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ALRA Releases Its Primary Candidate Endorsements

ALRA Releases Its Primary Candidate Endorsements

MESA, ARIZONA (July 11, 2012) – In light of the unprecedented importance placed on the 2012 electoral cycle, the Executive Board of the Arizona Latino Republican Association (ALRA) decided to break with its former practice and officially vet and endorse some primary candidates.

After a review of the candidacies and political platforms of the Republicans in various key races, the ALRA Executive Board has taken formal votes to decide which candidates are most in line with our conservative platforms and values. The result of those votes is as follows:

  • Maricopa County Sheriff – Joe Arpaio
  • Congressional District 3 – Gabriela Saucedo Mercer
  • Congressional District 5 – Matt Salmon
  • Legislative District 8 Representative – T J Shope
  • Legislative District 13 Representative – Steve Montenegro
  • Legislative District 21 Representative – Rick Gray
  • Legislative District 21 Representative – Debbie Lesko
  • Legislative District 25 Senator – Russell Pearce
  • Gilbert Justice of the Peace – James Estrada

Congratulations to all on receiving ALRA’s endorsement of their respective campaigns. We look forward to working with all of them to strengthen the conservative representation that is vital to the future dignity, security and prosperity of the people of Arizona.



  1. Nordine Crub says

    This is a joke….right? And let me guess…the chairman of the organization is Olivia Cortez.

  2. Tiny Elvis says

    I bet the ALRA didn’t even bother to interview opponents, right? This reads like an Onion story.

    Does the AZ Republican Party really think voters are stupid enough to believe a real latino organization would endorse these turds?

  3. wherewasi says

    This reads very similar to Robert’s “dekookify” list.

    Seriously, Arpaio should be in an assisted living facility. The man hasn’t done a thing that resembles a sheriff’s “duties” since the media started shoving a microphone and TV camera in his face every time he wanted to comment on illegal immigration.

    How about it you just make him the Honorary Chairman of the Boarder Patrol and give him a reality show about deciphering allegedly forged documents and serve him up Beanie Weenies to his heart’s content?

  4. wherewasi says

    I know Lester Pearce isn’t listed on this article, but Russell is and they’re holding a fund raiser together next weekend. (No comments allowed on the ad, or I would have mentioned it there.) I wonder if there will be comment on the fact that Lester is now under a judicial ethics investigation?

  5. RussellPearceWatch says

    The ALRA has how many members? 10?

  6. Welcome to the New Times Roadshow. Headlining is a crowd favorite with an avatar of Kirsten Enema’s grandmother and a Hooterville moniker. Then closing are the Stephen Lemons Dancers, a precision coordinated team of libtards in lockstep. Get you popcorn and drinks now, there will be no intermission.

    • It is worth mentioning that the filth on the left call anyone and everyone demanding enforcement of immigration law “racists.” That’s a given. But look what happens when some Hispanics stand up as Americans in favor of “enforcement candidates.” Their stand on the issue is touted by the gutter litter as “a joke”, liars, a “dekookify list”, and even the insinuation that the group’s voice means nothing because of its size.

      So the anti-law, anti-sovereignty, pro-invader, pro-amnesty street screechers are in fact hypocrits. They stereotype all Hispanics as sharing their sickness, and when that is proven a fairytale, they bristle and attack. Vermin of a feather.

  7. ALRA member says

    Amazing that as long as Latinos are protesting in favor of illegal immigration they are considered by the left to be the voice of reason. But when a group with over 300 paid members endorse candidates that favor enforment of existing immigration, they are insulted by the same left.

    • The ALRA members are under tremendous pressure from the maniac left and many Hispanics, and they have more courage than most of the elected officials in Arizona. Thank you ALRA!

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