And cameras too.

     As much as it may pain our readers I have to agree with one of the state’s Democrat blogs, Rum, Romanism and Rebellion. A recent story by Matt Benson of the Arizona Republic asked if bloggers had phones. The answer from Sonoran Alliance (SA) is simple. Why yes Matt we do, thanks for asking.

     SA was not directly involved in the issue that brought forth Mr. Benson’s question, did any one call the Hay campaign in CD 1 regarding her fundraising numbers. After reading Benson’s blog post I would like to ask if reporters at the Arizona Republic have cameras? Do they know how to use them? Do reporters from the Arizona Republic work after 5:00 pm? Do they ever leave the office for a story or just sit by the fax machine waiting for press releases so they can follow up with a … phone call.

     The reason I ask is because I did not notice Matt Benson’s story or photos from this night, when Ron Haney and the conservative slate won in LD 11. Did Matt Benson attend, photograph, or write about the more recent LD 4 GOP primary debate? I know it is out of the papers coverage area but here is our story from the LD 26 GOP House debate and the LD 26 GOP Senate debate.

     Yes, we have phones and we spend quite a lot of time talking on them about politics. We also attend events in person, take photos, and report what happened. Matt, would you like to come write for us after you take your buyout? We offer a work at home program with very flexible hours.

     Maybe the crickets that you hear chirping are from all the empty desks at your declining subscription newspaper.


  1. Call matt benson... says

    …and tell him call a teenager who has worked on a political campaign for one day, and get his opinion on whether or not Sydney Hay fudged her fundraiser numbers in order to get attention.

    Seriously, these morons who pretend to inform and enlighten the public about politics have no clue whatsoever. I have a bridge to sell you, Matt! Only $100,000.

  2. Tim rafferty says

    Stop Illegal Hiring!!!!!!

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