Miss Our July Guest Speaker Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas!

Let’s talk about illegal alien prosecution!
Let’s talk about prosecuting employers who hire illegal aliens!
Let’s talk about the County Attorney Office’s overall performance!
Let’s talk about ongoing retalitory investigations by the Federal Government against The County Attorney and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

July 15th, 6 PM Dinner At The El Paso Bar-B-Que Grill 43rd Avenue and Peoria.

Seating is VERY limited

E-Mail Diane Douglas at for your reservation. First come, first served.
The budget has been passed and the legislator has adjourned. The governor has vetoed nearly all of the budget and has called the legislature back into special session to get her tax hike on the 2009 ballot!

Now is a great time to check out your Republican legislator’s latest ranking in the Pachyderm Coalition Arizona Republican Legislator Evaluation System.

The evaluation including the details of how it works are available for you to look at:

For more information on how you can start a Legislator Evaluation report for you state or community contact:

Howard Levine


  1. Another illegal immigration speaker. Snooze. Can’t pachyderm get a little more creative?

  2. Let’s talk about illegal aliens and nothing else.

    Let’s lose elections.

  3. kralmajales says

    Yep…this guy has as many negatives as positives. If you all nominate someone like him…over someone like Horne…you will likely lose. Horne, by all accounts, to me is unbeatable.

  4. Why do you think Horne has much of a chance Kral? If you took a poll right now of the GOP, Thomas would easily beat Horne. Horne has a record of waffling on the issues and switched parties when he realized he couldn’t win as a Democrat. Now he’s trying to outright Thomas on illegal immigration and ethnic studies, which is amusing considering Thomas is one of the solidest conservatives on illegal immigration, and he chaired the Arizona Civil Rights initiative last year to end racial & gender preferences. Although you liberals may prefer Horne, conservatives don’t.

  5. Bill:

    I wouldn’t worry!

    The first three correspondents are mere court jesters for the three porta-johns and the Burger Baron.

    Or come to think of it, paid staffers for the Chamber!

    “Banana” and “Fast food” “Republicans” are a sorry lot whose day has passed and they can’t get over it!

  6. By the way, Tom Horne was the speaker at the last Pachyderm Coalition meeting.

  7. I would like to know why the elephant in the Pachyderm logo is flexing his left arm.

  8. Maricopa GOP says

    To take your attention away from his right arm which is hidden so the liberals won’t even see what is going to knock them out!

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