An excellent analysis of the Yellow Sheet’s partisan left wing tilt

Someone who subscribes to the Yellow Sheet said they sent the following letter anonymously when asked for feedback –

You asked for feedback in today’s Yellow Sheet on your coverage of Arizona government/politics. I have read the Yellow Sheet for years, dating well back into the Creighton era. I have noticed a palpable leftward shift in your coverage ever since the Capitol Times was purchased by Dolan Media, a company controlled by a Minnesota liberal. I think this causes you to lose credibility, for example when you said that Harry Mitchell would likely hold his seat as long as he wanted it and the smart money on who his successor would be was on David Schapira. That is simply ludicrous, and anyone with political sense would know to discount other things that you say when you say things like that.

I also disagree with the way you make liberal use of anonymous “railbirds” to bash conservatives. When you quote an anonymous railbird, it is almost always to make a point that is against a conservative.

You may think it hypocritical of me to respond anonymously, but I am just a reader providing feedback to you, whereas your publication receives significant dissemination. And also you are media professionals with ethical standards. Yes I am a Republican, but unlike you I don’t think my party affiliation has compromised my ability to provide unbiased analysis.


  1. SonoranSam says

    lib-ruhls, lib-ruhls, lib-ruhls!

    They’re hiding under my bed!

    They’re corrupting the minds of our children!

    They’re taking over the Yellow Sheet, which everyone knows is supposed to tilt toward the Right!

    Why they’re even taking over the Wall Street Journal (oh, nevermind).

    And…and…and…they’re coercing God-fearing people into having sex in public bathrooms (hmmmm. Maybe we shouldn’t bring that up).

    But it’s a conspiracy, I tell ya!

  2. I’m not so sure they are tilting liberal or if they are just plain stupid. Mitchell holding onto a fairly heavily Republican seat that he won from a scandal tinged Republican in a bad year for as long as he wants? Not even the Democrat Congressional Committee would buy that line.

  3. Who wrote this dumb letter? Take a stand, make your point, and get the heck out of the ring!

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