Americans for Prosperity identifies Republican legislators who may vote for Brewer’s tax increase referral

Americans for Prosperity is urging constituents who live in these legislators’ districts to put pressure on them not to vote for Brewer’s tax increase referendum.

Will they become collectively known as “The Squishy 9,” or will some of them stick to their core Republican values of lower taxation? (comments added by us, not AFP)

Sen. Carolyn Allen – aka “Janet Napolitano, Jr.”
Sen. Rich Crandall – he may as well write off winning a Republican primary for Superintendent of Schools if he votes for this
Rep. Adam Driggs – very sad to see him on this list, he’s generally a solid Republican
Rep. Russ Jones
Rep. Bill Konopnicki – will also ruin any future political aspirations like running for Congress if he votes for this
Rep. Lucy Mason
Rep. Michele Reagan – Ronald Reagan will be rolling over in his grave if she votes for it
Sen. Jay Tibshraeny – would be another real disappointment, he’s been a solid Republican
Rep. Vic Williams

We’ve heard rumors that Brewer may not run for another term as governor. Which would explain why she’s committed Republican career suicide advocating for a tax increase. But some of these legislators have higher aspirations and seek reelection. Is it worth their careers voting as Republicans for a tax increase? It may score them a few invites to establishment parties, but the vote will never stop following them around. Republicans already disagree on many sublevel issues, like abortion, gun rights, and tax credits. If we can’t agree on reducing taxes, then what’s left holding us together and distinguishing us from Democrats?


  1. No tax increase says

    If any of these nine end-up voting to put a tax increase on the ballot, I will definitely be knocking on doors for any anti-tax increase republicans, who step-up to Primary them.

  2. Didn’t Ronald Reagan support a tax increase when he was CA governor? I mean, the real Reagan, not the romanticized, Libertarian version you and others have turned him into.

  3. You got to be kidding says

    Randy Pullen, the Republican Party state chair is supporting the Brewer tax increase–what are you talking about–if the Party is supporting the increase–anyone who does not vote for it is a RINO!!!!! Who makes up these lists? All nine are solid true republicans. Do you want more Kyrsten Sinema’s? Keep up the good work! Get real and support our REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR

  4. Core Republican says

    So the other option to get us through this downturn is to borrow against the future and get ourselves deeper into debt? Sounds like someone else we already see doing this on the national level. Even if we cut every program that can be cut, we are still in the hole. This is a temporary tax increase to carry us through until the economy returns. I support Brewer and everyone of the above listed legislators. I hate to have to pay more in taxes, but it will take each of us sacrificing a little bit to get us back. Stop being divisive and work on finding a solution to the problem, not a problem with the solution.

  5. Adam Radman says


    Reagan did sign a tax increase into as Gov. of California but he never stopped regretting it.

    Doesn’t mean that it’s okay to support the tax increase now.

  6. Tax increases – even if temporary – will just be a license for more government spending. The problem is primarily too much government spending – not just too little revenue compared to spending. When the state government had revenue that could be used to build up the rainy day fund and protect us from these financial problems, every penny plus even more was spent on expanding government programs. If we don’t draw a line and use this crisis as an opportunity to cut government, we will keep going from one crisis to another. Soon, we will become like California with its bloated government, high taxes, and economic collapse.

    There are some structural problems that need to be fixed such as not allowing any voter spending mandates on the legislature beyond the amount raised by dedicated revenue/tax sources. Currently, education and healthcare are subject to appropriation mandates without corresponding funding sources. These need to be fixed at the ballot. State legislators should put a referendum on the ballot to do this and make it effective for all prior voter mandates.

    There are other sources of “borrowing” that could help get the state through this crisis without raising taxes. School districts have large surpluses variously estimated from $400M to $2B. They could take delays in their payments from the state – an unpleasant but tried and true practice of deficit spending. This could help the state “balance” its budget until the economy picks up and the rainy day fund can be properly funded.

    Cutting state management employees at a greater rate than “front line” employees would also be a good start. Some news stories I have read show that state government managers are protecting their own jobs while laying off people who actually do the work.

    Given that tax paying private sector employees are facing layoffs and pay cuts, it is not unreasonable for the people they support in government or as government beneficiaries to be subject to comparable cuts.

    Brewer and these state legislators are big government Republicans who have more respect for state bureaucracies and welfare recipients than for taxpayers.

  7. Veritas Vincit says

    Core Republican sez … “… Even if we cut every program that can be cut, we are still in the hole.”

    Then maybe we do more than cut, we eliminate the program altogether. Then maybe we privatize some state functions. Then maybe we dispose of some state property.

    The Brewer Tax increase will only continue unsustainable levels of state spending.

    Oh, and rumor is there are some Republicans working secretly behind leadership’s back to craft their own Democratic’esque tax increase – stay tuned.

