A Special Tribute to Janet Napolitano

This just came in to Sonoran Alliance and we don’t mind giving it a little exposure.


  1. Great work but she is not on the ballot in 2008.

  2. It’s not an election ad unless BO asks her to serve.

  3. Still great stuff. She shouldn’t get off the hook for passing such an awful budget.

  4. While the other stuff is up for the usual debate, how, exactly, is Janet on the hook for an increase in identity theft? I mean, unless she’s the one stealing the identities?

    And Wow!, she actually didn’t pass the budget, the Republican controlled House and Senate did.

  5. Good, but this clip doesn’t even mention all these other vetoes she’s done:

    Informed consent for women considering abortions (Vetoed in 2004)

    Informing a woman considering an abortion that the child may feel pain (Vetoed in 2006)

    Notarized written consent by a parent or guardian before a minor may get an abortion (Vetoed in 2006)

    Guidelines for a judge to consider when allowing a minor to get an abortion without parental consent (Vetoed in 2006)

    Amended guidelines for a judge to consider that addressed the Governor’s concerns (Vetoed in 2008)

    No insurance taxpayer subsidies for abortions for government employees (Vetoed in 2006)

    Ban on the sale of human eggs (Vetoed in 2006)

    Informed consent for women donating their eggs (Vetoed in 2006)

    Ban on partial-birth abortion (Vetoed twice in 2008)

  6. Bobby Hyams says

    Klute – get a clue. Your misleading statements don’t wash here. You know darn well who and how the budget was passed.

  7. Bobby,

    The governor now rules by fiat? Did I miss the coup? Did Janet declare a state-of-emergency and disolve both houses of the legislature, and name herself Governor-For-Life and change the name of the Department of Public Safety to the Piestewan Guard?

    The fact of the matter is, Bobby, is that your GOP pals just signed on to what Janet sent to them. The didn’t stage a walkout, they didn’t shut down the state government, or any other major action to stop the budgest for the last, how many years now?

    It’s your gutless legislators (like Senate President Tim Bee!) who just surrendered. No glorious last stand in defense of principle and fiscal responsibility – surrender.

    So chew on that next time you get all in a huff about the state of state government.

  8. Ken Jacobs says

    Republicans couldn’t beat Governor Napolitano at the ballot box. I guess anonymous and inaccurate hit pieces dull the pain.

  9. Bobby Hyams says

    Like Slade Mead, there are people who called themselves Republicans to get elected who are just too fast to rush over to the Democrats and ask how they can help, including those who voted for Janet’s (not the Republicans) budget. Running for office and deceiving voters as to your true intentions is hardly honorable.

    If Republican minded persons called themselves Democrats and then rushed to vote for Republican issues, like vouchers, how would you feel?

  10. I wouldn’t (and don’t) like it (all the Dems who voted for the Bankruptcy bill, for FISA, Lieberman’s support of McCain, Biden’s RAVE Act idiocy), but I don’t go absolving them of their guilt and culpability because the Republicans are worse.

  11. SonoranSam says

    So if someone votes for a responsible budget – instead of voting for tax cuts we can’t afford – they’re “irresponsible Republicans?”

    Gee, how nonpartisan is that?

    As to your attacks on Klute: True, only a handful of Republicans voted for the Senate budget, but the total came to 16 and 31, which is how majority rule works.

    It was the right budget. The Weiers budget would’ve been a disaster for Arizona. He couldn’t get 31 or 16 for good reason….

  12. KF,

    Thanks for the reminder on all the reasonable social legislation that “Governor No” vetoed. She should feel proud that the women and children of Arizona are well protected from the abortion industry.

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