A Thousand Words


What can one say about this photo snatched off the front page of Drudge?


  1. He is who he is. This photo won’t shock many Arizonans. We know him.

  2. honest abe says

    Yes, he is a uniter not a divider, evidenced by the picture.”Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

  3. Perhaps the caption should read, “Power Couple?”

  4. Abe,

    A uniter? Is that why he took Haney out to lunch to talk instead of lining up some Democrats to help fund a PAC to target Republicans in LD 11?

  5. honest abe says

    If John McCain took Rob Haney out to lunch I walk on water.

  6. No sense of irony. Here is what he did instead.

  7. honest abe says

    I think you should accept the fact that McCain will be the nominee!!

  8. Abe,

    I will accept whomever the primary voters select.

    Once the primary is over there will be lots of work to do. Making phone calls for GOTV and working on voter registration. Unlike some others, I will not continue to criticize after the vote is over. That would be pointless and unproductive.

  9. honest abe says

    Good enough..

  10. Hey, now there’s a nice picture of two people who will never be President!

    *knock on wood*

  11. Maybe she was thinking of McCain when she laugh about dealing with evil men…..did I say that?

  12. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Probably explains the latest polling numbers…


  13. Funny picture. End of story. These snapshots of life that are blown into full length movies are cute but that’s about it. How about this for a balloon caption over each of their smiling faces: “I can’t stand you and I’m going to kick your *&# all over the map!”

  14. They kind of remind me of one of those country and western music duet couples. If they were holding microphones, you would swear they were singing something by George and Tammy, perhaps “We’re gonna hold on, we’re gonna hold on…” etc…

    Good one, Sonoran Alliance.

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