ADM Drives Education Budget in AZ

– Gayle Plato-Besley

Do you have an elementary-aged child getting ready to celebrate the 100th day of school soon?  It’s coming you know, and never in the history of Arizona has it been more important.  For those that attended school in Arizona over twenty years ago, you might not remember the hoopla about DAY 100. Years ago, it was just another day: no parade or party full of spectacle.

Yet DAY 100  is all in the news  for it is the ADM drop off point: Average Daily Membership (ADM), or the driving data used to determine your child’s fate in regards to funds, makes everybody stand up and take notice.  Average Daily Membership determines money per student sent out to the schools. 

ADM is calculated based on the 100 day attendence record, averaging out the number of kids per class, grade, school and district.  This is the KEY to determining how much money goes out, and how much per student may get cut.  It is why we celebrate perfect attendance in schools; it is why I was up too late with my Kindergartener pasting 100 things and coloring by tens.  It was a good lesson for him, but then it’s a vital lesson for us all.

Arizona State Legislators are gearing up for a fun game of pass the buck.  Each passes off budgetary woes, and blames the incoming Republicans for what’s gonna hit the fan.  As the Arizona Republic deftly put out there today, (, the Republicans are out to get you parents, and cut all of the programs you like.  It’s their fault.  Sounds like high school girls whining when Dad takes away the cell phone after a huge bill comes in. Look for more woe in your district,  and definition of the budget as schools start to tabulate their piece of the shrinking pie. 


  1. unthinkable says

    Our children “IS” not learning in this big funding cesspit we call pubic education. Moreover, our assertion of state’s rights is compromised by our paws extended to the Feds for worthless Federal Reserve Notes all the time.

    We need to rethink this whole topic, because the system is about to crumble. What I need from government to let me have MY property (meaning…get rid of worthless fiat currency that is not backed by anything) and let me take care of myself and my family.

    Stop taxing me up the ying-yang, and I will teach my own children to be independent and self-reliant and moral. As Republicans, we need to stop behaving like COMMUNISTS! It’s time to take drastic measures to preserve our freedoms or they will be gone forever! Never to be resurrected in our lifetimes!

    As for all the arguments about the others that are not able to homeschool, blah, blah…who cares…if the entire system will crumble anyway? And, it is!

    Short-sighted fixes are not in order. Time to get back to foundational principles that really work. We need to rethink the entire model rather than patch the holes in the dike that is about to burst!

    If you research the Public School ‘experiment’ you will discover that it was a failed exploit as far back as the late 1800’s. They had statistics to show even then that it was detrimental to society. There was even an increase in the crime rate wherever the public schools were instituted. Nothing has changed, eh?

    We can ignore these truths, but only for so long. The inevitable consequences will surface all the more as time goes even if one wishes to ignore the obvious. We have a broken system and it cannot sustain itself.

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