And the Children Shall Lead Them …

Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.”  Vladimir Lenin

for the children



Evil Always Hides behind Children … Today “The One” is speaking directly to your children.  And their teachers  will guide them … direct their thinking … suggest what to think.  They are being used as a tool of the state.

Stay in school and do well are material for public service announcements on television – not prime time messages from Der Fuhrer or Chairman Mao.


  1. Rosco P Coltrane says

    Great post as always VV.

    Stay in school, get a corporate job so that you can pay the unpayable debt run up by the last few administrations.

    One way to get federal government out of our schools is by abolishing the Dept of Education and repealing the No Child Left Behind Act.

    Where are our republican senators and representatives on this? Think this will be a priority for them, especially if “evil always hides behind children?”

    Ha. Too much money involved. Our government school system could survive without federal subsidies, which come from us in the first place.

  2. Veritas Vincit says

    In Arizona if you look at the government schools cost per student, then look at the Catholic schools cost per, and lastly look at the charter schools and compare outcomes you’ll find that the last statement by Rosco is bang on the money.

    Compare Arizona education outcomes with those in Bermuda. As of 2003 the performance gap between the two was huge – and Arizona’s achievement levels were the smaller number. Then compare Bermuda’s cost per student.

    It ain’t the amount of money you throw at the school that matters.

  3. VV,
    Brophy and Xavier have tution costs of $12,000 per year.

  4. G. Santayana says
  5. Basil St. John says

    VV, please keep speaking out this way. You’re doing a great job of making Republicans seem like total wackjobs.

  6. Oh. So don’t encourage kids to do well in school? Huh. I suppose you’ll teach your kids to drop out and suckle off gov’t programs? Wow. Here I thought the Republicans were about personal responsibility, working hard…wait. What’s that bumper sticker I’ve seen cruisin ’round town? “Annoy a Liberal: Work hard and be happy.” Don’t look now, but your hypocrisy is showing.

  7. Hi reads of Blog For Arizona!

    Nobama180 tells our kids to take control of their lives when he still has not learned to take control of The Presidency and LEAD Congress to NOT dump trillions of Dollars of Debt onto our kids and have them solve the problems nobama180 is creating for them!

    Our Currncy is all we have left and it is now worth 70% less than it was just 7 years ago; there is not much left to save for our kids as Nobama180 tells THEM its “their” problem!

  8. This post is the most insulting and demeaning I have EVER seen on this site…and that is saying something. Comparing an American president, freely elected, to some of the most loathesome and blood-soaked tyrants in history is simply disgusting. If you had any class or sense of fairness, you would remove this post immediately. For myself, the repulsion I feel in looking at the pictures of Hitler, Mao and others, pasted under a quote from the man who coined the phrase “dictatorship of the proletariat” is sufficient cause to swear off any further visits to Sonoran Alliance, a site that used to be a venue for reasonable discourse and debate. Shame on you!

  9. This site jumps the shark!!! says

    Godwin moment.

    total fail.

    game over.

  10. You canNOT be serious.

    This site has jumped the shark and fallen off the edge of the earth. Veritas Vincit, you are lacking something fierce in the critical thinking department.

  11. Freethinker says

    I’ll be sure to save this post so when my own daughter grows up she’ll be able to see the hysteria that was stirred up in our time by an angry, marginalized and frustrated right wing. Wait until the health care reform bill passes and becomes part of our national covenant just as social security (FDR) and Medicare (LBJ). That will seal President Obama’s place in the pantheon of great American leaders. VV (and by extension DSW for allowing this post to see the light of day), you’re too small to have your own place in history, but you’ll be most comfortable in the “dark side” corner dedicated to Joe McCarthy, Nixon’s “Southern Strategy”, and Cheney’s torture chambers. Party of Abraham Lincoln – NOT.

  12. As always VV you find ways to make this site look more and more pathetic. This may take the cake.

    I have one question for you… you have a tag on this of “Predictions” what exactly are you predicting?

    That Obama is going to take our children away and make them bolsheviks for 8 years? because if thats true then you are conceding a 2nd term to Obama already. That’s quite generous of you.

    Seriously thought you make this party look worse on a daily basis. If someone had done this under Bush lets say anytime after Sept 11, 2001 that person would be called unpatriotic and a traitor.

  13. Please keep the language clean, folks.

    On topic, when I read the speech last night I found it pretty acceptable and actually good in spots. Then I got to the last (full) paragraph and came across the line “I’m working hard to fix up your classrooms and get you the books, equipment and computers you need to learn.”

    Silly me! I always thought that it was the local taxpayers (inc. parents), local school boards and school administrators who were working hard to fix up classrooms, etc.

    I think that what Obama wanted to say was ” I’m working hard to increase federal involvement in local schools.” The speechwriter must have taken that line out.

  14. VV,

    What a stupid article. Point out ONE SINGLE thing that was partisan in that speach. You can’t do it.

    Ugh. As Dumb as ever.

  15. Bad taste. The way some extremist are acting, you would think they want to make sure Obama gets re-elected. Put brain in gear before using mouth.

  16. I am curious to know how many of the people who commented on this post have children (aside of GOP MOM). Anyone?

  17. Veritas Vincit says

    Rex? “… loathesome and blood-soaked tyrants in history is simply disgusting.”

    He’s only just begun. Hitler was freely and democratically elected. View Triumph of Will the uncut version and you can see lots of good folks lining the streets just like they do for the Obamanation today.

    Sorry folks, if it quacks like a tyrants and walks like a tyrant and sticks its stupid chin in the air like Il Duce… well, it ain’t Marry Poppins.

  18. Basil St. John says

    Thanks, Veritas. We appreciate you continuing to make the conservatives in the GOP look like idiots. You’re doing a spectacular job! Keep up the good work.

  19. I have finally figured out why all the writers on Sonoran Alliance use pseudonyms.

    This site has to be the work of the Democratic National Committee.

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