And They Call It “Art”

I know it’s Halloween but if someone had done this to a mannequin of Barack Obama, there would be a full blown federal civil rights investigation and probably riots.


  1. Word!!!

  2. They would have gotten more press if they put her in a bikini.

  3. It’s not art until the fake black eye and backwards “B” is scratched into it. Then its a masterpiece!

  4. Just goes to show the type of sick minds there are in the Wright wing of the Democratic party.


  5. The question remains, how socially acceptable and politically correct would it be if this was an effigy of Obama and not a white, Republican woman?

  6. Ann,

    Considering one’s been hung in Ohio since October 19th (wearing a yarmulke no less!) and no one’s said boo about it (no pun intended), I’m guessing fairly acceptable in some political circles.

    Google: “obama effigy ohio” for it! Apparently, it wasn’t newsworthy enough for Fox (or SA), but Palin’s is.

    (I’d post the link, but SA doesn’t let – guys, I assure you, I won’t send any virii your way)

  7. Oh, I thought it was our AZ Guv in effigy…

  8. And meanwhile, in the world of ACTUAL hate:

    AP: ATF Says Skinhead Plot to Assassinate Obama, Kill 102 Black People Disrupted

  9. SonoranSam says

    …and let’s not forget all the McCaniacs with their stuffed monkeys at his campaign events.

  10. For the record, Sonoran Alliance condemns both the Obama effigy in Ohio and the Neo-Nazi assassination plot in Tennessee. There is no place nor tolerance for that type of behavior.

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