Actually the “Party of No’ Has Ideas, Lots of Them

The Obama Ministry of Truth continues to blatantly lie and denigrate all who oppose them.  But if one would take the time to turn off Idol for one night, you might find out the the “Party of No” has been working their collective butts off coming up with idea after idea.

The virtual embargo on reporting Republican legislation has allowed Democrats and their allies in the media to keep up the “Republicans have no plan” attack. Just hours after the president’s speech, for example, the Democratic National Committee released a new commercial claiming that Republicans “refuse to offer a plan” to reform the health care system.

Just for the record, in case you want to check them out, these are the bills proposed, so far, by Tom Price [Head of the House GOP Study Committee] and his allies in the House:

  • H.R. 77 The Health care Incentive Act

  • H.R. 109 Americas Affordable Health Care Act of 2009

  • H.R. 198 Health Care Tax Deduction Act of 2009

  • H.R. 270 TRICARE Continuity of Coverage for National Guard and Reserve Families Act of 2009

  • H.R. 321 SCHIP Plus Act of 2009

  • H.R. 464 More Children, More Choices Act of 2009

  • H.R. 502 Health Care Freedom of Choice Act

  • H.R. 544 Flexible Health Savings Act of 2009

  • H.R. 917 To increase the health benefits of dependents of members of the Armed Forces who die because of a combat-related injury

  • H.R. 1086 Help Efficient, Accessible, Low-cost, Timely Healthcare (HEALTH) Act of 2009

  • H.R. 1118 Health Care Choices for Seniors Act

  • H.R. 1441 Ryan Dant Health Care Opportunity Act of 2009

  • H.R. 1458 Comprehensive Immunosuppressive Drug Coverage for Kidney Transplant Patients Act of 2009

  • H.R. 1468 Medical Justice Act of 2009

  • H.R. 1658 Veterans Healthcare Commitment Act of 2009

  • H.R. 1891 Sunset of Life Protection Act of 2009

  • H.R. 2520 Patients’ Choice Act

  • H.R. 2607 Small Business Health Fairness Act of 2009

  • H.R. 2692 CAH Designation Waiver Authority Act of 2009

  • H.R. 2784 Partnership to Improve Seniors Access to Medicare Act

  • H.R. 2785 Health Care Paperwork Reduction and Fraud Prevention Act of 2009

  • H.R. 2786 Patient Fairness and Indigent Care Promotion Act of 2009

  • H.R. 2787 Medical Liability Procedural Reform Act of 2009

  • H.R. 3141 Strengthening the Health Care Safety Net Act of 2009

  • H.R. 3217 Health Care Choice Act of 2009

  • H.R. 3218 Improving Health Care for All Americans Act

  • H.R. 3356 Medicare Beneficiary Freedom to Choose Act of 2009

  • H.R. 3372 Health Care OverUse Reform Today Act (HealthCOURT Act)

  • H.R. 3400 Empowering Patients First Act

  • H.R. 3438 Access to Insurance for all Americans Act

  • H.R. 3454 Medicare Hospice Reform and Savings Act of 2009

  • and H.R. 3478 Patient-Controlled Healthcare Protection Act of 2009

Obama is right, other than these 32 bills, [all written in 2009] the GOP has absolutely no ideas to present.

“It’s frustrating,” Price says. But Republicans believe that in the end, the public won’t buy the administration’s line. “The American people are smarter than that,” Price says. “They know there are alternatives out there. That’s what August was all about.”

Yeah, and that is what November will be about too.


  1. Even Democrats can see through the smoke and mirrors. This administration doesn’t consider anything a plan that doesn’t remove all forms of individual privacy. Nor do they consider it a plan when a free-market rules what purchases we make.

  2. This party of “No” phony construct is pathetic.

    Republicans said “No” to slavery, Jim Crow, and the Civil Rights filibuster, “no” to segregated schools.

    THe GOP was right about all that, and the Democrat Party was wrong, wrong, wrong.

    But suddenly, “no” isn’t right. “No” was the right thing to say and do before, many times.

  3. This is exactly the problem, not once have I heard a GOP congressman on tv saying look we have 32 bills and start to rattle them off to prove the point. The party needs to do a better job at pointing this out.

    It would also be nice if the GOP could unite around a single bill. Ryan put forward a very comprehensive healthcare plan that is detailed and is a very viable alternative to the Dems, but the GOP leadership has balked at endorsing it. That would also go a long way it showing the GOP is presenting alternatives.

  4. papatodd, in order to create policy, one must pass bills in both the House AND the Senate. Care to share the consensus Senate bills drafted by the Republican caucus? I can make it easy for you, they don’t exist.

  5. ………………
    Care to share the consensus Senate bills drafted by the Republican caucus?I can make it easy for you, they don’t exist.

    Oh, that’s when the DEMOCRATS say “no.” Do Pelosi or Reid “reach across the aisle?”

  6. Johnny and Kenny,
    A wonderful impersonation of Sgt. Schultz. 32 bills presented here and still “I see nothing, I see nothing”……

  7. If your not even going to address my point, papatodd, why bother showing yourself on the thread again? At least you are consistent at being pathetic.

  8. papatodd,

    I didnt say I see nothing, on the contrary I appreciate you showing me all 32 bills. The problem is the GOP doesnt talk about these 32 bills. They actually dont talk about any of them, unless you are Paul Ryan. That to me is part of the problem.

  9. Johnny, You are correct. My apologies…

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