Activists and Former Campaign Staff Apologize for Propping Up Kelli Ward

This from two staffers with the Kelli Ward for Senate campaign.

As Ward “kicks off” her campaign in Scottsdale, her campaign’s former Chief Strategist Dustin Stockton and Press Secretary Jennifer Lawrence speak out.

Two prominent grassroots activists issued an apology to America First activists and the people of Arizona for helping legitimize the candidacy of Kelli Ward. The two former Breitbart reporters ran Dr. Ward’s campaign from May until September in 2017 serving as Chief Strategist and Press Secretary.

“Dustin and I began helping Kelli when she ran against John McCain in 2016. Over the years we advocated for her with grassroots groups, activists, and media from around the country. After running her campaign, we’ve realized that our successful efforts to legitimize her campaign was a mistake. We are sorry to the #MAGA activists and the people of Arizona because they deserve better candidates”

Kelli Ward is hosting a “campaign kickoff” in Scottsdale Arizona tonight featuring Laura Ingraham and J.D. Hayworth, despite the fact that she formally launched her campaign against Senator Flake before the 2016 general election had even concluded. Before Stockton and Lawrence took over her campaign, Ward was regularly described as a fringe candidate in the media and with conservative political groups and donors. Ward was generally seen as a weaker candidate than both AZ State Treasurer Jeff DeWitt and former AZ Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham.

“We hadn’t anticipated taking over Kelli’s campaign when we visited Arizona around Easter,” Stockton said. “Her campaign was such a disaster that we saw an opportunity to prove how much we can help struggling campaigns and we did just that. Unfortunately, she showed that she isn’t up to the task of standing up to the pressure that causes so many candidates to betray voters when they get to Washington.”

“Even Jeff Flake was a solid conservative as a member of the House before he betrayed his base in pursuit of his ambition in the Senate,” Lawrence finished. “We have a responsibility to our fellow America First activists to prevent another heartbreak at the hands of a politician’s blind ambition. We’re going to make sure that Arizona gets Senators that will make America First activists proud. Stay tuned.”


  1. Dave Alger says


    I met these Dustin and Jennifer (who are inimately involved with each other, btw) soon after they joined Ward’s campaign.

    I offered my 20 years of IT and data analysis experience to help. Dustin gave a DC smile and handshake, expressed his interest and desire to followup, then never did.

    During their brief time steering the campaign into the ditch, I received numerous indications that told me Dustin and Jennifer had neither did they have any idea what they were doing in a campaign, nor were they capable leaders. They repeated phone bank calls and emails demonstrating no knowledge of my past involvement and contributions told me their management systems were highly ineffective.

    Dustin and Jennifer also expressed interest in my and my wife’s candidacies in LD24. Again…promises of contact but no followup.

    My opinion based on my experience with these two us they don’t have the skills to run an organization and lack the seriousness to do so even if they did.

    Shame on Sonoran Alliance for publishing their sour grapes comments.

  2. Dave Alger says

    As of now Dustin’s Facebook page profile photo shows he and Jennifer wearong Ward campaign t-shirts.

  3. Nobody cares!

  4. Thane Eichenauer says

    Hmmm… They are apologizing because the political candidate they worked for was ambitious. They also believe that the candidate they worked for wasn’t up to the task of standing up to the pressure. Thanks for the bald opinion folks. We got a who, Kelli Ward, we have a when, when they worked for Kelli Ward, what is a bit murky, why is also a bit murky, where… in the library with a release that overpromises.

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