All that money and just plain templates – updated

     The Democrats and their union allies are pouring tons of cash into Legislative District 30 in SE Tucson/Cochise County and also District 26 in NW Tucson among other contests in Arizona. One of the mailers they sent out for Andrea Dalessandro targets military families. Good idea for that district, which contains Fort Huachuca and is near Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. I am not sure how Dalessandro is going to stop foreclosures as a state representative but hey, she is a Democrat so she can do anything.

     The same mailer was dropped into District 26, which has a smaller military presence. Why let a good template go to waste when you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to burn through. I still would like to know more about all these plans to prevent foreclosures. Will the state step in and make the payments? Will the banks be forced to allow people to live in a house for free, without making payments? I actually like that plan. Not sure how it works out in the end but sounds great for now. This from candidates who want to increase property taxes on the very same homes that they are trying to keep people from losing (state equalization tax issue.) Do they not know that increasing property taxes makes it more expensive and more difficult to stay in your home?

     Update: Here is the latest addition to the template mailer collection. This time it was dropped into District 20 and the sponsors name changed from Arizonans for a Healthy Economy to Responsible Arizonans with major funding provided by Arizona Wins. Based on the identical text it looks like the same union special interest groups based in Phoenix and Washington D.C.


  1. Democrats telling more lies…it’s illegal to foreclose on a house, or take any legal action against a deployed soldier. But why let facts get in the way? That’s like Andrea saying “vote for me and I’ll outlaw counterfeiting US currency”.

    Do you think the Weekly will do a story about the Democrat’s “retread” ads like they did about the Bee ad? No. They sure won’t. Star? Citizen? Doubt it.

  2. Hey, look at the photos of Andrea and Don. Same venue? Saaaay, the Dems didn’t coordinate with the candidates on the mailers did they? They both even have on denim shirts. Hilarious! Template ads, template clothes, template rubber stamp for Napolitano, template liberal broken record. Raise taxes…spend more (skip) raise taxes…spend more (skip) raise taxes…spend more (skip)

  3. SonoranSam says

    Not-so-nice try. This is typical Republican last-minute tactives of throwing mud, and hoping enough sticks to allow your candidates to sneak across the finish line.

    I’m hopeful that LD26 voters are smarter than that.

  4. The election is full of false advertising and lies. The candidates don’t hesitate to send out mailers with half truths and outright lies. Neither do the promotoers of the initiatives.

    The AZ ballot has a lot more TRICK than treat in store for voters — take a look at this —

    Scary, when MORE government is a solution to anything.

  5. That is REALLY funny. Cookie-cutter candidates. What a concept.

    I’m hoping district 26 and 30 voters are smarter than that too. Smart enough to realize that the Democrats don’t already know that is already illegal to do to a deployed soldier.

    So either the Democratic party is ignorant on the issues or they are lying to the voters in their mailers. Either way, not good. Especially in a district where the population knows a lot about military issues.

    What’s next from the Democrats? A mailer saying Dalessandro will cure all known diseases if she’s elected? I almost can’t wait to go to my mailbox these days.

  6. Uh, Sam how is covering the election throwing mud? This blog post is basically solid news with a touch of snark.

  7. Hoping enough sticks? Hey Sammy, it’s the same photo background for Don and Andrea. They both are wearing denim shirts. The mailers are both the same (and both factually incorrect). What needs to “stick”? You can look at the two and see. A cookie cutter template from the candidate to the photo to the message.

    Your reaction is like Dan Aykroyd in the Bag O Glass bit.

  8. Glendale GOP says

    Same mailers all over Phoenix and the West Side too!

  9. Wow, you’d think the Weekly would really dive into this form of recycling and expose it for lots of laughs and stuff. But it would be at the expense of the Democrats so it’s not so funny to Nintzel.

    How to spend a million dollars: Get a template, start Xeroxing, don’t bother with facts, Get some cookie cutter liberals to fill the boxes. Great job Democrats and unions. All that money and no original ideas, or facts. Governor Napolitano, your coordinated attack is a joke! In case you did not notice, we are mocking you.

  10. Why isn’t the Republican Party doing this for their candidates? Are dumb or ethical.

    I think its ethical. Oh well, next year we’ll learn. We’ll also learn to disable online credit card security features like Obama and accept millions in fraudelent donations.

  11. Giffords is a sleazball says

    she looks like Benny Hill.

  12. I want to know where I can get my very own Democrat “proletariat” shirt like Andrea and Don.

  13. I’ve never given this a try, but I think it’s about time I do.

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