After 28 Years in Office, NOW John McCain Gets Serious About the Border, or Something

For almost three weeks now we’ve been hearing incessantly about the much-touted McCain-Kyl Border Action Plan.

Just one tiny problem, it’s not a bill yet, it is still being written.

I called Senator McCain’s office today to find out just where in the “legislative process” the plan stood.  I was told that the plan is still being written and no one in the office knew when it would actually hit the floor of the Senate.

John McCain at his best.  Another sound-byte, another commercial, another opportunity for John McCain to pontificate.  But the bottom line, John McCain has again lied to the residents of Arizona.  How do we know?  Easy, the first word of the McCain-Kyl Plan is immediately. defines immediately as:

without lapse of time; without delay; instantly; at once.

Considering that the plan is still being drafted weeks after its announcement and subsequent ad campaign, the McCain-Kyl Border Action Plan is the latest glaring example of John McCain’s inability to accomplish anything of substance dealing with the overwhelming challenges facing the residents of Arizona.

Since it’s announcement, we’ve had a deputy shot in the desert67 illegals captured one day, 89 illegals captured another night and the stories continue ad nauseum.  Thanks for nothing, Senator.

If you have somehow missed it, here is the plan.

The 10-step plan

• Immediately deploy 3,000 National Guard troops along the Arizona-Mexico border and add 3,000 Custom and Border Protection agents to the Arizona-Mexico border by 2015.

• Fund and support Operation Streamline in Arizona’s two Border Patrol sectors to ensure that repeat illegal border crossers go to jail for 15 to 60 days.

• Provide $100 million, an increase of $40 million, for Operation Stonegarden, a program that provides funds to Arizona's border law enforcement for additional costs related to illegal immigration and drug smuggling.

• Offer hardship-duty pay to Border Patrol agents assigned to rural, high trafficking areas.

• Complete the 700 miles of fencing along the U.S. border with Mexico and construct double- and triple-layer fencing at appropriate locations along the border. [Yeah right, that’s gonna happen]

• Increase the 25 mobile surveillance systems and three Predator B aerial drones in place along the Arizona-Mexico border. Send additional fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters to the Arizona-Mexico border.

• Increase funding for vital radio communications and interoperability between agencies.

• Provide funding for additional Border Patrol stations in the Tucson Sector and explore the possibility of an additional Border Patrol sector for Arizona. Create six additional permanent Border Patrol forward operating bases, and provide funding to upgrade the existing bases to include modular buildings, electricity and potable water. Complete construction of the planned permanent checkpoint in Arizona. Deploy additional temporary roving checkpoints.

• Require the federal government to fully reimburse state and local governments for the costs of incarcerating criminal aliens.

• Place one full-time federal magistrate in Cochise County and provide full funding for and authorization of the Southwest Border Prosecution Initiative to reimburse state, county, tribal, and municipal governments for costs associated with the prosecution and pretrial detention of federally-initiated criminal cases declined by local offices of the U.S. attorneys.

Sounds like a really, really good plan, doesn’t it?  Just remember though, they’re still writing it. Tick, tick, tick…..


  1. Stephen Kohut says

    And John will drop it like a hot potato the moment the primary is over. Nothing like consistency in a politcal hack.

  2. McCain and Kyl presented the plan on the floor of the Senate and, like ALL bills, has to get through the process. They did not invent nor do they control the rules of the Senate.

    But then, Hayworth has never let rules get in the way of getting what he wants..especially when it has $ signs attached.

  3. Oberserve says

    Now I am NOT a McCain supporter and I have contributed to and will be voting for JD.

    That said, I gotta call BS when I see it.

    This statement, “Just one tiny problem, it’s not a bill yet, it is still being written.”
    could have also been made about Russell Pearce’s SB1070. The bill was written as it went through the legislature. Pearce asserted it was a “well written” law that had been vetted by several constitutional “experts”. That turned out to be false and it was written and rewritten as it went through the approval process.

  4. The problem of illegal immigration isn’t just at the border.

    McCain is ignoring the issue of workplace enforcement.

    He is not serious about effectively dealing with illegal immigration. He is just spinning border enforcement until the primary.

  5. Iris Lynch says

    Yes, just how many times will we fall for “I will marry you in the morning…. meantime, sweetie…”

  6. You all missed on very critical point in the first bullet point of the McCain/Kyl plan (by the way, is that the first piece of legislation we’ve seen that has another Republican named in the title of it?)

    “Immediately deploy 3,000 National Guard troops along the Arizona-Mexico border and add 3,000 Custom and Border Protection agents to the Arizona-Mexico border by 2015.

    By 2015? Uh, isn’t that like FIVE years from now?

    And other than the President activating the national guard, I thought it was a state’s governor who was responsible for deploying their respective national guard units on domestic crisis. Since when did the US Congress, through federal legislation, dictate a national guard’s deployment? (please correct me if I’m wrong.)

  7. It’s a compound sentence, Shane. Immediate is immediate and the agents come later. Simple.

    I’m sure Brewer or Martin, whomever wins, will make sure the guard gets there. That is unless the stupid leadership of the Republican Party in this state screw that up, too.

    Any other stupid red herrings?

  8. It’s still a piece of fiction. Per Kyl’s office the very, very soonest they would introduce this is the 1st quarter of 2011.

    It’s only a ploy to help get McCain re-elected.

  9. Stephen Kohut says

    Brewer could have had the Guard loaded for bear on the border long ago. Must be my poor eyesight as I have yet to see one down there. McCain and Brewer are both in the primary run to the right to be followed by the general election shift back to the left where they govern and legislate from. Sorry, Jan and John. No sale this year. Onward with vigorous contested primaries.

  10. Veritas Vincit says

    Begin the drumbeat … 1070 is John McCain’s legacy.

  11. Carlist says

    Keep in mind that when the Senate Republicans revolted against Bush-Kennedy-McCain in 2007 when they tried to ram a re-encactment of Simpson-Mazzoli through, Bush was forced to sign a bill erecting a border fence!

    Once safely re-elected Kyl along with Kay Bailey Hutchison quietly killed the funding for the fence!

    Both he and McCain are completely in the back pocket of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and this outfit is the complete gorilla in the GOP’s immigration living room.

    Especially here where the Chamber is dedicated to keeping Arizona’s status as a second rate Florida.

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