And We Even Have the Video to Prove It!

Straight from the mouth of “Republican” State Representative bill Konopnicki is the desire to tax Arizonans when they purchase food and stay at the hospital. (If that ain’t adding insult to injury!)

(Thanks to KAET’s Horizon)

In a year when taxes ARE a dirty word, Konopnicki’s campaign against Conservative Senator Sylvia Allen is doomed before it even gets started. Here’s a little refresher to you BillKo, raising taxes punishes productivity AND crimps revenues.


  1. Iris Lynch says

    May his every desire become well known.

  2. Did you listen to the complete show? What he said was that AZ is borrowing too much money as a State. Does anyone think AZ can borrow its way out of the financial problem? Are following the lead of the President and Congress and ONLY borrowing to solve the financial problems? How much have we borrowed already? Who and how will AZ pay back what we borrowed? What do you suggest AZ do-keep borrowing?

    Just listened again and he said that Republicans (he is a Republican) would have difficulty with ANY tax increase but that the legislature has already borrowed so much money and has NO plan to pay it back. He also says this is a proposal that needs to be talked about to come up with ideas. The far right part of the Republican party has voted to borrow but has NO plan to pay anything back.

    Why don’t you post a copy of the plan so we can see what is going on or do you agree that AZ should borrow it’s way out of are problems?

  3. Right. Let’s get rid of tax credits for private schools. Then you will put even more kids in public schools with more kids per classroom and increased cost per pupil. He should just run as a democrat and be done with it.
    I do believe the tax credit program should be looked at. We don’t have any business paying for kids to travel when we can’t pay teachers what they deserve and don’t have money for the classroom.

  4. Just called him to get his side of what is going on in the legislature. Did you know that the AZ Legislature has already borrowe OVER $2 billion so far with the proposal to borrow at least another $1 billion with NO plan to repay the debt?

  5. Barnwacker says

    It’s simple. Turn off the money to the State until they make the cuts! Sorry! Everyone else has had to cut back. Napolitano and the RINO’s got us into this mess. Now the taxpayers have to clean it up? Not without demanding say how it gets cleaned up!

  6. ………………..
    “We don’t have any business paying for kids to travel when we can’t pay teachers what they deserve and don’t have money for the classroom.”
    The teachers, given the piss poor results of what they have produced in the nationally abysmal Arizona education, should be FIRED, not given a raise. No other sector allows for failing performance to be rewarded with continued employment, much less a raise … except government bureaucrats, and their stereotype of crap productivity and low standards is well-earned.

    The private schools and charter schools are actually providing educations to Arizona students. They are providing a solution to the lack of education in public schools. It has to be BAD if parents PAY for something they could get FREE.

    But the public education establishment hates that. If the public education establishment was actually about “education” they’d not be bothered about it at all. But it’s competition, which pressures them to perform better, but they don’t want to, they just want more money without improving themselves or their productivity in any measure.

    The Arizona political class is in total denial. Listened yesterday on the radio a legislator grumbling about voting to “ask the voters to tell us what to cut.” Wow. WHat a snark in the voice! Sounded like he was chewing on a sour ball.

    Our kid is in a very modest private school. We have families there who are this week now OUT OF WORK. Got that? Husband AND wife, OUT OF WORK! They gonna pay TAXES? How? They barely had it to start with – struggling to pay $300 a month tuition, (pretty rock bottom – less than the public schools budget per pupil), so their kid could actually learn how to read and write – now they can’t finish their child’s schooling thru to June. They don’t even know what they are going to EAT next month.

    The Democratic Party in Washington is promising MORE taxes, more regulation – no business DARES hire now. No expansion, just down to bare bones survival. The Democratic Party has DEVASTATED public confidence, totally murked up future planning. And the Obama Adminstration is boasting, “WORKING AS PLANNED.”
    Gutting the job market and private sector? They planned that? Nice.

    Now, our State government can’t brain-storm anything but “need more state taxes.” Push MORE small businesses and employers into closing, and MORE people OUT OF WORK.
    This isn’t THINKING, or genuine PROBLEM-SOLVING, this is head in the sand denial to maintain the unsustainable status quo.

  7. That they can drop the Soviet Union Central Planning “5 year plan” without any sense of irony at all is telling.

    They’ve admitted that they’ve spent money without considering how to pay the bills their spending has created. A classic example of dictionary, “irresponsible.”

    Throw ’em all out and put a bunch of tight-wad Depression-era ranch grannies in charge, the type who keeps drawers of rubber bands, string and foil.

  8. You got to be kidding says

    Has anyone thought about have the two of them trade seats? Why doesn’t Senator Allen go to the House and Representative Konopnicki go to the Senate?

    Isn’t that what Senator Jake Flake did with Senator Jack Brown? This would help keep experienced people at a very difficult time in state history.

  9. Konopnicki is an expert on holding down HIS costs!

    Hire illegals in his fast food joints at below living wage levels and dump them on the taxpayers for benefits!

    Let’s hear it for the “Banana Reps”!

  10. And Jake Flake and Jack Brown were even of different political parties! Whatever did they have in common?

  11. ……………………….
    “This would help keep experienced people at a very difficult time in state history”
    WHO created this “very difficult time in state history?”