  8. I love how Hunter try’s to legitimize borrowing and other questionably illegal accounting methods! The fact that you reference the structural problem shows you haven’t taken two seconds to even read Brewer’s plan.

    This is just the list that has the guts and leadership to step up, admit the facts, and take a stand against future tax increases to cover the extra borrowing costs your so cold “fiscal Republicans” are talking about.

    How could anyone with a conscience or a brain step up and support borrowing over a temporary tax increase?

  9. Veritas Vincit says

    When there are more options available, why are only two discussed?

    This is an excellent time to reevaluate what state government should be. Not scheme ways to maintain unsustainable government.

  10. Kenny Jacobs says

    Hunter wrote:

    “Cutting state management employees at a greater rate than “front line” employees would also be a good start. Some news stories I have read show that state government managers are protecting their own jobs while laying off people who actually do the work.”


  11. Veritas Vincit says

    Kenny, my local DES office laid off 9 line workers but the office management types continue to be employed.

    Average difference between the 14 “supervisory” level workers and the line/front window workers? About $12,000/yr.

    Kenny’s right.

  12. Tom Buggeln says

    I;d like to submit a couple of observations:

    1. I’ve inhabited this planet for almost 66 yrs. and have never experienced a “temporary” tax increase!

    2. Public entities always are top heavy in relatively high paying Adminitrative positions and they are untouchable.

    All the more reason to eventually abolish them and let the market attend to real needs!

  13. Bryan Martyn says

    The Republican Party needs to look long and hard at the position they (Randy Pullen) are endorsing. Although unity amongst the Party is critical during these times, we must remain steadfast in our core principles. To give up those principles, if only temporarily, is to weaken and denigrate the ideals which have made us THE counter to the flawed ideals of the Democrat Party.

    As confident, well-grounded adults, we would never compromise our core beliefs relating to how we live our lives. Why would we compromise our beliefs relating to how our government should function?

    We are the Party of ideas. The Party of commitment to ideals greater than ourselves. We are better than this.

    There has got to be another way! Remember, nobody can take your integrity. You have to give it away…

  14. I doubt if anyone is for a tax increases (especially Governor Brewer ).

    But once you are finished cutting all you can possibly do without breaking the law, after you have scoured every possible accounting fund where there might be some remaining cash , after you have sold and leased back state assets ,after you have securitized future state building, after you have proposed and passed a revision to Prop 105 , after you have moved back state government back to 2006 or earlier levels and you STILL have a significant deficit how many other alternatives does the Legislature have to balance our state budget ? The Legislature is constitutionally obligated to balance the budget. Remember?

    Since we cannot print money what are the specific suggestions on what should be done to balance the budget?

    There is no one who appreciates our beliefs about being tax cutters or government limiters more than me. But let’s not forget we are cleaning up the mess created by JANET NAPOLITANO. This mess MUST be cleaned up and responsible Republicans must have the integrity to do all they can to resolve the situation she left the state. We must first do all of the things that we can do constitutionally and then and only then ( once we have exhausted all of our other remedies ) the Legislature and the Governor consider other revenue enhancers.

    Finally , let’s not be so judgemental about any legislator you speculate might vote one way or another. Let’s also not tie any legislator’s hands either from doing their job.

    NO Republican wants to increase taxes. Period.

    No Republican is interested in hurting any Arizona citizen ( despite what the democrat party and most unions would lead people to believe) !!

    Keep the cost cutting going. Let the process unfold and allow the men and women we elected do the jobs they were elected to do before we begin the rhetoric about taking them out in 2010.

    How about we concentrate on beating democrats in 2010 who would pass new taxes in a heart beat and continue to grow government of it were not for our efforts.

  15. Veritas Vincit says

    Three questions for the voters:

    1) Should budget items locked up by initiative be unlocked and reviewed for potential budget cuts?

    2) How do we define *temporary* in terms of a tax increase so that later, if it doesn’t work out, we are sure the *temporary* tax goes away?

    3) Based on the answers to the first two questions; Do you approve of a *temporary* tax increase and by how much applied to what portions of the state budget?

  16. It’s actually quite simple Veritas.

    1.) Absolutely. It will have to be temporary to get the 105’ers on your side but there is a way to get them to not fight too hard. There will need to be some give and take.

    2.)Make it constitutional and make it expire on an off year. You want to put money on the likelihood of a “temporary tax” getting a second nod? In an off year (special election)?

    3.) Should be used to fund education shortfalls first (not covered by the stimulus funds). Only enough to cover the shortfalls. Must be accompanied by huge cuts and MOST IMPORTANTLY, a breaking mechanism for future spending (my favorite part of her 5 pt plan). Repubs spent and approved the budgets when we had a billion in surplus.


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