American Majority Candidate & Activist training – May 15


  1. Just curious, anyone been through this training before?

  2. VoiceInTheWild says

    This is a sham – and a shame. The GOP should be doing the FREE for its candidates, not charging. Low budget legislative candidates need all their dollars for their races.

  3. Stephen Kohut says

    American Majority did the initial training for the now +30,000 strong Dallas Tea Party. This is being put on by the East Valley Tea Party not the GOP. It is intended for a differnent audience.

  4. Phxactivist says

    It looks like the AZGOP has a GOPAC training school scheduled in Scottsdale on May 8th.*JeCpkg4BHvV5Vr2R-kHPycyIlexgOF3y6TWIMNRAC5o54ou90d-HW8Zhu8zsHb2-gd3gCYBGbnbqQQf1gjX8VCHPDVmwi/gopactrainings.pdf

    It says it’s a free school.

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