Americans voting vs Illegals Voting

I would like to submit the following for you to consider:
Why is it that Americans have to share their privileges with illegals?  Those who participate in illegal activities should have consequences to their illegal actions.  Instead some people are selecting to reward them with American privileges which include further opportunities to commit crimes. 
As an American, I should not have to have my vote canceled out by a criminal! 
As an American, I should not have to put up with the illegal activities of the person in a voting line in front or behind me!
As an American, I see no inconvenience in having to show my “REAL” identity in order to pursue my privilege of voting. 
I see no offense in being asked for my “REAL” identity.  This is probably because I am an American.  My identity is “REAL”.
For those who select to take the role that “doesn’t offend the criminal, but rather can offend the Americans – shame on you!!!
I am thankful for the American who made it possible for me, a woman to vote legally…
I am sickened by the Americans who give my voting privilege away to criminals!
Let’s enforce the laws already on the books!  Prop 200!!
Those who should vote -need to vote and those who shouldn’t vote (illegals) should NOT VOTE!
Our legal votes are being diluted by illegal votes!!  An illegal vote is often the deciding vote!
Arizona voters made their voices heard by voting for Prop 200!  Now, let’s enforce the laws that are on the books!

Speak Your Mind


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