ABC 15 Catches Mitchell Lying on Abortion Question

Dr. Chris Salvino

For Immediate Release: Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tempe, AZ – Today Dr. Chris Salvino applauded ABC 15 for covering the ObamaCare debate and for exposing the lies told by fifth district Congressman Harry Mitchell.

“Last night on ABC 15’s ten o’clock newscast they caught Harry lying on the abortion question. Mitchell said there is no funding for abortion in the ObamaCare legislation. That’s a lie and Harry knows it, but it didn’t stop him from lying to thousands of Arizonans last night,” said Dr. Chris Salvino..

“Perhaps Mr. Mitchell should consult with his own Democrat Congressman Bart Stupak who has publicly said he cannot support the bill because it DOES fund abortions. Shame on Mitchell for trying to deceive us, and for agreeing to vote yes on this legislation,” concluded Salvino.


  1. The pot is calling the kettle a liar says
  2. I was at the LD 20 debate yesterday and overheard David S talking about the post above. Pretty pathetic, as are all the other nasty things people say about the CD5 candidates:

    David S: Perennial candidate, Preys on the unfortunate through his vulture fund, plus rumors persist about what team he plays for.

    Susan B: Pro Abort, and Lobbyist, at least Apraio isn’t supporting her this time

    Jim Ward: has to rely on his wife’s connections to raise money and support, Carpetbagger

    So now we know all the bad rumors about everybody. Big Deal

    Oh and David, the latest one circulating about you is way worse than the Salvino stuff above. Can’t wait to hear your response.

  3. Conservative 2 the core,

    The things aren’t nasty if they are true…

  4. The pot is calling the kettle a liar says

    Conservative 2 the core,
    Wow. This is why the Bible talks about bearing false witness against your neighbor. Gossip is just sinful (and you are mean). Chris Salvino’s financial irresponsibility is on paper, not rumor. I certainly don’t want a representative that can’t manage his own finances with integrity and thought it was worth pointing out. People have the right to know.

  5. Did Harry Mitchell lie or did he not?

    I believe he lied. You also lose points for being clueless. That’s why I honked going past his office this week.

  6. Steve Calabrese says

    “Conservative to the core” – sheesh, the paid trolls are working overtime on this one.

    Which campaign is paying you to smear David?

    Yeah, Susan B. Smith is a loser and Jim Ward is a carpetbagger, but you sure sound like a Mitchell plant to me. Typical Dem technique – Mitchell’s weak, everyone knows it, so try to cause dissension in GOP ranks.

    Nice try, troll.

  7. Calamity June says


    This man is a DOCTOR?!?!?!

    MISTER Salvino, I say MISTER because your not fit to be a doctor, how can you claim to be a healer and yet still FORCE women to have unwanted babies?!

    MY body!

    My choice!


    I hate Mitchell, he’s going to BANKRUPT us, but we need a Republican who believes in LIMITING GOVERNMENT and leaving our choices alone! Why can’t we just let Susan Bitter Smith give the GOP a NEW DIRECTION and maybe WIN some elections for a change?!!

    Who will pay for all the unwanted babies?!

  8. So Calamity Jane… you are a pro-choice republican? or do you just believe it is a states rights issue?

    I can respect letting states deal with the issue of abortion, its the same as gay marriage the courts should not be involved.

    But THEY ARE and I will not support nor will the people on this blog supprt Baby killer Susan…

  9. Stephen Kohut says

    Calamity Jane,

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

    Either we were all endowed by our creator with a right to life and human life has intrisic value or, as you profess, human life has no intrisic value, no one has a right to life and murder is a legal fiction as nothing of value has been taken. If abortion is permissible than so should murder be as the only diffence between them is location. Would you like a post delivery theraputic abortion?

  10. nightcrawler says


    Do you believe it is ok for the US to drop bombs that kill innocent children as collateral damage ?

    Do you believe in capital punishment ?

    As a society we murder people all the time with little outrage.

