ACLU Tim caught by newspaper lying about Thomas’s conviction rates

ACLU Tim will say anything to get elected
ACLU Tim Nelson has centered much of his campaign around the claim that conviction rates under County Attorney Andrew Thomas have gone down. Now, the East Valley Tribune has done its own research of conviction statistics and proven ACLU Tim wrong. Exposing that ACLU Tim’s campaign has been premised on a lie. ACLU Tim has said that he thought conviction rates were going down based on his conversations with criminal defense attorneys working for the public defender’s office.

According to the Tribune’s research, based on court records, during both Thomas and prior county attorney Romley’s terms,

Overall conviction rates, alone, have remained virtually unchanged at 85 percent. That figure hasn’t shifted more than 3 percentage points, up or down, in any year.

In fact, “fewer than 18 percent of trials have ended in acquittal throughout Thomas’ first term, the data shows.”
The Tribune also found that fewer cases were going to trial under Thomas than under Romley. “Last fiscal year, which ended June 30, county prosecutors tried 942 felony cases before a jury or judge – 27 fewer than in 1998…..trial rates have been nearly 50 percent lower during Thomas’ tenure than they were for much of Romley’s final two terms.” So much for ACLU Tim’s lie that Thomas has been wasting more money and resources taking additional cases to trial. This comes as no surprise since Thomas has sent thousands more felons to prison under his tougher plea policies than Romley. That wouldn’t be possible if Thomas was losing numerous trials.

When confronted with the truth, Nelson could do nothing but sputter,

For his part, Nelson said he has struggled to find reliable numbers proving Thomas’ policies have caused losing cases to pile up, wasting taxpayers’ money. “Anecdotally, I keep getting told, ‘Well, there’s been this huge jump in acquittal rates,'” Nelson said. “So I’ve been trying to prove that for a long time.”

Is this who we want as our County Attorney, someone whose entire campaign is premised on a lie? I think not.

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