A Response to “High Ground”

Chuck CoughlinUnlike some conservatives who get all worked up over the issue of immigration, I still get fired up over the issue of taking innocent human life through the act of abortion.

So I was quite irritated this evening when I read a post written by High Ground defending Governor Brewer over her appearance at a fundraising event at the home of two individuals who have given their time, talent and treasure to helping elect candidates who support the killing of precious innocent life. Both Paulina Vazquez Morris and her husband Jason are members of Planned Parenthood which everyone knows is the largest provider of abortions in Arizona.

Jason RoseThe post also took a swipe at Vernon Parker, one of several Republican gubernatorial challengers who issued a press release prior to the event demanding that Governor Brewer pull out of the event.

High Ground’s post also took a swipe at another consultant/PR guy, Jason Rose of Rose & Allyn, who is helping Parker with his bid for Governor so this may also be somewhat of a spat between Jason Rose and High Ground’s Chuck Coughlin who remains one of Governor Brewer’s closest advisors.  (For the sake of full disclosure, my firm, Red Mountain Consulting, does not have a candidate in any of the gubernatorial races.)

So allow me to set the record straight as someone who has been involved in the pro-life movement in Arizona since 1990; operated the largest pro-life organization in Arizona;  and even lent my name as the Executive Director of Arizona Right to Life on a mass fundraising letter to our members on behalf of then candidate for Secretary of State, Jan Brewer. (Many of her $5 donations came from the true and faithful pro-life community.)

Before I issue my criticism, I do have to applaud Governor Brewer for signing multiple pro-life bills this year – legislation that Cathi Herrod with the Center for Arizona Policy and Ron Johnson with the Arizona Catholic Conference have been working on for many years and which would never have been signed if Napolitano had remained Governor.

The correction comes in High Ground’s statement claiming that Barry Goldwater’s wife was the founder of Planned Parenthood.

Not true.

In reality, the founder of Planned Parenthood was Margaret Sanger who was also deeply entrenched in the American eugenics movement and who had ties to Germany’s elite. Sanger was an ardent racist and obviously wanted to limit the propagation of African Americans and Hispanics as revealed in her writings and speeches. The underlying theme of her agenda was to stop the breeding of African Americans and Hispanics across the country.

Peggy GoldwaterShockingly, you can still hear these whisperings amongst upper class Democratic and Republican’s who tend to reside in zip codes defined by incomes greater than $150,000/year. (Hmmm… This should make anyone wonder whether or not the issues of illegal immigration and abortion are related – I really want to discuss this in another post.)

Why then should we not be surprised when there is an adverse reaction when a Pro-Life Governor raises her glass and toasts a couple who have been so actively involved with an organization who’s primary agenda is to exploit women, kill their unborn babies, take their money and send them out broken and robbed of their innocence?

Frankly, I’m disgusted by it all. Would High Ground have reacted the same way Parker’s campaign did if Vernon Parker had held a fundraising event with Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan or Jeremiah Wright and said the event was about “bringing people of different backgrounds and outlooks together?”

Excuse me if I’m missing High Ground’s consistency or attempt to reconcile two opposing worldviews. Maybe that’s why many conservatives are scratching our heads wondering who the Governor really is and what has High Ground done with Jan Brewer?

Or, maybe that’s what makes consultants like myself “true believers.”


  1. let them build a mosque, or islamic “community center”, when they allow a catholic church to be built in mecca

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