    They just admitted they were spending like drunken sailors with no thought to have to pay for it, and now are BORROWING, robbing Peter to pay Paul, the epitome of panic financing.

    Experienced at WHAT? Bankrupting?

  12. “We have families there who are this week now OUT OF WORK. Got that? Husband AND wife, OUT OF WORK! They gonna pay TAXES? How?”

    Exactly why the sales tax increase is a bad idea. What they should be doing is increasing the top state income tax rate, that way we know that we aren’t raising taxes on people who can’t afford it right now. However, people like Sylvia Allen, who think we always keep in mind all the good the rich do for us, would never have voted for that.

  13. Cut spending. Cut spending. Cut spending. Eliminate waste and duplication. Cut spending.
    Cut spending. Cut spending.

    If spending isn’t cut fast, and hard, the economy will collapse. It’ll be like the Third World, teachers have jobs, but they never get their paychecks at the end of the month, or they get half or one every three months. With the economy so flat, even that it too precious to walk away from – and they do walk. No money for fuel or cars. Some income, even erratic, is better than zero.

    Then they start demanding fees from students … food items, a little cash every month. So public school isn’t “free” any more, and the teachers stop showing up for classes but once a week, so no education either.

    Lawmakers are willfully blind to the mess they’ve created. Party’s over. The states have been spent into a corner, while the Denmorcatic Party has spent to nation into hell in one year, pretending they HAD to do it to SAVE everyone. If that was the case, why didn’t they just pay down the debt instead of incurring MASSIVE MORE debt?
    So now, there’s no external rescue for the overspent states.
    How does taking a personal credit card balance of $10,000 and charging $30,000 to it “fix” the problem? Now it’s $40,000. Good job!
    Now Arizona lawmakers think they can bum a dime off their once rich Uncle Sam who’s got $400,000 molding on his credit card?

    How about demanding struggling people pay $100 for a government service that actually costs $5 in the private sector?
    What else are taxes but confiscatory monopoly pricing on goods and services?

    Total state of denial.

  14. …………………….
    “What they should be doing is increasing the top state income tax rate, that way…”

    Let me finish that brainstorm for you : “What they should be doing is increasing the state incoem tax, that way” … THEY WILL LEAVE THE STATE.”

    You gonna put roadblocks up on I-40 East to stop the top state income bracket after slapping punitive taxes on them to keep them from moving to TEXAS?

    Can see the troopers leaning on the window, “Can I see your driver’s license, vehicle registration and 1040, please?”

  15. Wanumba, that simply isn’t going to happen. Don’t be absurd.

  16. …………………….
    todd Says:
    February 6th, 2010 at 10:34 pm
    Wanumba, that simply isn’t going to happen. Don’t be absurd.

    You have not been listening for the past sevral months to Mayor Bloomberg of New York City warning that the proposed NY state tax increases on the highest income brackets will cripple NYC’s tax base?

    Their most high profile high income producer, Rush Limbaugh, exited NYC for good, with much fanfare, stating it was the final straw. The NY Governor actually went on the news to laugh that had he known how to get rid of Limbaugh, he would have raised taxes sooner. The governor stopped laughing when Donald Trump was on the news intoning he’s had it with NYC, and he knew a lot of the NYC wealthy were packing their bags, too. They don’t NEED NYC, they have offices and HOMES in low tax, low hassle states ALREADY. It was an EASY decision to make.

    How is Arizona immune from this? People and businesses move out of high tax zones all the time. Raise taxes to soak the wealthier brackets and they’ll simply LEAVE.

  17. I certainly hope this tax ( so we can continue spending like a drunken sailor ) plan is DOA.

  18. Wanumba – we aren’t New York state.

  19. To Jay Adams #4 says

    Konopnicki is honesty challenged. Its an unfortunate condition that he’s had since 2002 and it appears to be a ‘progressive’ disorder.

    You “asked” him? And you believe he told you the straight truth?

  20. Republican Lady says

    The solution to this whole thing is to elect Dean Martin Governor! He has a solution to the problem.

  21. To illustrate:
    In the 1980s we had a small house inside the beltway in Virginia, three bedrooms, decent neighborhood, about 40 minute commute to downtown Washington, DC.
    Our property taxes for that house were $1,900 annually.
    At the same time, on a similar salary, a fellow we worked with later on, owned a same-sized house in New York state, about 45 minutes-one hour to mid-town Manhattan, three bedrooms, decent neighborhood.
    Equivalent in everything, even comparable mortgage … except New York property taxes:
    His annual PROPERTY TAX bill: $9,000.
    Not his federal tax or state tax, JUST the property tax.

    There is a identifiable reason so many New Yorkers retire in Florida and Arizona, and it’s not just about the sunshine.

    Arizona starts raising taxes, and Texas will start looking very very very attractive.

  22. To Posting #8 Above says

    Why don’t Konopnicki and Allen trade seats?

    For starters, one is “a depression-era ranch granny” and the other is an Obamaesque Tax-n-Spend Liberal.

    For another reason, one is honest and the other is truth challenged.

    Why should Arizona suffer more years of Konopnicki’s “wealth redistribution on a sea of red ink”?

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