    Abortion is murder, on that I agree with all the Pro-life folks. Just be consistent.

  11. Wow, nightcrawler, I never thought I would find a consistent life promoter on this page – welcome to the family:

  12. nightcrawler says

    I do respect your consistency ron. All pro-life folk should take your lead, for it is completely logical.

    I am just perplexed by the selective positions taken by some in terms of the sanctity of life.

    I do support capital punishment and am a bit of a hawk in terms of protecting US interests. So I would not be a good candidate, but thanks for the invite.

  13. Stephen,

    “Would you like a post delivery theraputic abortion?”

    Man, you’re dropping that line a lot tonight. Sounds like you’ve got some anger issues. You should find someone and hug it out.

    Question: You consider abortion murder. So… women who have had abortions: Are they murderers? If so, what penalty would you assess?

  14. Stephen Kohut says


    That “line” puts in perspective what we are talking about when we compare abortion, murder and an inalienable right to life. Angry? Not in the sense you are referring to. Adament to get this fixed? Yes.

    After the “abortion” known as Roe V. Wade, which found a nonexistent right to privacy in the Constitution, is overturned, abortion would return to what it has always been, murder, the deliberate taking of a life with no differences in penalties.


    Accidental collateral damage in war is not murder under military law and never has been. What has been treated as murder is the deliberate and unwarranted taking of civilian life. The military can bomb a city with miltary value, (Dresden, Hiroshima, Tokyo, etc.) but a soldier cannot walk up to a nonthreatening noncombatent and shoot them. The argument is without merit.

    Capital punishment, which I am a firm backer of, is not murder provided there is due process of law. Our legal system provides that due process so this argument is also without merit.

  15. Johnny, you have a good point.

    pot and kettle/David Schweikert give it a rest. Sure looks like republicans won’t be sending you up against Harry this time, and knowing that your political career is nearly over you must be in a panic

    Steve Calacrabby – I don’t know what you are talking about. I post on SA all the time. Just because you are in love with David doesn’t make me a staffer, does mean i have two jobs and can only post before i head off to work.

    Calamity June – You are just an idiot baby killer.

    I sincerely hope know body feels as if i went over the line with this post, but really i grow tired of the fakes and frauds who post on SA.


  16. The pot is calling the kettle a liar says

    The pot is calling the kettle a “fakes and frauds”. Geez, all of this pent up anger toward Shwiekert. Sounds personal. All of the name calling of other posters on SA is just ugly.

  17. Stephen,

    So tsaking of an innocent human life only becomes murder in your eyes if there’s a law against it?

    You’ve got that “render unto Caesar” thing down pat, my friend. Don’t let anyone take that away from you.

  18. nightcrawler says

    So Stephen,

    If a criminally insane man with a family history of severe mental problems leading to violence, raped your daughter or granddaughter, would you suggest she abort the baby ?

  19. Stephen Kohut says


    Killing by the state, as it occurs in war, as in the death penalty, is not murder. The problem with the “pro-choice AKA pro-murder” position is that it does not survive its logical conclusion that human life has no value and there is no right to life.


    In a single word, no. We are either endowed by our Creator with a right to life and human life has intrinsic value or there is no right to life, human life has no intrinsic value and the taking of a human life is nothing more than a sanitation problem.

  20. johnny/Conservative 2 the Core says

    We are the same person. Tricky, Huh?!

  21. I have been posting on here for 2 years as johnny and no one else. If DSW would please let this idiot know that where we post from are very different places…

  22. johnny/Conservative 2 the Core says

    Okay, okay, I believe you. It was just a hunch. No need to name call.

  23. A new direction with Bitter-Smith, Calamity? She hasn’t won anything important … ever. Few people in Arizona are doing more damage to the GOP than Bitter-Smith. In fact, she might be No. 2 right behind McCain. When is she going to get a clue that she isn’t going to be a congressman? This obsession with her has been going on for more than a decade. Voters, let’s officially retire Bitter-Smith this summer.

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